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  1. You don't happen to live in Colorado, do you? If so, I played you the game after this one. I don't think you're a jerk, for what it's worth. How did your wife like your medal? Also, I hate how good you roll.
  2. TheGrue

    Scum Battlefoam

    Me three! Placed an order this morning for a tray with: Decimator YT-2400 (I know these and the Decimator aren't scum, but I had nowhere to put them until now) 2x M3-A 2x StarViper 2x Z-95 Y-Wing Firespray HWK-290 2x Aggressor Had to do some work to make them all fit in the medium tray (I have a 420 with the short trays that face the top of the bag as it stands), but got them all in there.
  3. Is this the type of expansion where you buy one set or two? The FAQ seems to say one, but it looks like some of the objectives in this set don't have a limit of one per deck, so I am confused. Edit - Nevermind...found a product description saying it has two of the objectives that aren't limited. Definitely only need one.
  4. MrBallast said: Thanks for the responses guys. Just to clarify about "re-rolls". In my examples, the re-rolls I was referring to were with clue tokens. Rolling 6 green dice, getting 1 terror. Then setting that 1 terror aside(non-failure) and using the clue token to re-roll the remaining 5 to add to the one previously rolled hoping for the other 2 terror symbols. I assumed that possible due to the rules stating that one could re-roll any of the dice. Yes, that is correct. I must have missed the part where you mentioned a clue token. If you roll 6 dice, get one terror, you can use a clue token to reroll and keep that terror, but still roll with 5 dice.
  5. When they say "set aside" for a fail, they mean that you are not to use it. So in your example where you roll one terror and you don't focus, you now have 5 dice to roll and you don't have any terror saved up. What you would want to do is throw one die away, keep the one terror, and roll with 4 dice to try to get the remaining two. If you got one terror on that roll and you have no other way to save a die state, you roll again with only three dice and still just that one terror from focus.
  6. Thanks. Yeah, I realized after posting they list a very specific order for when you successfully complete, so it was pretty obvious you put that monster down on another adventure.
  7. If I resolve an adventure and one of the rewards (some reward, huh?) is a monster, do I place that before drawing the next adventure card or after? This came up because I resolved an adventure and the next card to replace it had the white monster space on it (the only one of all 6 adventures down) such that the monster would go there, but if it is placed before that adventure card is placed down, it would have gone to the bottom of an adventure of my choosing.
  8. Any of you guys out there have some good decks out there that can beat some of these quests solo? I keep looking for 50+ card solo decks, but all the ones I find seem to require two core sets. I have all the adventure packs, so have access to more than just the core, so they can even have those cards, but I can't do something like play with 3 Northern Trackers or anything. I have only played the game solo with mono decks and haven't been able to do well against even Mirkwood, though I've beat it as much as I've lost it. I did play with a friend using two mono decks and we beat Mirkwood fine. I'm just not a skilled deck builder and was hoping this game would have been more friendly with just pulling out a sphere and doing well against the three quests, but haven't had any luck with that, so time to call on the community to do the work I am too lazy to do.
  9. guciomir said: eagle is dying so you need to rush 2B stage and at the same time you need to find enough athelas. If you do not rush, eagle will die. There are not many player effects capable of healing the eagle. Right, but you would theoretically not go to 3B unless you could win it, right? They could have just as easily have put that on 2B, I guess, such that when it is completed, you make the analysis on whether or not you win. My question was to be sure I wasn't missing some aspect of what that last card is meant to do and I think I interpreted it correctly. I agree with your statement above that this is the point of the scenario, for sure.
  10. So, I just picked up the Rhosgobel question and was looking at the quest cards and am wondering about 3B, which is called Return to Rhosgobel. On here, it looks like when you flip it over, you basically check how many Athelas cards your party owns and if you have enough to heal Wilyador back to full, you win. My question is....why would you ever complete the stage before this to turn this card up? I briefly skimmed through the cards and didn't really see anything that might force you to place progress tokens down on 2B to rush completing this stage before you are ready. It just seems odd to have a card with a win condition like this that could basically be avoided until you either lose or have enough Athelas to put down the last bit of progress. I guess if you are going to locations, you might have some splash progress that progresses it before you are ready. Just want to make sure I'm not missing some concept here.
  11. TheGrue

    Release Date

    Update on my Amazon order...they shipped one to me today. I will get it on Monday (but am out of town until Friday). So hopefully that happens for the others who ordered from Amazon and were alarmed, like I was, to see that it wouldn't come until October.
  12. TheGrue

    Release Date

    Walk said: Thanks for the input, everyone. I ordered it from Amazon with two-day shipping. Amazon estimates the delivery time asbeing around the end of September, but it also says it will be "shipping soon." Hmm... I ordered from Amazon as well and my order now shows Shipping Soon with delivery estimate of September 13th. I am so anxious to get this game. I played it at PAX and really enjoyed it.
  13. I got both mine from Amazon as well. I also saw 4 of each at Wizard's Chest in Denver, though that doesn't help you in the U.K.
  14. Gotcha, but you don't get two resources, you get one that counts for both. Thanks for the clarification.
  15. When it says gain a leadership icon, does that mean you get that icon in addition to the hero's normal icon or does it replace it? Or, another thought, does it just mean you can make your resource icon be from either sphere?
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