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  1. I ran it for a public Legends of the Galaxy game once. Everyone loved the adventure
  2. Well remote live-play online games and when Covid lifts also in-person games
  3. Legends of the Galaxy is looking for more Game Masters to join our community and run games. Is anyone interested?
  4. I am not saying Join or Die.... harsh lol i just want you to know that we are more than what @P-47 Thunderbolt said was all. I just want the community to stay together and our goal at LegendsoftheGalaxy is to support the entire Star Wars rpg community by being a hub for creative works, a place for social networking, we fill the gap of game discussion, and we offer a calendar anyone can use to schedule game events with their groups
  5. https://legendsofthegalaxy.discussion.community/?embedded=1&detected_embedurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.legendsofthegalaxy.com%2Fcommunity-boards%2F&embedCookiesBlocked=1
  6. T The Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Community forum is meant for game discussion and player gm networking both. I really want to see the game discussion and debates as it is some of my favorite stuff.
  7. I will have to test it on a Samsung device. I checked and it opens great on my Apple iPhone. can you check again.
  8. Well let’s do a poll on people’s favorite forums. I am bias so I would need to abstain from voting as I run the world-wide Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Community. It would not be fair to vote for myself, lol. Also I want to invite the community to post their games online the Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Community event calendar. This way players and GMs can network for games online, at your favorite local game shop, coffee shop, school, library, home, community center and more....
  9. Can you document the issues you experienced and let me know what browser and version you are running as well as the device so I can wait the issue you are experiencing
  10. The FFG Rebellion Day Module called Rescue at Glares Peak tells the story of a prison break from an imperial detention facility. I encourage you to check in out.
  11. We are also inviting the group to join the Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Community too. http://www.legendsofthegalaxy.com/community-boards/
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