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  1. Just a couple of days! Hope to see some of you there!
  2. Sorry bout the oversight I was mostly cutting and pasting from our fb event page. It is updated now.
  3. For all players in the Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, ect areas! Come Join us December 3rd! Rounds will begin at 12pm Doors open at 10am. Please be ready to go by 12. We have a player cap at 60 for this event. Please call ahead to reserve your space for this event! $10 entry fee. Players are expected to provide their own tile sets. There is limited parking in the rear of the store but there is a free parking garage across the street! Also we are close to the mall, so for plenty of choices at the food court for lunch, or an excellent Mexican take out restaurant also across the street. Any questions call the store (503) 485-2554 Borderlands Games 546 High St NE Salem, OR 97301 Prizes from FFG Regional Kit! Feel free to join our facebook group for IA! https://www.facebook.com/groups/267606393617342/
  4. UPDATE: Unfortunately our MAS kit is delayed in shipping and wont be here till monday. My boss is rescheduling and once i have the new tournament date i will announce it. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause some of our players. On the upside if you didnt get the ship you wanted at a MAS event this weekend you will have a second chance to get it at our MAS event UPDATE: Event will take place Sat oct 10th at noon.
  5. also if you have any playmats from ffg or gf9 it would help alot if you brought them. Thx
  6. Massing at Sullust tournament Oct 3rd at noon. Borderlands comics and games. 546 High St NE, Salem, OR 97301 (503) 485-2554 Starts at noon. $10 entry. 300 pt rounds until the top 2 cut, then a final 400 pt round with the top 2 players. Feel free to join our fb page for questions. Or call the store directly. https://www.facebook.com/groups/689294247772272/
  7. it is changing in that players will need the new damage decks.
  8. Im in Salem OR, and this is also how we built our player base, When i first started doing the game night demos, i would be lucky if i had 2 players. Now i have an average of 6-8 ppl every monday. It takes time. Also be creative. Use escalation league, game night kits for prizes. I also came up with a galactic campaign play format using custom printed planets with in game bonuses and that has been a huge success. Once we have it play tested a bit more i will share it. But yeah, just hang in there.
  9. Krayt dragon could easily work, just by using the size scale they did in descent.
  10. So his followup question to this was, if he was rolling two defense dice would he be able to reroll both those dice by using forsight twice?
  11. Sorry to keep asking stuff, friend keeps finding ways to break his characters So defensive stance, his question is it says "When yoou use foresight, apply +1 defense to your defense results." His question is if he uses foresight multiple times against one attack will he then have stacked the defensive results? IE he uses it 5 times in one defense does it give him +5 defense on top of his roll? Or is this like x-wing where you cant reroll dice that have already been rerolled?
  12. but cleave states the target must be able to be attacked, in this case vader is not able to be attacked while he is adjacent to those troopers. hence the dispute
  13. During the Dark Obsession mission, Vader gains the special rule "When vader is attacked while adjacent to an imperial trooper who could be a target of that attack, that trooper may become the target of that attack" My opponent is attempting to use a use cleave after hitting an adjacent storm trooper. (There are 2 stormtroopers adjacent to vader that could be the target for the attack by garkaan. Cleave rule says from page 8 in the core book. "If the target of this figures attack suffers one or more dmg, the attacker may choose a different hostile figure or object that he COULD target for the attack". Can garkaan cleave vader even though there is another trooper who is a valid target for an attack? Or is vader immune to this since he by having 2 troopers adjacent is not a valid target for an attack yet?
  14. When Jyn uses Gunslinger, I know she can use the surges from both pistols, the question is can she use the surge ability if it is identical to another surge ability? IE +1 Dmg from one gun, and +1 dmg from the other gun?
  15. Does Diala (the padawan) when using force adept have to have line of sight for one of the other heroes, to use the force adept ability from her class deck when its equipped?
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