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  1. Awesome!! I loved the first age expansion, I can't wait to play this!!
  2. Nor am I a stranger would basically become for spirit what We are not Idle became for leadership, or Daeron's Rune's for lore. It makes your deck effectively 3 cards smaller. Probably ok, considering the power of WANI though.
  3. Very nicely found, but not correct ;-) It fits almost perfectly with this description, some doubt are in line 1 and 4. Line 1: Saruman's thrust is not with the Elves. Despite he was leader of the white council. Line 4: I don't see why a single player wouldn't have paid it? Sure in multi player all take his doom. Let me add the following to it: The perspective of speech if just from the card itself. Not necessarily a person. Ah, I see what you mean by single player, solo would have perhaps been more clear. I thought it meant the cost was played by more than one player.
  4. Saruman. Leader of white council (line 1). Saruman the "wise" (line 2). Few play him (line 3). Doomed 3 is played by all players (line 4)
  5. The elven three rings? Nenya, Vilya, and Narya? I know Narya was held by both Gandalf and Cirdan, and Vilya was born by Gil-galad and Elrond. Obviously Nenya was Galadriel. I'm bad at making riddles, someone else will have to take up my slack.
  6. Escort from Edoras He is supposed to be an escort (guard) but can't really defend, after questing he leaves, and he's a good quester (stand against darkness)
  7. Follow up: Does Turch trigger himself? So after first player changes and he engages the new first player, does he remove a time counter? How about Son of Arnor, can he force Turch to engage a different player? If so, does Turch immediately re-engage the first player?
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