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  1. That's the one! Might have to e-book that one... There are a few things that can be added with a setting in the old republic timeframe, such as certain species that were more dominant or technologies that were lost later on. In some ways I find the old republic time to be richer as well as more advanced. There's pretty much everything that there is later (and more), and thanks to the Knights of the Old Republic story, there was even the star forge that created fleets of ships, so "death starish" or doomsday weapons were already around, to spawn that sense of unlimited terror the later deathstar gives.
  2. Seeing we're going from the Edge of the Empire to the Age of Rebellion, what would the chance be to produce a role playing game with similar fashion in the old republic setting? I'm not talking a copy of the MMO or old video game RPG's, but rather an original story at a point in the Star Wars timeline that would be prior to the age of Star Wars Episode 1. There's so many thousands of years in the old republic era that it's almost hard to ignore all the possibilities of settings. Not that I wouldn't design my own There was an old RPG book for the Old Republic setting made a bit ago, but the hard copy is quite expensive. A new edition by FFG would be ideal! Any ideas would be welcome!
  3. It's nice to see old games re-made. It shows that interest in the past can still be interest in the future. It's always great to see old classics re-made. I think FFG will do a decent job. Granted, I don't have any experience with the original game, but if it's being remade it must've been big enough to be picked up again.
  4. Thanks for the pics Not many but it's still cool. Though I'm wondering about details to the "Rex" game which is next to it...hmmm
  5. So I was looking to literally buy Descent Journeys in the Dark (1e) today. I've been comparing/contrasting 1e and 2e by way of their main pages here as this is the source of 2e info, and youtube reviews of 1e. I love big box games. Is this game getting a downsize? Granted, it still has an $80 price tag, but is it drastically different in depth? Is it made to be a simpler game? Or can we expect the same amount of quality pieces and tiles that we got the first time? When I compared lists, the 2e seems to have less, at least at first. But looking at the pictures of the main box it looks smaller as well..or is it just more square instead of rectangular? I bet the rules are better, in one way or another, as they get to reflect on feedback and errata of 1e. But I just hope they keep it as massive as before...unless "massive" is considered a thing of the past (not in my book!)
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