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  1. Thanks Toqtamish for the link. No rumor this.
  2. I think it's probably a little early to assume there won't be anything to balance that out. Early enough for excited screaming though!
  3. "The Necrons and Tyranids will be added in a future deluxe expansion and have special rules governing their deckbuilding. The Necrons, at the center of the wheel, may steal units from any of the factions in the wheel. Tyranids, however, lie outside the alignment wheel, and their restless agression [sic] keeps them from forming an alliance with any other race." -Game Trade Magazine Issue 173 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH so happy!
  4. Yep. It is both Summer and Winter. This can have a few strange effects, but is for the most part far less of an issue than you would expect.
  5. There is some small overlap between the Core Set and the different Deluxes (mainly economy locations like Great Keeps, Summer Seas et al.) They are a good way to expand out your card pool, but be wary of adding them at different times since they definitely will give a significant power boost to their respective houses.
  6. Hi Kjun, welcome to the game! 1. No, summoning sickness is not a rule in AGoT 2. You're definitely in a bad situation, but you don't lose. Currently in the LCG there are no lose conditions - only the win condition of 15 power. 3. There are very few siege attachments, and most of them attach to locations... War Scorpion and Dornish Chariot are all I could find that can go on characters. Note though that the siege trait doesn't have any special rules to it any more than Lord or Kingdom or Condition. There are cards that interact with all of those traits, but the trait itself has no special rules. 4. Yes! That's why the Limited keyword exists, to keep from having just chains of cost reducing locations, but just like with the first answer, there's no summoning sickness or equivalent rule in AGoT.
  7. Yep, by the time your opponent is triggering House Clegane Brigands the winner of the challenge has been determined (or else the Brigands couldn't be triggered), and your Tourney Ground is active.
  8. Yeah, I'm all for Regionals being more exclusive than they were last year, but I feel they've compensated a bit too far. Maybe next year they won't have the weird geography-based regions and can work based on mapping their tourneys to players instead.
  9. Come on down and battle to be the first ever Northern California Store Champion! The tournament will begin at 11:00 at Mountain Mike's Pizza, a couple blocks south of Gator Games, so please make sure to sign up at the store before then (this can be earlier that day or on a previous day - whatever's convenient) The store will be open for registration at 10:30 AM (4212 Olympic Ave. San Mateo, CA, 94403) The Tourney starts at 11 AM (390 El Camino Real, Belmont, CA, 94002) Entry Fee: $10 The A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Store Championship kits for 2014 feature the following exclusive prizes: Champion: Store Championship plaque, custom deck box, and a first place certificate worth a first-round bye at one Regional Championship Runner-Up: Custom deck box Top 4*: Four exclusive A Game of Thrones: The Card Game “Top 4” playmats Participation: Thirty-two full-bleed alternate art versions of Gilly. *Each Store Championship prize kit includes an extra A Game of Thrones: The Card Game playmat. This extra prize is intended for the tournament organizer but may also be used as an additional prize. If you would like to make sure you have a spot saved for you, please contact the store at gatororder @ aol.com We will be taking decklists, so please have one written up in advance. Hope to see you there! Since Mountain Mike's is generously allowing us to host, there will be no outside food or drink permitted.
  10. We just had our store championship this Sunday and it was a blast! We had 26 people come down to play some Netrunner with an incredibly even spread between the factions, if not necessarily the individual identities: Weyland - BaBW: 5 NBN - TWIY: 4 HB - ETF: 3 Jinteki - PE: 3 Jinteki - RP: 3 NBN - MN: 3 HB - CB: 2 HB - ST: 1 Weyland - BWBI: 1 Weyland - GRNDL: 1 Kate: 6 Andromeda: 5 Gabe: 4 Reina: 4 Noise: 2 Whizzard: 2 Chaos Theory: 1 Exile: 1 Kit: 1 Looking just at the top 8 though a less balanced picture takes over: HB: Enter the Future: 1 NBN: The World Is Yours: 3 Weyland: Building a Better World: 3 Weyland: GRNDL: 1 Andromeda: 4 Gabe: 2 Kate: 1 Reina: 1 And if you cut to the top 4 you see some pretty clear leaders, especially in the Runners, though Weyland fell off pretty hard: 1st: Tristan O. - HB: Enter the Future/Andromeda 2nd: Dan M. - NBN: The World is Yours/Andromeda 3rd: Paul S. - NBN: The World is Yours/Gabe 4th: Garrett G. - Weyland: Building a Better World/Andromeda. This should all get shaken up with Honor and Profit, but clearly Jinteki could use some help, Criminal I'm not so sure... Keep on Running!
  11. For an example of what the rule would look like if your opponent was right, see Balon Greyjoy from Kings of the Sea.
  12. Mountain Mike's Pizza has generously allowed us to use their space. They're just a few blocks south of us at 390 El Camino Real, Belmont CA. Since we now have more guaranteed seating, Pre-Sign Ups are once again open! Call Gator Games at (650) 571-7529 or write them at gatororder@aol.com for more details.
  13. List of Netrunner Store Championships in NorCal: Feb. 9 - Games of Berkeley (Berkeley) Feb. 15 - Great Escape Games (Sacramento) Feb. 23 - Gator Games & Hobby (San Mateo) TBA - Crazy Squirrel Game Store (Fresno), Gamescape (San Francisco), Two Cats Comic Book Store (San Francisco), Gamescape (San Rafael), Game Kastle (Santa Clara), Mythic Games (Santa Cruz) Let me know if I missed someone, or if one of the TBAs posts a time
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