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  1. DrUnK3n_PaNdA said: Parking can be a bit irritating, but there is actually a lot nearby that can be used for parking. I can guarantee we won't be moved around. If you have a scheduled tournament they're very respectful of it. I played in weekly UFS tournaments there for a year and a half or so without any issue. They have a D&D game that takes place on the same day, but I'm assured we'll have room for 14 people if needed. We did have scheduled tournaments in both cases. It was actually the D&D guys that had us moved mid-game both times (not the pen and paper group but the D&D miniatures group). I certainly want to join the games, just hope for a better experience than before. I even made sure to find some sort of purchase I could make at each game I went to so I wasn't a "freeloader". My complaints are irrelevant though, at the moment I work Sundays till 3:30 in Auburn so I would catch the tail end of it at best. If a game on Wed or Thurs ever happens, I'm there!
  2. DrUnK3n_PaNdA said: Looking like we'll be playing on Sundays, starting October 7th at Gary's Games and Hobbies, starting at noon, ending at 5PM (Or earlier, depending on the number of players.) I used to go to the Star Wars Miniatures games at Gary's Games. Parking is horrible and 2 times we were asked to move to another table because their game was some how more important than our game!
  3. While Star Wars Miniverse is a podcast focused on Star Wars Miniatures, it is the first podcast I know of to talk some what often about X-Wing Miniatures. Mark's enthusiasm about the game got me to drop $100 on the game to get one of everything on launch day. They do a great bit about X-Wing Miniatures in the last half of episode 58. www.swminiverse.com/SW_Miniverse/Star_Wars_Miniverse/Entries/2012/9/19_Star_Wars_Miniverse_-_Episode_58.html
  4. keith82

    Some maps I made

    Strombole said: Awesome maps… my favorite part though is seeing an active site for Star Wars minis… I was starting to think I was the only person still playing Star Wars minis…. I love Star Wars minis. I have thousands of them (obviously because I have tons and tons of stormtroopers, clone troopers, etc… but I have a Tusken Raider army, A Mandolorian army, a Gammorean guard/ Weequay Jabba army, tons of Rebel troopers and commandos, tons of Hoth troopers, etc. We play massive battles of Star Wars minis. Here is a pretty big 500pt clone wars game but its nothing comapred to the 1000pt games we have with AT-ATs, etc. I want to actually incorporate X-Wing into Star Wars minis… I'm thinking that the side that wins the battle in X wing will get an advantage or extra vehicles or something to use in the Star Wars minis game. I do have an X Wing model from Revel on a custom flying base along with the Falcon that are both to scale with Star Wars minis and I have rules made for them… so if the rebels win I could probably just include in the X Wing into the Rebel team for free in Star Wars minis…. or if Empire wins, maybe they would get an extra couple Tie crawlers for free or something….Hmmm Far from it, there are two strong Star Wars Minis play groups in Washington that I know of. (I'm quite lucky to have a Mom, Sister, and Girlfriend that play SWM and X-Wing with me, and actually enjoy it.) As far as active sites, I can think of these off the top of my head. www.swminiverse.com www.bloomilk.com www.swmgamers.com www.swmresources.com Star Wars Minis is my first love and the X-Wing Miniatures game is a solid second place. Although it has been all I have played the last week. Yeah, that reminds me I need to get an AT-AT one of these days! I love your idea of weaving the two games together! Please let me know how it works out. ** the following should keep this on topic with the thread ** Also you should definitely check out episode 58 of Star Wars Miniverse. Their main focus is Star Wars Miniatures, but they do talk about the X-Wing game somewhat often. There is a great segment about X-Wing Miniatures in this episode and a brief mention of these maps that I made for them. www.swminiverse.com/SW_Miniverse/Star_Wars_Miniverse/Entries/2012/9/19_Star_Wars_Miniverse_-_Episode_58.html This is a direct link to the episode but you should definitely subscribe to their podcast and all that jazz.
  5. keith82

    Some maps I made

    Here you go, 10800x10800 JPG files These will print exactly 36"x36" at 300 dpi. If you plan on printing off these let me know if you need a bleed and I can get you some files that will work better. Death Star Map www.keithspage.com/xwing/DS-10800x10800-36x36-300dpi.jpg.zip Map 1 www.keithspage.com/xwing/MAP1-10800x10800-36x36-300dpi.jpg.zip
  6. keith82

    Some maps I made

    Here are a few maps I made for Mark of the Star Wars Miniverse Podcast. www.swminiverse.com The source files are set for printing 36"x36" at 300dpi.
  7. keith82

    Happy X-Wing Day

    X-Wing Day didn't happen till today for me. The Targets up here don't have it yet but Game On in South Hill, WA has it. Just waiting for GF to get off work to play!
  8. chrisrivers said: Hey, I live in Federal Way. I would be interested in playing when I get my stuff! I work in Auburn and go to Fed Way all the time! Do you visit the West Coast shop by the mall?
  9. DavicusPrime said: Auburn, Washington. Between Seattle and Tacoma. I'd love to find some locals willing to give the game a go. -DavicusPrime I live in Sumner and work in Auburn!
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