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  1. I stop in to check some old posts and what a surprise I recieve. Fantastic work here. Hey Elric, I just wanted to let you know that you are one of my favorite people. And~ time to disappear again.
  2. i dunno, that sounds good in theory i guess, but you will only need so much accumulation for even the most powerful of creatures and that may leave you with extra dp or accumulation you don't really need. so i would say if you are going that route to either focus on doing one thing in combat well or having ki techniques for when you need to fight.
  3. looking incredibly interesting. i would be better able to give some feedback if i didn''t require a facebook account to download. i''ll try to take a better look later.
  4. yeah, what he said. taking both isn't an issue, they just only apply during different situations; you have to stop and concentrate to use increased accumulation and if you are stopping and doing nothing your accumulation isn't being reduced anyway so total accumulation doesn't even come into play. did i just sound like captain obvious there, i'm really out of it right now, feel free to ignore this post.
  5. any advantage that allows you to more efficiently accumulate ki is good, i can't recall the names but one lets you accumulate at full even if you do other active actions in a round and another lets you accumulate faster when you stop and concentrate. i took both of these for my ki summoner.
  6. sometimes the dice just go screwy, and when that happens it is up to the GM to finagle things back on track. which can be difficult to impossible and is always a true test of a GMs skills. though to tell the truth, 3 level sevens against a level, was it 13? from what my group has experienced, that isn't too impossible of an encounter, though admittedly your dice did have some bad mojo going. stuff happens, sorry old chap.
  7. my group had some trouble with this one too. we came to the following conclusion, though to tell the truth it may also be incorrect. we pretty much ruled it similar to Lia, except we allow the player to attune themselves to opposing elements without the drawbacks. effectively you readjust the polarity of the spell tree/web to your own liking. being aligned to the five paths you chose, and then opposed to all others. and we don't allow players to choose necromancy at all for this advantage. but again, that's just our ruling and it works for us, it may not be right.
  8. okay, here is what i can do for you right this moment. one handed great warhammer: as far as this goes, all weapons that can be alternatively wielded in one hand will have the 'one-or-two handed' quality under the 'special' section. though for extra clarification, the weapon table has the strength section, if there are two numbers separated by a slash (for example 6/8) the first number is the strength required for it to be wielded two handed, and the second is the strength needed to wield it one handed. if the weapon has only one score listed and is of the 'two handed' type then unless it has 'one-or-two handed' under its special section it cannot be effectively wielded in one hand. though if your player is a full-blooded jayan and not a nephelim, if they are of large size (size 24 or higher, i think) then perhaps there is a way for them to wield it one handed, i'm not too sure. throwing allies: well, this is a tough one, because technically there is no way to do this. but i put together a method for this. calculate the weight of the character to be thrown, then see how much the character doing the throwing can lift maximum. for them to toss something that is at their maximum weight threshold i rule it as an absurd feats of strength check, and it burns a fatigue (for no bonus). for every 10% beyond the throwers maximum weight threshold the object or person to be tossed weighs add one difficulty rank to the level of success needed on the feats of strength check. but it doesn't stop there, the character being tossed must also make an acrobatics check or absurd to be able to function properly after being tossed. now this is just my own idea, nothing official. dual wielding: ambidextrous is not needed for dual wielding, it just reduces the penalty to only a -10. it is a good idea though. more equipment: so far the only book to have more gear in it is dominus exxet. it has lots of more weapons and armor, and so much more. items in combat: it takes an active action to pull something from a pocket, and another active action to toss or activate it. anima doesn't come with baseline potions, so your on your own there.
  9. i have a hunch that, similar to the english core book, they are going to finagle all of the adjustments into arcana exxet. they will probably explain all the new system changes (the ones that matter for spells, at least) in AE, at least that is the impression i get. since they combined the first core book with the errata and such it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for them to slap some core exxet stuff into AE, i guess.
  10. this right here is amazing, i was thinking of making a ki tech tree to go with, whats that one ars magnus, libra? virgo? you know the one. but this saves me the trouble, and i like your idea better anyway. i'll fix that one tech for you tomorrow if elric doesn't get to it first.
  11. not to get things off topic, but what the heck is arcana sephira? is that from AE?
  12. N* denotes a scientific variable in a physics equation, if my memory of technical school isn't failing me. i use that box to write down how much life multiples cost for that character, as it is a variable. just thought i'd share a fun fact.
  13. the 'actual' column is where you write that score after it has received enchantments and such, that is at least what my group uses it for. and you level up the base when you receive stat points, and the bonus goes up with it at the right intervals.
  14. not sure if interested, what medium will we be using. forums? chat? rptools?
  15. heh, it can only take a single round to summon a creature with ki (though it does not fully manifest until the beginning of the next round). so yeah, i'm starting to feel that putting the ki users at a disadvantage isn't so much of a disadvantage. i think i got it all finagled out. nice expedient discussion gentlemen/ladies.
  16. oops, forgot half my post. you make a very good point their f3nr1s, i personally would rule that differently depending on how well off the ki user was. if the ki summoner was at a disadvantage when protecting his creature against other summoners i would say he has to keeps paying the cost, so that when he loses control of a creature he could then simply undo it by halting the flow of ki. though in the case of a ki user able to better protect his creatures i would say the magic user would completely supplant the maintenance with the appropriate amount of zeon until the pact was rebuffed. it seems more balanced that way to me, if the ki summoner can easily lose control of his creature he should have an ace in the whole, but if he can put up a good fight he shouldn't have such a luxury.
  17. wow, this got heated, and you all make good points. in fact, thanks for pointing out the control spell, i forgot about that spell, though i would go with hellgeist on that one, a magic projection vs control sounds good. but i'm still feeling weary on when a ki summoner enters the field. i'm still curious on how everyone feels about the MK vs control idea, as i may just go with that, though i'll test the actual mechanics of that with some friends tomorrow.
  18. i can't for the life of me find anywhere where it mentions how regular magic summoners and ki seal summoners effect each other, (ki seal summoning is fleshed out in dominus exxet). the only problem i'm really having is what happens if a ki seal user summons a monster and a magic summoner want to control or banish it, especially since the two ways of summoning work very different. i'm thinking of working it one of two ways, and i'm having some trouble deciding which would be more balanced, though i may just toss together some homebrew rules involving some new mechanics, but that seems too dodgey. idea 1) MK checks; when any conflicting checks with another summoner is required the ki seal user simply makes an MK check using their total martial knowledge score in place of the relevant summoning score. in this case a ki seal user could not initiate a bind, control, or banish check, only defend against one. but they could attempt a summon check by invoking their seals for that creature, then making an MK check against the summoners ability, and then the usual what-have-you ensues. idea 2) ki sealers are bastards; when in conflict with a regular summoner the ki user has no method of mystically combating the offender, the creature is not technically considered summoned and the magic summoner would have to go about exerting their will upon the creature as if it were not summoned but their of its own will. i dunno, what do you guys think.
  19. everyone i have found so far has ruled it that it does just give you 40 magic levels in a path of magic, and the book does say you can add to it later with the usual means. even the the two fanguides i have they just give the characters who have them 40 ML in the path, all spells learned and everything. this is also how my group rules it.
  20. a can answer a few, i'd answer more but i'm crunched for time. 1) yes, even in melee combat when an attack or defense is over 280 you drop it to 280 for the final count. but you only drop it after applying modifiers like penalties for called shots and the like. so, for example, if you had a called shot to the calf (a -10) you would subtract 10 from their roll before applying the 280 limit, so their called shot may still max at 280 instead of being dropped to 270. 2) you use the characters final attack score to determine number of attacks, and they must call how many attacks they are taking before they roll initiative. and for each attack they decide to take all are at a cumulative -25 penalty, whether they take them or not. so, for example, if a character had 120 attack and the multiple attacks module, they would have 3 attacks, and all the attacks they made that round would be at their full attack of 120 minus 50 (25 for each for the two extra attacks) for a final total of 70. if they are put on the defensive or the enemy runs away and they lose the chance to take the extra attacks they still suffer the -50 penalty. 3) natural and supernatural healing usually does perk a person right up, additional penalty free. and as far as the percentage thing, it means the percentage of damage the character has taken up to that point since their last non-natural healing. sorry, but that is all i have time for.
  21. in one of my weekly games me and two other party members (most of the party now) are affiliated with the church. my character is a paladin crusader on vacation who himself has both some magic and some ki, he is sainted and only joined the church to be sainted and be allowed to use his powers and he always lets innocents escape even if they have special powers. the other church member PC is a weaponmaster preacher, who is a big dumb lug who just goes along with the rest of the party's decisions anyway. though he is a jayan nephelim who was adopted by a priest who always kept his horns shaved to protect him. the last member is a conman who is just in it to launder donation money. so being affiliated with the church doesn't always make them fanatics, though my group isn't the smoothest example, if our real motives were discovered we would all probably be excommunicated.
  22. admittedly the energy shield ki tech is very niche, but its potential (other than what raybras already mentioned) is that you can use it to avoid damage to your weapons, shields, or body parts when facing off against an opponent with high breakage or similar nastiness.
  23. so, i'm working on this set of ki techniques with the disadvantage "tied to a weapon: bow" and it got me thinking. how does this effects more complex weapons like crossbows or muskets. i understand a person can get to the point where they can load and fire several arrows in a single round so the tech tree i'm working on doesn't seem to have any roadblocks, but what would happen if a character had a ki technique that granted extra attacks tied to a weapon that they themselves could only normally fire once every round or once every few rounds, like the arquebus for example. i decided a good houserule for my games would be that the character would need to be able to fire said weapon at least twice a round to be able to make use of such a technique (or even just a none limited technique used with such a weapon.) but i'm curious as to how some of you other fellows would handle such a thing. would the characters arms become a ridiculous blur as they reloaded or would the firearm simply manifest more shots? and would you even allow a character to use a technique that granted additional attacks with a slow reloading weapon? i'm just dropping this topic here real quick before work, so i won't be checking on it till much later tonight.
  24. just as a side note, it is sometimes good for a summoner to have spells too, in my games most summoners don't get too far without them. i am looking forward to this AE chapter on summoning though, sounds like it would patch that problem right up.
  25. ah yes, i do have some issues with assigning ki costs (my math skills stop dead at about 9 o'clock p.m.). and i was wondering just how to handle martial arts as weapon requirements, but your review looks good.
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