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  1. Here's another example of a HOTAS controller. ThrustMaster T.Flight Hotas 4 for PS4 and PC - PlayStation 4
  2. To be honest, in my opinion, you would only need is a decent HOTAS controller to play the game. You may be able to look around using the "hat" control alone, or in combination with another button. Those of us who played the classic LucasArts X-wing and TIE Fighter games did not have VR back in the day. I'm planning to get a new HOTAS controller in the near future -- before Squadrons drops.
  3. Once I found out that X-wing Squadrons was going to be strictly first-person, I had a feeling that it might support HOTAS. Since, in my opinion, the game resembles the classic LucasArts X-wing and TIE Fighter games.
  4. With X-wing Squadrons announced as only playable in first-person, it reminds me of the classic LucasArts X-wing/TIE Fighter games all the way down to the power distribution display and its colors for engines, laser cannons and shields.
  5. I prefer Tabletop Simulator for online play, but I'll use the Fly Casual app to try out lists, and just for playing X-wing when I don't have the time for an online game. (The Fly Casual app is slated to update to 1.00 later this week, or next week.)
  6. As did so many others, and myself included. Now with 2.0, I just focus on three factions -- Rebel, Imperial, and Republic, but mainly Rebel. I may get some of the card packs when I can in the future to round out my squads that could flesh out my squads.
  7. I will say this, the NEW Hyperspace format has opened my eyes to new options in list crafting. For the longest time I've been running Wedge, Norra, and Thane. Since the change, I've been using Luke, and also tweaked Norra to fit the new Hyperspace parameters. In short, I, like so many others, have grown comfortable with certain Hyperspace lists. Now, we have to adapt to the changes to continue playing.
  8. From what I understand, the ability is in writing on the lower left hand corner as the ability is used. I had the same concern with the 0.9.7 update, and mentioned it myself. corrected it with the fix I mentioned.
  9. I got virtually the same thing while using Thane Kyrell's ability. I also noticed that a choice window popped up, as it should be, since I, being the Thane's player, chooses the danger. Unlike in the past.
  10. Just a heads up! It looks like the devs added a hot fix to the 0.9.7 update >>
  11. I'd like to report that the R4 Astromech's card ability has been "removed", for a lack of a better term. It no longer grants a blue 2 turn on the T-65 X-wing, or 2 bank and 2 turn on the BTL-A4 Y-wing. If this is part of the "R4 Astromech - behavior is updated." could someone elaborate on that please. Thank you. If I'm in error, I apologize.
  12. I agree. I would love a round counter, and some way to find out what the score is. I'd also like a random selection of obstacles for the AI. Right now it's the large asteroids as the "default". Keep up the great work, guys!
  13. Out of curiosity, will the Fly Casual app be up to date when the points change takes effect tomorrow, or soon thereafter?
  14. I do both. If I just want to sling (virtual) dice, I'll choose random. If I want to hone my asteroid placement with a particular list I'm running, I'll place my own obstacles. Since Sandrem, and the other devs gave use the ability to rotate the obstacles using the [Q] and [E] keys, it gives this app something new.
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