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  1. These rules make more sense to me, except I would rework the SP system so that each SP is only suitable for the same size ship it originally came from or maybe one size smaller. Cause it doesn't really make sense to have one SP from a raider and combine it for building a cruiser. Also, I would say that the SP themselves represent the bare chassis, no systems. These must either be acquired or salvaged via the salvage systems in BFK. Otherwise, I kinda like it. The problem comes with the transporting of a cruiser chassis. It would be easy to move, say, an Orion class star clipper in the hold of you Universe-class mass conveyer, and possible to move pieces of a frigate in a Star Galleons two cargo bays, but It would be very difficult to salvage larger ships. Though arguably, the largest ship a rogue trader would generally need is a cruiser.
  2. Oh, and whenever an ork model of his has exposed ammo, he paints them different colors now.
  3. When I was first helping a buddy get into 40k, I gave him half of my Assault on Black Reach box. He was curious about the orks, and since neither of us had a codex yet, I told him, "Imagine you're an Imperial Guardsman, shooting at an oncoming ork. He shoots at you continually as he charges in, and you only manage to drop him as he's about five feet away. In doing so, you run out of ammo for your trusty lasgun. Seeing another charging ork, you quickly ****** up the fallen ork's slugga and point it at the other ork. You pull the trigger. Click. Nothing. You check the gun. It's a cardboard box! With a handle and a hole in the end! The clip has a bunch of crayons in it! HE WAS JUST SHOOTING YOU WITH THIS GUN, AND HE WAS LOADING CRAYONS! The new ork back-hands you and picks up that gun you were just holding. "Glad you killed 'im, ya stinking 'umie, I sure wanted 'is slugga! It's right killiy!" And shoots you. With crayons.
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