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  1. It's a little while since this question was asked, but nontheless I'll try to answer it. Hoax may be not declared the target of an attack while she is invisible. Sha-Na-Ra and other mental duels or test like Itami's Demonic Bellow does not declare her the target of an attack, so they will affect her. Thematically you can think of it as her mind is still reachable even if you don't know where exactly she is.
  2. Thanks, that also have been my oppinion and we played in that way
  3. May Hoax be "attacked" by Irina's Liturgy of Discord while she is invisbile? Since she's not getting targeted according to the equipment card, we're not sure how to handle such a situation. What are your oppinions?
  4. Using Hoss to switch place with a Union character But in fact, this is a really bad situation, so maybe houseruling there somthing, so that this is not that overpowered.
  5. The Novgorod Expansion would be a good buy and also the Shogunate characters, if you are four players. There's just a lack of four player scenario's, but I'm working on a campaign for four player, hoping to finish it at the end of the next month.
  6. Hey there, I've a question regarding Edison's America's Favorite Son: If Edison uses this ability and the Trooper does not share a path with the attacker afterwards or is out of range for out-of-path-attacks, does this cancel the attack? So allows this abilty Edison to cancel an attack if the attacker could not target the chosen trooper? The rules are not clear in this point, I think, but while there is no contrary statement in the rules, it should be possible. Or does the attacker regardless of LOS and range attack the trooper? Thanks for your opinions.
  7. Ähm…. they're not part of the original map. At least not on mine… So I'm wondering, where they come from.
  8. What are the bones in some circles of your "Updated Daedalus"-Map are standing for? Didn't really got that point.
  9. That's also a great idea. I'll discuss this with my opponent next time. Thanks!
  10. Hey there, yesterday we've made a game where I've chosen Oksana and equipped her with the Voivode Token "Soud". It was a scenario similar to the Smash and Grab from the Hinansho expansion with 3 Command Points, so reinforcements could be bought. After the scenario my opponent mentioned that this was a too powerful combination having nearly inifite grenades running around, especially to block my own entry point. Did anyone else have made such a experience or any thoughts about this. We think about houseruling that Oksana may not chose "Soud" as her Voivode Token.
  11. Moebius said: We solved it by homeruling that Asteros and Wolf belong to the shogunate (no longer mercenaries) and that Hoss counts as both Reich and Shogunate (like Oksana counts both as Matriarchy and Union). This gave the shogunate more flexibility, badly needed shooting power and an epic of its own. I similary solved that problem in the campaign I'm working on by including Wolf to the Shogunate, but use no Epic characters. And I also think about creating an additional Shogunate character by myself. That will be my next project after finishing the campaign.
  12. That's what you got the Equipment Cards for, I think. Imho, there's no need for a extra rulebook including every character, because nearly everything you need takes place on the equipment cards. To the point of a campaign book, I'm working on it…
  13. Miah's new Campaign System looks really interessting, great work. Expecting the rest. I'm also working on a campaign since a few months now. Here are the rules so far: www.workupload.com/file/fwb5skQ
  14. I think they are not completely useless. Of course they won't be used very often, but in case of a failed Bull Rush a Hand-to-Hand Weapon really is worth his price (equipment slot.) Also for Shogunate characters their Melee attacks are much more powerful than their Pistols.
  15. Here's something I've been working on and would like to hear your opinions about that. www.workupload.com/file/yqa3ZZZ
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