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  1. Jenkins


    That is solid as a cross between SR and DND. Over the weekend I scanned Age of Rebellion at our FLGS. That is a massive book! A bit overwhelming trying to skim how to make a PC. They did not have Edge of the Empire, which I would have purchased. I was going to use those rules as the basis for a SR conversion since my buddies are SWd-out and love the SR setting. Not much for cyberware in the core SW books. Looks like you need Special Modifications of Lords of Nal Hutta to get rules for gear that fits with cyberpunk. EDIT: how would reach work in this system? Not relevant because of the more cinematic combat?
  2. Jenkins


    What would a Troll race look like in Genesys? Not a DND troll, but a larger version of an orc like the Shadowrun troll.
  3. Rules for cybernetics, astral space, and VR/matrix are what I'd love to see in the core book. I really want to convert SR to a newer system that is more streamlined. I love the SR universe, but even 5e has held on to old concepts and is overly complicated.
  4. I am wondering how well the books will handle cybernetics and concepts akin to astral space and VR/matrix. I want to convert SR to a more generic system that is streamlined.
  5. $24.95 http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=130&esem=2
  6. A expansion with a 3rd conference would be interesting with 3 teams in it. I would like to see all of the official board game blood bowl teams represented in the game. They have the first six now. Human Wood Elf Dwarf Orc Skaven Chaos Nurgle Necromantic Undead Khermi Vampire Lizardmen Dark Elf Pro Elf High Elf Amazon Norse Chaos Dwarf Goblin Halfling Ogre
  7. Yeah, I could see the first expansion having 2 more score boards plus norse and dark elves with new star players, Spike! headlines, upgrades, and a few new tournaments.
  8. For example, if you win 3 matchups and all 3 had a star player payout in the team zone payout AND the central payout, you get a total of 6 star players that round. If you could actually win all 3 and the opposing team was tossed from all 3 with no players, and all we just star player payouts, you get 9 star players.
  9. I agree that expansions will likely include two new teams, star players, matchups, and Spike events. Maybe we'll see a variant to support 5-6 players.
  10. Any coach that gains multiple non-freebooter star players in a round puts them on top of the player deck for the next round. With freebooters it is possible to never draw them because they are shuffled into the player deck.
  11. Tournament Payouts The winner of the tournament collects the payout next to the trophy. The manager with the second-highest Star Power is the runner-up, who collects the payout next to the ribbon. All other managers who have at least one player at the tournament collect the “LOSE!” payout.
  12. You'd probably see too many ties at the tournaments. Otherwise it seems doable if you keep track of fans on something since you only get 4 scoreboards. Why not get a second game and go two games of 3 then have the winners face off and the other 4 play for 3rd?
  13. By the letter of the rules this upgrade is not that great since you might not get to use a Star Player drafted. I'm inclined to rule that the Star Player should get the benefit of freebooter by removing a player and reshuffling, but still be placed on the top of the deck.
  14. There is only one scoreboard phase and you can use the upgrade on 1 player during the scoreboard phase.
  15. A way to scale back the difficulty (easy mode) is to set up as if you had 1 fewer player.
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