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  1. I never played Black Crusade, although I played Rogue trader and Dark Heresy, and In those it was always Either an accurate weapon or a full auto weapon, with full auto having the edge. I heard that full auto got nerfed in Black Crusade, to compensate for how melee was close to useless compared to a good burst of fire, but does this heavily tip the balance in the single shot/accurate's favor?
  2. So are all the Player Commissars considered the unofficial kind? That strikes me as even more confusing than the Sergeant specialty not dealing with a specific rank.
  3. So are all the Player Commissars considered the unofficial kind? That strikes me as even more confusing than the Sergeant specialty not dealing with a specific rank.
  4. I seem to recall that all the Commissars and Possibly storm troopers came from a different regiment as special attachments to regiment(Forgive me if that statement makes little sense). So a Commissar for example would not be from a regiment the rest of the PCs are from. Is this at all reflected in the rules? does the character get to pick out his own regiment from which he hails? Or are all of the PCs from the same regiment regardless of Roleplaying Backstory?
  5. how big is a minefield? 1 km by 1 km? is it placed in contact with the sappers or in the tile they are in? It would make sense fortifications are built with the infantry in them, but the sappers would get hurt by their own minefield if it's done that way. is getting in and out of mech infanrty a specific order, or does a unit in the same tile as mech infantry just increase it's move speed so long as they're together?
  6. yes it would be unwieldy, but is there any RAW reason against it, if that's how we choose to interpret RAW?
  7. Pertaining to the question at hand, it seems I was wrong as an AA unit can only take one Attack order, and so will only attack one unit, unless it is in contact with both aircraft and they attack it. It will provide the cover bonus against all aircraft. If we choose Plasmafests Raw then the AA can split fire as it is essentially a collection of smaller units which can individually be ordered to fire, but that raises more questions then it solves. For example, that unit which you said was a collection of 3 brigades... why that? Why not 30 small companies? it seems that would do more damage, so wouldn't i want that?
  8. Here's some questions Eventually, it's possible to get damage to 1d5+X where X numbers in the 10s and hundreds. This does not seem nearly as random as the original system, or any of the warhammer wargames. is this intentional? It makes the original dice roll inconsequential. The movement speeds are still ridiculous, especially when compared to engagement ranges. Why not shorten the turn to 1 hour, or even half an hour, like space strategic time? The original book has the proposition of playing it out on a board with 1 inch being a kilometer, but having mech infantry travel 23.3 feet a turn is a tad bit on the impossible side. at half an hour they'd move 35 inches, which is still alot, but not nearly as impossible. The ranges of artillery become similar scale to the movement ranges then.
  9. This is pretty great. the original rules for mass combat are interesting, but have some large problems, some of which you have addressed. It still has to be at a scale of 1 inch = 10 kilometers, but I guess that's the point.
  10. As far as i understand it gets to attack both at full strength. All ground units attack all nearby ground units, and AA units ahould get their attacks against air units. This is how it is RAW i belive, although this also means that artillery can attack all units within its range. Also, is there a reason unit size does not affect attack strength? 10 guys causing trouble to 100,000 is entirely possible, and kind of makes me raise my eyebrow. Page 134 "A unit attacks and is attacked by all units it is in contact with." slightly above that "medium artillery unit has a range of 20 kilometers meaning it is in contact with another unit if within 20km." Page 123 "An AA unit is still considered artillery" "AA has a range of"
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