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  1. Thanks! Like a lot of the rules for this game, it is a little vague.
  2. No Action: A gnome can choose to do nothing and take no action at all. This costs one minute. A player may take this option to allow another player to act before him, for example. This is the only option for a gnome in a room at high water This is the rule I do not understand. How can you basically pass on your turn only using one minute? Can you keep doing this until it is not your turn anymore? Like the initial reply to my first post, you would die in a room with high water. Any help clarifying this rule would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. The rule on page 10 of revised rules does not make since to me. A gnome in a room with high water must try to get out and if he cannot he dies. How can he take no action so someone else can act before him? Please explain. Thanks Mike
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