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  1. I consider the game mat massively useful.
  2. Guys FFG frowns on sharing stats and will begin deleting posts. You just need to be patient the book releases Friday
  3. Hey all I am always a game master and rarely a player. I am looking for a Star Wars Edge of the Empire or Age of Rebellion group I can join as a player character. Is anyone currently running or looking to start a new group that runs on a regular basis in the Minneapolis/St Paul or surrounding Twin Cities Metro Area? If so please send me an invite.
  4. Check out www.LegendsoftheGalaxy.com we run an online game every other Tuesday at the very least. People all around the world can add their games to our event calendar so players can find and join games too.
  5. Legendsofthegalaxy.com has both a message board and discord channel
  6. Well I asked the game developer who created the book at FFG he said the Gravbelt was supposed to have been removed from the book as it effectively was the same as the Grav-chute. So it is the same in that sense. However, he went on to say it can be what ever your GM wants it to be. For example a belt that lets you ignore the effects of low, high, or zero gravity environments.
  7. Wait to confirm are you thinking ranger and melee defense are part of soak? Because they are not. Ranged and melee defense add a setback dice to the attack made based on the defense value. The same goes for shields in starship combat. They don’t affect soak at all. See pages 206-207 of the edge of the empire core rule book to read about defense
  8. Do you want to use the Legends of the Galaxy Forums?
  9. I have not seen @OggDude post in here for awhile. Does anyone know how he is doing? Hopefully real world has not become a challenge for the guy. We value so much what he has provided for the community. Can't wait for the next update.
  10. Nytwyng contact me through www.LegendsoftheGalaxy.com where you can find my contact info. I want to chat about teaming up to create some planets for our community organized play.
  11. We are looking for many GMs to help grow the Star Wars RPG community as a whole. It is up to great volunteers like yourselves to make our community strong. I want to unite the community to create and share amazing stories, host exciting games, and invite new players to discover the power of Star Wars RPG by FFG. We are doing this by creating a community driven roleplaying experience. An Organized Play that will work to support the community and make it grow. Join www.LegendsoftheGalaxy.com we are assembling useful tools, sharing adventure ideas, creating a public place with an event calendar and more. Even rewards we give to Game Masters who give their time. Join Legends of the Galaxy today. We are a New and young community. Help us grow and make the FFG Star Wars community grow.
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