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  1. As skeptical and cautious as I try to be, FFG Spain has listed this product for November 15th. Here is the link.
  2. A bit late to this party and with 4/8 already (5/8 if we count Gildor as a confirmed card, which is not the case) discovered it'll be less thrilling to venture, but oh gosh it's so fun! @Bullroarer Took did a fantastic job here, so my take will be to re-think some of those unconfirmed paragraphs: Leaning towards a double-sided hero, à la Gollum, but I see it as just one hero: Gandalf. Grey and White version but with the same name (just Gandalf), for consistency reasons (if not we could have Gandalf the X + Gandalf ally/hero at the same game). Unchecked. Lothíriel. Checked. Wilyador hero. Yes, it's a bit lame to give the hero treatment to a FFG-made character instead of Gwaihir or Meneldor but oh well. Maybe it appears on the story of this Vengeance of Mordor cycle, too. Unchecked. Forth, the Three Hunters contract card. Checked. Thorin Stonehelm (I can be picky that they didn't show the hero card properly, but given the promo card and the confirmation on the product page that we'll be receiving a dwarf hero on the first AP, this is a no-brainer). Checked. Tom Bombadil. Checked. Gildor Inglorion. I'll also be picky here: all the odds are for this card to be in this cycle, because Thorin is in here too and because it seems that after this cycle there'll be a hiatus for the game (you can watch Andrew Navarro's AMA), so it should be the best and only cycle for him. But I'll put it as Unchecked. Army of the Dead contract. Could be awesome as an ally but for me is very fitting to be a contract card, as the Oath that bound that people to serve Aragorn. Unchecked.
  3. I'm also a bit curious to know if the quest finishes like those of the last cycles, connecting (and telling the name of the next Deluxe) the story. And if so, how they are connected? Spoiler tagged, of course 😊.
  4. Haha bravo! It seems by the name of the cycle we will explore not only Rhun, but also Mordor, maybe?
  5. It started more noticeably with the last packs of Haradrim cycle. But yeah it's the nowadays standard for this game.
  6. I've even thought of more light-hearted quests for a Shire cycle. Something like The Hunt of the Great Boar, being a festival-like hunt of that animal. Maybe shifting halfway to more nefarious deeds, such as orc invasions, wights raising and uniting forces with the rangers to stop those threats. I know it's not cannon, since hobbits are unaware of that ranger protection, but oh well.
  7. I'm more on the Shire cycle side. Usually the last or second to last AP give hints about next cycle. And we saw a good amount of new hobbit cards in the 5th AP. Of course, that doesn't mean this time has to be the same in terms of hints --> announcement, but my bet is in a Hobbit-themed Deluxe and a cycle that goes from he Shire to Barrow Downs and maybe Blue Mountains.
  8. I hope this is more a case of starting to develop the Istari trait. Not only for this pack, but for future ones. Love the hero art and the mechanics. It suits perfect with Eagles, too.
  9. And Fire in the Night, too. Not talking only about player cards, but quest experience.
  10. I hope to see some encounter cards or at least, how the quest fares in terms of you know why (theme, difficulty, mechanics).
  11. I am really looking for people experiences about the new quest: what level of difficulty have (if we have a new HoN or TLR type of difficulty) , if they are a temathic win (it seems so), mechanics, etc. I'll have to weit several weeks before I have my copy...
  12. Spanish situation is as worse as it can get... we're still waiting for Nightmare Ringmaker cycle onwards. No LOTR saga nightmare except the first one. Luckily we are somewhat updated with GenCon/fellowship decks, just lacking Attack on Dol Guldur. I dunno who or what is causing that big delay or if Spanish sales are so bad that printing translations are on hold, but is a really frustrating situation.
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