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  1. I think this is the best way to look at it. It's my effect re-rolling an opponent's die, and my opponent can re-roll it. Effect accomplished.
  2. FFG mis-packed the booster, not the store you bought the booster from. Just sayin'...
  3. Wow. ANOTHER topic from someone who just wants to crap all over the game. And when called on his nonsense, becomes belligerent. I seriously do not understand the need for people to come to a forum like this, just to crap all over everything. If you don't like the game or concept or whatever, just don't buy it and for the love of god shut up about it. And OP: You were in no way, shape, or form duped or deceived about this game. That is all. /end rant
  4. One or more: Cannot be zero, must be at least one up X, where X is equal to the legal number of target dice on the table (I imagine some effects will only let you re-roll your dice, some only opponent's, and some effect any dice on the table). Any number: Can include zero. Not -1, don't be purposely difficult. Anyway, just how I would read it given my experiences in gaming. I agree we should, I dunno, wait until the game comes out or something before arguing about the minutiae of the rules.
  5. To stall without passing I agree, and had this thought during demos too: I want to take an action that would effectively be passing, but not actual passing, to gauge opponent's reaction.
  6. Wait. Wait. Wait. You mean to tell my if I don't like ONE product out of the hundred plus that a company produces, I am not forced to buy it? Furthermore I am free to still enjoy the products I already bought, and also free to continue buy the products the company makes that I do like? And I can do all this, you say, without making an inflammatory post on the interwebs? What a world we live in.
  7. One per person per play, that didn't stop people from getting back in line and walking away with a lot of promos. I may, or may not, have done so a total of 8 times...(4 of each promo)...
  8. I know, the wait is killing me! Also, this is the opposite of what happened in the two weeks leading up to Gencon, when FFG announced approximately 72 new or releasing games* *I exaggerate, slightly.
  9. Not sure about what effect was used in the Team Covenant video. There is a card in the Kylo demo deck (I think Power of the Dark Side?) that dealt unblockable damage. Unblockable damage also bypasses shields. One of the preview images has another card with unblockable, Force Choke.
  10. Personally I like the top left one, #1.
  11. My interpretation is that there are two separate clauses: 1. Choose any number (I would say including zero) of opponnet's dice and re-roll them. 2. Any dice with blanks now on the table (including the two that were blanks that were not targeted for re-roll) are removed. That's how I would rule it anyways...
  12. I remember seeing one recycled art piece from X-Wing or the LCG when I was at Gencon, but can't recall which. It was not a character or support (die) card, it was an action card. Nothing major, but like I said can't recall exactly which one.
  13. Well I guess I will be the first to say yes, I would be interested in a dice bag. Yours look great!
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