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  1. Hello all! Maybe I missed this somewhere, but is there a PDF of the rulebook? If not, does someone know when that's coming out? Thanks much!
  2. I tend to get a good bit a mileage out of Lemuria. I typically use it late game if I am ahead to verify that the last agenda that I want to score is not actually an Secretary. I run both Lemuria and infiltration because my deck really can't handle traps or programing trashing ice very well. Since I nearly the bare minimum of breakers, I will use infiltration early game to make sure I don't run into an archer, ichi, or rototurret (assuming I don't have ninja out). To summarize my rambling, I like Lemuria and I use it late game to ensure that I don't walk into a trap that will lose me the game.
  3. Hey guys, I thought I would post the decks that I used at Worlds: Runner Identity: Criminals Programs (11) Sneakdoor Beta x 3 Gordian Blade x 1 Corroder x 2 Ninja x 2 Femme Fatale x 1 Crypsis x 1 Yog.0 x 1 Events (23) Forged Activation Orders x 3 Easy Mark x 2 Infiltration x 3 Sure Gamble x 3 Special Order x 3 Diesel x 3 Account Siphon x 3 Inside Job x 3 Hardware (4) Desperado x 2 Lemuria Codecraker x 2 Resources (8) Decoy x 2 Crashspace x 1 Armitage Codebusting x 3 Bank Job x 2 Corps Identity: Haas-Bioroid ICE (21) Enigma x 3 Heimdall 1.0 x 2 Tollbooth x 2 Victor 1.0 x 3 Ichi 1.0 x 2 Rototurret x 3 Archer x 2 Ice Wall x 1 Wall of Static x 3 Assests (12) Adonis Campaign x 3 (Though I HARDLY ever saw these. I had credit problems in a lot of my games) Pad Campaign x 3 Project Junebug x 2 Aggressive Secretary x 2 Snare x 2 Upgrades (1) Experiential Data x 1 Operations (6) Hedge Fund x 3 Biotic Labor x 3 Agendas (9) Private Security Force x 3 Accelerated Beta Test x 3 Priority Requisition x 3
  4. Congrats to Jeremy! He was a great opponent and I look forward to playing him again. For the record, I didn't drop the tag in game two because I completely forgot about it! Turns out hours of gaming turns your brain into mush (brain damage?)! Congrats again, Jeremy!
  5. Hey guys, My wife and I just started playing and we were wondering if you more experienced players had and general, over-arching tips for a beginner? For example, is card advantage as huge in this game as others? Do you tend to rush stories or spread out your investigations? How do you deal with your resource placement? Granted, a lot of this is very dependent on your deck, but I was curious if there were are general go-to strategies. Thanks much!
  6. Hello all, How late do a day's events usually go?
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