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  1. That. In some games you're waiting for them (in my case even recalling them in my head). Right now, at least for me, it's not the case. I think that having sliders for different volume groups (effects, music, master) will solve the problem for all the people.
  2. Hello all! I decided to create a separate topic to talk about FFI LOTR digital card game (or Living Card Game, following the correct name), so we can discuss whatever is commented in here. Of course there's CORT Discord's channel, but we can retro-feed each other! Watched today's stream, which you can see again in here. A mixed bag of feelings for me. And that is a good thing, since it keeps me pushing to test its Early Access when it hits Steam in Q1 2018 and see if what I like is as good as it seems and give feedback for the things I dislike (even if they won't change, I want to help FFI, they are baking a good cake here). In terms of gameplay, there are several things I found interesting: first, how you play cards. As it was explained on the FFI web, they are using a level system to cards, so depending the level a card has it can be played for a matching number of heroes (tactics card level 2 --> you need 2 tactics heroes, from a total of 3 heroes in game). That, added to having only 3 resources per turn that replenish each turn, are giving me a sense of tactical deckbuilding and playing the game that I love, because you can't trivialize playing cards piling up dozens of resources and that makes resources more meaningful each turn. For the level of cards, that's also a thing that helps developers balancing the power of cards (powerful level 3 cards mean that you have to dedicate your deck to a mono-sphere one). Second, one thing that shook me is that favor cards could be also a total with a layer of decision, but first we need to know all the favor cards and how they work. I see some potential in things like "should we use this favor to swarm Sauron or should we use that other Favor to have a source of draw since I'm lacking at it. It's a double-edged sword, I hope it doesn't determine how decks are build and are more like a "second layer" of decision-making. Oh, and they repeated that will not be necessary, just be used to make things easier for people not so used to these games. In terms of aesthetics, here's where my heart languishes a bit, and that could be a problem because, well, they're personal likes. Backgrounds are good, but I think that can be improved (leaves traversing the board, low quality textures in some objects). Card backs are just plain awful for me. Rounded cards: I don't see that as a problem. In general, cards need are informative. For instance, sentinel creates a glow in the shape of a shield, that's cool. Also I don't remember is there's an indication in which phase you are on screen (only when you change phases). Voice-over range from OK to "ohmygodshutup!", sorry but I hate the "FOR RIVENDEL" Arwen's quote. I don't know if they are final, but they sounded a bit off for me. Overall, as I said, really interested in play in Early Access.
  3. Just picked mine today. Out of curiosity, the front image on the Spanish pack is this, different from the USA original. I don't know about other countries, but for Spain this is unprecedented! Anyway, still interested in knowing more experiences from players (since I can't play it until next weekend)!
  4. I had the same feeling of "we're seeing more orcs than haradrim in the Haradrim cycle". And that surprised me. The spider quest for me was a bit out of place. The others were between good and excellent (hoping for the best with Poros), because at least they gave continuity to iconic enemies like The Black Serpent. Didn't remember about half-trolls! I think they decided to be more conservative with this cycle for the sake of not going wild and forcing too much the "out-of-place" feeling of deviating from Tolkien lore an aesthetics. That delivered a nicely woven story but at the cost of being less risky. But for me, they were less brave compared with the 2 previous cycles, where we explored interesting regions too but battled against fresh foes. Heck, even in Grey Havens/ Dreamchaser we didn't see any orcs!
  5. And that's an answer I totally share. Yes, totally random cards give pure uncertainty, but the scenario in where you decide to play one of those cards has to be one that gives you some "momentum". Also they give a layer of fun in that unpredictability, something I discovered I enjoyed the most on others digital card games. Of course you'd rather prefer using another card when you build a deck to tackle against the hardest quests. Even more after having played a long game. But that fun factor gives sometimes true epic moments of victory or painful defeat.
  6. I'm thinking more of a drake/baby dragon. Maybe we discover that those goblins (from Gundabad or other near places) have on enslaved. Maybe I'm going too far
  7. To the people that have the AP already, how's the quest? Fun? Quick? Easy/medium/hard?
  8. About the thrush...It could be on the front of this beautiful background as a hint of draconian proportions (wink wink)!
  9. I don't know... Streamlining the game and implementing a cash shop with currency obtainable ingame or paying for it seems a lot like any other digital card game. The thing here is that, right now, there are tons of those card games, for pc or portable device. Appealing to more players than, say, the ones that are used to play the tabletop version of LOTR, means that the product is different enough for them and has high quality stakes, because that's what the other digital card games try to achieve. So, what does this game offer differently? Being coop/solo is a thing, but so are Hearthstone adventures/dungeon runs and Gwent in the near future. Mechanics-wise we'll need to wait and see, but right now is just another beat the other minions in an exchange of stats. Things like questing or deciding where to travel are condensed and streamlined. Tactical decisions seem less relevant (recalling here how Seastan's Caldara 2.0 works) because, well, its just and exchange of stats (again we'll need to see how it plays). Quality standards are OK. Background scenarios can be flavourful. Cards are so-so (they seem like in a lot of those card games, round-shaped). What about visual card effects? What about sounds? And voice-over? And music? Playing in a digital landscape means that you can break the fourth wall, seeing how arrows are shot, or spells are casted, and sound is equally important. And what about the campaign? Will they tie each quest in a way similar to boons/burdens? With decisions to make, paths to choose and permanent effects to obtain? Since I'm intrigued and I play other digital card games, I'll test it in Early Access, but right now, for me, it seems another card game, with potential.
  10. Get your appetite ready. I, for once, have faith in tomorrow's event delivering us something different to today's news. Excited for the trading theme qith Dale. Hoping, like Gizlivaldi, to see on the following cycle some drake related content. For now,we go back to the roots. Spiders and orcs. Oh and Journey Up the Anduin... see what they did there...
  11. That was on of the drawings that I recall were on last Gen Con! Good stuff, very evocative and peaceful.
  12. I guess that there wasn't any new info on those 2 pages... Gosh, the waiting is heavier than I thought!
  13. Let's see if those Belgium forums could show us some pics of the players cards (hoping for encounter cards too!). I'm thinking on a lineup with Sam Gamgee, Tom Cotton and Folco "Mirloffin". Good questing power, good combat shenanigans (Staff of Lebethron, Hobbit-sense, Halfling Determination, Tom's response and passive). Still, I think that hobbits need a bit more "oomph" with stronger hobbit allies. Or maybe they're intended to be paired with stronger races. They have some of the most hilarious tricks IMO (I love Small Target) which I'd love to put inside a deck that is functional and capable against hard quest (NM or not).
  14. Yes, Rouxxor, be our saviour on this sea of famine.
  15. Let's discuss things in a separate thread. I wanted to highlight some of the cards: Boromir: I think he will still be played a lot. It was a logical decision to me. Out of the Wild: the same. Trivializing the encounter deck can be fun at first (when you first see the engine working), but boring in the long term. Háma: this one hurts. A lot. Caldara: and this one. It means that players will need think a lot more the moment to "resurrect" her. Let's wait what Seastan is capable to break in the future .