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  1. All signs point to yes in that regard. Hopefully soon. There are key story points that don’t get used in the end of current books and there is a entry in the rules book that takes place in the future well after the events of the current books we have.
  2. My only suggestion for saving your place and then starting back up it to quickly write yourself some notes when your done and be sure to take a minute to refresh yourself before you restart. I made the mistake of forgetting a key point when I started up again the one day and bad bad things happened in the story because of my mistakes. There was a moment of non polite words used when I realized what I had done. After that I notes points to remember whenever I put it away.
  3. You should have no issues if you don't log your entries, the first time I played through I only wrote down the end of day entries and everything was fine. I didn't have access to a printer and didn't want to use the pages it came with so I used a blank page for everything so I didn't bother with logging entries just the story points and critical stuff. I think it's more suggested so you don't mess up and then lose your place. Which I did a couple of times but was able to get myself sorted out quickly.
  4. I received this game for Christmas, by New Years I had played it through solo twice. Both times it was a lot of fun and the second time I tried a different class and race and ended up with similar skills but a much different story. There are more then enough different paths to take to make this replayable. I have set it aside and plan on playing again solo in a few months with a new character I have been dreaming up while playing RuneWars. I'm also excited to play it with my group of friends and see where their added personalities and choices they make send our party. All in all, my personal opinion is that if your open minded to reading some entries over again and willing to make different choices to see the paths they take, its got lots of replay value. I've also stated this in a few other posts, but it appears that they plan on future chapters to this game. So it will grow around your character I believe, hopefully adding to the replay factor down the road.
  5. From what I can tell without reading all the entries and spoiling everything, there might be more in the future for this game and they have already included story points that align with that in the village book. I've played through it twice now, first time not doing so hot at the end and second time getting the "hopeful ending". When I got the bad ending, it never told me to mark a story point, it just ended. When I got the good ending it said to mark story point "no spoilers" and move to the next entry which never referenced the story point I marked and then finishes with "this campaign is finished" I thought that must mean there is a future that requires that story point, because I can't find anywhere telling me to read further after the campaign ended. This reference at the end of the credits seems to read like it's in the future, as if eventually, after future material, you will be told to go back to Dragonholt Village and read the credits that will wrap up the whole game. So that to me feels like there are already future expansions for this great game in the works!
  6. I might be wrong, but when I read Cat I thought of the hero Maliki the Claw from the Runebound Second Edition expansion Mists of Zanaga. Who is basically a humanoid lion that is pretty BA. So hopefully that's another example but again. It's from the second addition, and I might be out to lunch.
  7. So now that you have hashed that out to death. Is there anything you would suggest for future fun or even a method to change your hashed out Sea expansion talk that would make it work in, say, the app version perhaps? Or is there something else you'd like to see?
  8. There is also a lot of material that they could pull from that's in the Descent 1E Sea of Blood expansion and the Islands of Dread expansion for Runebound. They could easily come up with a campain addition to the RtL app and have a expansion that brought the ships and islands material to Descent that you could use in both the app and classic play. For monsters alone just the Runebound Islands of Dread expansion there are Merfolk, Dread Pirates, Sea Dragons, Sea Stallions, Giant Roc's, Coral Golems, , And Guardians of the Deep. There is even a cast of ships Captians that they can tap for character ideas. Literally more potential then you could list just by using material that is already there. That would be awesome!
  9. I'm going to try and keep moral up here. hahaha. What would you like to see them do if and when they release another Descent 2nd Edition expansion? Personally, I loved the Runebound Sands of Al-Kalim expansion as well as the Frozen Wastes Runebound and Tomb of Ice 1st Edition Descent expansions. It would be awesome to see Descent 2E taken to those parts of Terrinoth. There is so much potential with the different elements of both heat/sand and cold/snow. I mean we have some of the of the heroes and monsters from both elements. Come on FFG, who releases a Yeti hero and then skips the snow! I'd love to see a RtL app campaign that took us to Al-Kalim so our heroes could "forge their own entry in the Ninety-Nine Tales of Al-Kalim" to quote from the Sands expansion. Being stuck in the blazing heat or facing a crazy line of sight hindering sand storm while trying to adventure could really make for cool mechanics on an adventure with some developing. What do you think? What would you love to see them announce at GenCon for a Descent expansion?
  10. I guess we can take solace in the fact that every Descent product that is currently listed as "out of stock" is listed in the upcoming lists under "awaiting reprint" or "at the printer" other than the Belthir and Valyndra lieutenant packs. So it must be selling well or they wouldn't be reprinting. Hopefully that's a sign that we will see more content soon.
  11. I 1000% agree, I wouldn't be buying a new addition any time soon if that's their direction. I truely hope they stick to the 2nd edition for some time. With the app in place now the possibilities have opened up for my gaming group. None of us are ruthless as the overlord and the heroes always end up getting it slack so it's nice to have the app to make it so we can all be heroes together. I have faith that they will expand it more, they would be silly not to. I'd love to see them bring in the Sea of Blood back into it and make it so that expansion was both usable in classic overloads fashion and bring ocean adventure into the app. Adventure on the high seas would be awesome!
  12. Absolutely, I just noticed that a few hours ago, I hadn't seen that preview for the newer release for Runebound. But if they are using them there they surely will bring them to Descent (fingers crossed). Hopefully they have just been focusing on the RtL app and we will see next boxes soon and we will know what direction it's headed. If it's a reboot I'll be with the people who are avoiding buying it I think. (I say that now until the collector in me comes out and I have to have it all. **** him)
  13. It would be cool for them to transfer over the new hero characters they are introducing into RuneWars, Kari Wraithstalker and Maegan Cyndewin would be cool to have in Descent. I'm going to hold out hope that we will see them bring in new monsters and the last 12 heroes from the conversion kit through in Hero and Monster packs. They have used Red Scorpion in the new Runebound expansions so it keeps me hoping they will still show up.
  14. I might be wrong, but by my count from the conversion kit, there are 12 hero's that haven't had the Hero and Monsters treatment yet. I'd hope that there will be 3 more hero and monsters kits to come out. Which would be awesome because Tobin Farslayer hasn't been updated yet and doesn't show up in the app.
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