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  1. I just can’t wait for an announcement of what they are doing next
  2. I have experienced this same issue I just copy the game and the new version works fine.
  3. Oggdude are Check you email sent you a few links that may be helpful
  4. Which books are still not going to be in the generator after this upcoming update?
  5. Give her the sentinel shadow ability to hide yourself in the force.
  6. There is one in roll20. Legends of the Galaxy public server uses it for online games
  7. Ah it must be because I launched the calendar on the new site. And the calendar is directing people to the new site now by default. I will need to fix that or quickly finish the website project
  8. I am sorry about the confusión and issues you experienced. The correct website is https://www.LegendsoftheGalaxy.com https://nicojmont.wpcomstaging.com/ Is a development server that we are working on to create an update to the website. However, this is a work in progress and is not complete. We are still adding content, building components, incorporating tools etc. I am not sure what email would have included this as it should not be published to the public yet.
  9. Great job!!! May I use this on the adventure page For Beyond the Rim act 3 on LegendsoftheGalaxy.com?
  10. The Legends of the Galaxy community is already doing an email campaign to write Asmodee. I want the campaign to still be positive as we don’t want to harm our relationship but support the RPG positively at the same token. Also I think as a form of flattery on LegendsoftheGalaxy.com we should band together and create and share content to show Asmodee our love and support each other with fan made content. Show them the communities thirst for new content.
  11. I use the genocide. The planet is wiped out all Geonosians dead. However duke Dimock and Duke Pidock were off world when it happened. They are back. The imperial blockade, you get the codes from the Bothan to use to fly past the blockade, the blockade is there to hunt down the returning geonisians. The alliances with the hutts and weapons program is to gain allies to strike back at the Empire in little ways. It also allows you to create a modular encounter of avoiding tie patrols etc. makes the adventure more covert and underworld
  12. So I am working on a major upgrade to the www.LegendsoftheGalaxy.com website and I had a question what do GMs want? 1) would you prefer fully developed adventures or a basic premise for one with goals to achieve and NPCs cards to use thus allowing the GM the freedom to create their own adventure filling in the gaps? 2) are there any cheat sheets or tools that will enhance your game without replacing the books? 3) do you like the idea of factions players can join and sessional faction goals the pcs can try to achieve for bonus rewards? 4) is there something else you want from Legends of the Galaxy? Finally I invite people to post their game events in our calendar a few days or weeks before the game so players can find games and meet players near them
  13. Has anyone heard from oggdude lately on a future update?
  14. @nytwyng i had a similar issue that was related to having too many character files when I reduced them down to only active characters this went away. I think it has to go with the cache file getting to large
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