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  1. Hey FFG Folks! We're several publications in now, and still no offical stats for the starships of the Ewok Movies. What gives?!! Heck, there's even a pdf available of the Black Sun adventure that's come out before the Ewok ships - surely that couldn't be of a higher priority than finally giving Mr. Quaker Oats, Noa Briqualon himself, his rightful place in Star Wars RPG lore!! Yes, I know - I'll get back on my medication. PS - I think Noa's ship should be called the Gallivanter. See what Mr. Leland Chee thinks about that.
  2. So much for my prediction based on the GenCon presentation!
  3. Just watched the GenCon FFG Flight Report on YouTube. That was on Friday, August 16, and they said beta would be available for retail in 7-10 days. So that would put release date between August 23 and 26 if they stay on schedule. Also the fact they list release as Q3 instead of September implies it will be released prior to the end of the month. Hopefully that means that by next Monday it should be out.
  4. As mentioned earlier, past versions are often now referred to as WEG d6, and WotC d20. FFG dN (Fantasy Flight Games d-Narrative), seems like a good fit.
  5. Thanks for the ideas for stats for the two Ewok-movie ships, Jegergryte. I think you're right that many of their capabilities are difficult to guess based on what little is known about them, but you seem to have put together some good thoughts. I must admit that I'm still learning the new FFG stat mechanics - I'm more familiar with the old d6 system. One correction though with armaments. While it does seem like a reasonable assumption that the Towani cruiser is unarmed, Noa's ship has at least three weapons/guns. It's difficult to determine where on the ship they're located, since they're mainly shown in closeup shots without much reference to the main ship body, but it looks like there's a port and starboard side laser cannons that can be manually fired, and then another gun (almost acts like a mini-turbo laser with its recoil action) that folds out from the fuselage somewhere. If you fast forward to about 19:40 into the following YouTube video of Battle for Endor, you can see them: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NsVJAbksAc I think you're right to "favor" Noa's scout ship, since it does appear to have higher capabilities and armaments, and the Towani cruiser is more like a Star Wars version of a family minivan - still cool looking though.
  6. I agree, Cryix - especially since it seems Star Wars EU is already a little overpopulated with YT- ships these days. It's nice to have some alternative designs - something different - like the GX1 Short Hauler for example. I also agree that Noa and Salak's backstory could provide some good foundation for Noa's ship. They were a "couple of young fellas out to tear up the galaxy" after all - in the words of Wilfred Brimley. Sticking with that theme, including these ship types in future Fantasy Flight materials is "the right thing to do!" Better get back to my oatmeal.
  7. That makes sense, Locrious. The only thing is, I'm not sure about the timing - I forget what time Leland Chee finally set the Ewok movies in for the holocron - seems like it changed a few times. Really I'd just be happy if they included some generic ship types for those two ships - i.e. Corellian Engineering Corporation Ark IV Freighter and Sienar Fleet Systems G8 Domicile Transport, or whatever. Deck plans would be awesome too - especially for Noa's ship. Come on, everyone - let's show a little love for the Ewok movies! Did I actually just say that? Yub nub!
  8. That's what I'm hoping too, Locrious - I think they'd be great additions to a "Ship" supplement. Or they could be included in a supplement that includes the forest moon of Endor. As to the Ewok movies - they had their moments (albeit brief ones), but I think even though they were targeted for a younger audience, they still were disappointing. The last scene in Battle for Endor with Noa's ship flying overhead and then accelarating over the horizon is probably my favorite part of either film.
  9. Sorry to start a whole separate post on this, but what the heck - if there can be a "Where's Kitster" campaign, then maybe there's room for another obscure Star Wars-based request! I respectfully request that the fine folks at Fantasy Flight finally flesh out stats and background descriptions for two ships from the live action Star Wars films that - despite being at least partially constructed in full scale with the assistance of the ILM teams - have yet to be defined in the EU: Noa Briqualon's scout ship and the Towani starcruiser, both from the much-maligned Ewok Movies. Yes, I know - the Ewok movies bring back painful memories to many people (including myself), but these two ships actually were pretty well designed - particularly Noa's ship. The artist Allen Nunis, who penned a large amount of illustrations in the old West End Games materials, included a couple illustrations of ships based on Noa's ship design, but the ship itself never got the background or game stats that I think it deserved. Anyway, if the talented and creative staff of FFG could include these ships and/or ship types in a future supplement, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for considering my obscure, but sincere, request!
  10. The West End Games d6 line also had a "beginners" box set - the "Introductory Adventure Game", which also included some simplified rules.
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