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  1. @Vector Strike, [Q] and [E] also work for the obstacles. However, they don't lock into the new position once the key is released. Thanks again for the help.
  2. I know it probably has been addressed in the past, but can anyone tell me how to rotate the obstacles and ships during the setup phase., if at all. Thanks in advance for any help. Keep up the great work on Fly Casual. I just introduced it to a X-wing friend, and he enjoys it.
  3. @Sandrem, Just played a game after the 0.9.2 update. In short, it is amazing. I absolutely love the AI Advanced Setup. Keep up the great work.
  4. I asked Sandrem the same thing about the same issue, and Sandrem gave me the same response.
  5. Any chance you can fix the Talon Rolls in the future. They are still locked in the center position. Keep up the great work, @Sandrem and Company.
  6. I have the same thing when it comes to the System Phase. It seems everyone I play at my FLGS want to jump straight to to combat. Especially when it comes to Norra, and her bombs. I'll just take what I've learned here, and apply it to the System Phase.
  7. I hope you fixed the Talon Roll issue where it's locked in the center position after completing the roll. Keep up the great work, Sandrem.
  8. I bought my tray (xw1) and cover a couple of years ago from Applied Perspective. https://www.appliedperspective.com/acrylic/product/tournament-tray/
  9. I can't disagree with that, but I'm having too much fun with a Veteran Turret Gunner on Norra's Y-wing.
  10. I've been playing X-wing since Wave 1, plus six months. My gaming group was lucky enough to get in on the original Core Set playtest period before it was released at Gen Con 2012. If you still have the original Core Set rulebook, my name is among the playtesters.
  11. I absolutely love the Fly Casual Simulator. I use it often to try out builds. I'm not sure if this has been addressed. I have noticed that you cannot adjust the position of completed Talon Rolls. It's always ends in the center position. Keep up the great work on this awesome app.
  12. With awesome 3rd party tokens out there for Second Edition, I do ... now
  13. I flew this list to a win last Wednesday during league play at my LFGS. I may need to tweak it to be better at more formidable opponents in the future. Wedge Antilles — T-65 X-Wing 52 Trick Shot 2 Proton Torpedoes 12 R4 Astromech 2 Servomotor S-foils 0 Ship Total: 68 Half Points: 34 Threshold: 3 Thane Kyrell — T-65 X-Wing 48 Trick Shot 2 Proton Torpedoes 12 R4 Astromech 2 Servomotor S-foils 0 Ship Total: 64 Half Points: 32 Threshold: 3 Norra Wexley (Y-Wing) — BTL-A4 Y-Wing 41 Trick Shot 2 Ion Cannon Turret 4 R4 Astromech 2 Proton Bombs 5 Veteran Turret Gunner 6 Ship Total: 60 Half Points: 30 Threshold: 4
  14. I would love to see a "copy ship" feature for those "Crack Dealers" that seem to be prevalent in 2.0. The icon I thought to be a copy ship button was just to enlarge the card.
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