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  1. Most notably perception...? Any thoughts?
  2. Surely it would be an exotic weapon with the penalties for not having the specialism, probably find themselves in Commissar trouble too.
  3. I'd make sure of curate and chain weapon expertise.
  4. Hi Guys, Just a quick question.... I have an Incinerant Priest in my game. The Squad has enough kills vs Orks and Severen Dominate to get EW on 9's. The Incinerant Priest has Sacred Flame also EW on 9's. So my question is should they stack? If they do, is the point of the powers to double the chance i.e. 2 out of ten from 1; or to add one to the count i.e. 10 becomes 9? If it doesn't stack he still Emperor's Wrath on 9's; if it adds one then he'll EW vs SD/Orks on 8's; if it doubles the chance then he'll EW on 7's....(nasty when Sacred Flame sets them on fire automatically on EW.) Thoughts?
  5. With regards to the Ork shootas using surpression, that is fine. However, when their friends run towards the pinned troopers they are then blocking the line of sight....
  6. "Btw hatred (chaos) for all Cadians don't make sense since some of regiments turned to chaos, so why would they do that if they hate them?" Surely that is exactly why the Loyal Cadians hate Chaos.
  7. I have a facebook chat game running currently, if you're interested. We have 8 players mainly uk based but one player in Oz.
  8. You can still get the rulebook through Drivethru RPG. OW is the main game my friends and I are playing, though sadly about to run out of pre-written stuff, and badly missing the specialist book.
  9. Not entirely, at least there are resources already published. Rather than playing the game with altering books coming out after or during games being run.
  10. Hi Guys, What are your thoughts on the reversing speed of a tank? I am presuming that it has a reverse gear, however, the Operator in my game has crash/rammed something bigger and will now need to get clear. Most obviously in reverse, but I can't find any rules on a quick scan.
  11. I am presuming the underside of a tank is less armoured. Any ideas what values should be used?
  12. Are there weapons that won't work in the void?
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