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  1. Wooaahh. Freaky. Weird to use zombie hands like a weapon, but i like it. I would suggest that if the investigator fail his willpower check, he should loose 1 or 2 horror (The hand decide to shake in your hands to freak you out lol)
  2. I would like also something outside US to make the promotions...
  3. It's maybe a long LONG fetch, but here we go: Is there someone from Quebec city or Montreal that will make the drive to the convention? I don't have my own car to drive there and no friends as fan as me who would like to see that lol. I don't mind to pay the gaz/hotel part if it is an issue.
  4. Interresting. All Extensions are good extensions for the boardgames that i love, even if they are PoD
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