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  1. OMFG. I think it's time someone like 2k remade the mutant league games.
  2. I can respect that, it certainly changes the game. We still play without stadiums and referees for newbies. Personally I like games that have the FU factor, but I know that not everyone does.
  3. That's exactly the point I was trying to make. Glad to see I'm not alone against these guys, some of which clearly thing there is a *right* way to like things in this game.
  4. "Playing the Chaos team requires a very specific playstyle that not all the players are able to take on." This is true of all the teams you rate low.
  5. Most of your issues can be fixed by staff and team upgrades.
  6. Actually, there is nothing random about him at all because managers have lots of control of him. I waited until having plenty of familiarity with the expansion before adding the optional elements and the ref was the last thing I added, so it didn't present anything that complicated. I imagine if someone just added all the options on their early games, it might be overwhelming, but it becomes second nature quickly. Like I mentioned earlier, all the options from the expansions seem to have a good balancing effect, which is for me a good thing because I always thought the base was a little too see saw and favored some teams over others. Personally, my group likes the FU factor the ref brings into the game. I love it when someone gets ejected because they forgot to move him... It's happened to me a couple of times, and it's painful for sure-- but you never forget to manage him after that.
  7. I want to point out that I was making this post with the hopes that FFG wouldn't think the only opinion is that these things break the game. The sophistication is that you can't hold your best cards to the end with no fear of losing them. You have to play them a little earlier and I think it makes the game more exciting. That's just my humble opinion. In our games it has forced people to play some of the big guys a turn or two earlier, and if you do that the foul skill becomes worthless. So a player must try to calculate the risk of holding a player and losing him, or playing him and the risk that he will be tackled or his skill negated. Using Griff as an example is great. I will do the same. If you commit him a round or two from the end it ensures he's in the game. It puts him at risk of a tackle, though, and I appreciate that. (I want to put in my math disclaimer here- I've not mathed out the game or players other than when I'm thinking about making a move in-game) The best chance anyone will have is if there is a star power 6 or above player with tackle ability, or a that player has tackle coach. This is very unlikely, so it will allow the other players to make an unfavorable tackle attempt. I like using the A-team tactics and do the high risk/high reward action. It results in nothing happening to Griff, or the tackler going down, or a very unlikely and exciting tackle happens. None of that would've happened if he was the last guy on the pitch. I suppose I have an over-active imagination and enjoy the thematic elements of the game a little too much. Hopefully you can see why I like it, even if you don't agree with me. I also want to point out that I like the civility of the discussion here, and that no one has taken to cursing my ancestors for disagreeing with you.
  8. I respectfully disagree with most of this. If you adjust your style of play every team is pretty good. I think the Vampires are almost too powerful. I'm not trying to pick a fight, but I get the feeling FFG reads these and pays attention to them when making games, and updating games. I just wanted to put in my 2 cents.
  9. I like the Foul mechanic. It makes you have to plan your moves in a manner more sophisticated than "lets see where my last huge superstar should go!" Also, the new staff upgrades and Spike! magazine cards give the old teams who sprint a lot more chances to foul and stand on a more equal ground with the new teams. The stadium feature generally gets left out of ours, we'll try it a few more times to see if it's out for good though. We generally also love the corrupt ref.
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