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  1. The expansion icon is the Rebel Alliance logo while Awakenings is the Jedi Order logo
  2. ''Padmé Amidala's Royal Starship: After you activate this support, you may give a leader character 1 shield, if that Leader is Padmé Amidala, activate her.'' My guess is that Padmé is the hero red legendary in this set
  3. on the website they are in english, once downloaded no longer english, and don'T have windows 10
  4. Sorry to resurrect an old thread. I was wndering the same thing. My The Hunt for Gollum (1961dec13) and Conflict at the Carrock (1961dec13) both have the easy mode indicator and encounter set number under the encounter set icon set icon. My THFG even have the updated The River Ninglor image. My A Journey to Rhosbogel (1690jun13) doesn't have the easy mode indicator. In my case the date stamp didn't revealed anything since they all were reprinted in 2013. The copyright is different tough. The sets that were reprinted have the copyright that starts that way: ''@ 2011 Fantasy Flight Publishing Inc.''... while the AJTR has copyright that starts like that: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game - A Journeu to Rhosbogel @ 2011 Fantasy Flight Publishing inc.''...
  5. Sorry to resurrect an old thread. Let's say I play You're My Only Hope on the X-wing Escort and the only vehicule my opponent has in play is the Executor, undamaged, does he discard it since the Executor is not targeted by the escort?
  6. I didn't find the answer while searching this forum. You have Echo Caverns in play and won the Edge. You have an AAC-1 Speeder Tank. The opponent have Darth Vader (TDOH) and Colonel Stark. Can you put the focus token and Vader and in action window, focus Echo Caverns to remove the blast icon from Stark and add it to Vader's, preventing Stark from using it?
  7. Sorry or resurrecting an old thread. But in order to capture, the unit must survive the unit damage. So he can't never capture a 1 damage capacity unit? When captured, the unit goes Under any DS objective? It doesn't stay with Fett!
  8. So when you shuffle a guarded clue card from the staging area with False Lead, the card guarding it stays in the staging area?
  9. Hello, First of all, is there a search option here, didn't found any? I don't want to scroll at 35 pages of questions each time I have a problem. I will have many questions but not at the same time, I'll have more each time I try a new quest, and right now I am only at The Hunt for Gollum. CORE: 18 - Longbeard Orc Slayer: Does he also damage cards that you put as orcs with cards such as Tower Gate? 23 - Sneak Attack: If you use that card to play Gandalf in the quest phase, does he goes back to your hand afterward? 47 - Strenght of Will: If you used that card while traveling, fully exploring it, can you travel to another location? 74 - King Spider: What hapen when that card is revealed during step 1A of a quest? 81 - Wolf Rider: When this carsd is revealed as a shadow card, do you give another shadow card to the previous enemy? 83 - Goblin Sniper: Can he be attacked by cards like Dunhere? THE HUNT FOR GOLLUM: 19 - The West Bank: Is the enemy base attack value is printed value? If that card is dealt as a shadow card to Hunters from Mordor with 1 clue in play, is that enemy strenght 6 or 8? 21 - Hunters from Mordor: If a Hunters of Mordor is dealt a Hunters of Mordor as a shadow card, discarding clue cards in the process, does his attack value revert back to 2? 22 - False Lead: Can you shuffle a clue that is still guarded in the staging area and if so, what happen to the cards guarding it? CONFLICT AT THE CARROCK: 29 - Born Aloft: Ally is defending and would receive damage that would kill him, can you discard that card instead to return him to your hand? A JOURNEY TO RHOSGOBEL: 52 - Parting Gifts: Can it be from 1 player to another? 56 - Ancient Mathom: If a location have the same number of progress token as its quest points while in the staging area, you don't draw the 3 cards? 58 - Infighting: The enemy may be engaged to another player? 61 - Radagast's Request: If you heal Wilyador with Radagast, you remove him from the Game? Can you play him again? 68 - Swarming Insects: "than each other character"... are they combined or each separated? THE HILLS OF EMYN MUIL: 76 - Meneldor's Flight: Can you return an eagle after choosing it to defend or before being killed? Is a location in the staging area that have enough progess tokens is considered explored or just the active location? THE DEAD MARSHES: No questions yet! RETURN TO MIRKWOOD: No questions yet!
  10. I finally manage to beat this quest using cards from a single core set, playing 2 handed. 1 Hand was the spirit deck and the other a mix of the 3 other sphères using Theoden, Legolas & Denethor. Denethor was the captive. Finished the quest without a single hero dead and a score of 40 for the spirit hand and 44 for the other hand.
  11. I have finally tried this quest after setting the game for quite some time. I played two hands using decks found on this forum, created by Advosan in november 2012, and using only 1 core set. (for unknown reasons I can't paste the deck here and can't use the URL (the window doesn't want to close when I finish). I must really be the worst player playing this game because I am playing easy mode, without dealing shadow cards and I never come close to beating step 1 of this quest, and I played for almost 3 hours. I was about to put the game in the garbage!
  12. Guarded Objectives: 1- Escape from Dol Guldur: When setting the 3 objectives, if I reveal these: a- Dol Guldur Orcs (core 89): Nothing happens because I am not questing? b- Endless Caverns (core 106): I raise my threat by 1 and reveal another encounter card that will be put in the staging area? 2- The hunt for Gollum: Let's say we are playing a 2 players game, I reveal from the encounter deck for the 1st player a Signs of Gollum (THFG 14), I reveal another SOG for the protected keyword, so I put that card in the staging area. For the first objective, I reveal River Ninglor (THFG 17), the for the second SOG, I reveal Eastern crows (core 115) adding another card in the staging area and the add another card for player 2? Thanks again.
  13. Questing question: According to the FAQ, I can continue to put progress tokens on a quest even if I already reach the number needed to succeed it but still need a condition to pass it (To The River … (core 126)) I still have a troll in play but already have 8 progress tokens on the quest, I can still add 3 tokens with a quest bringing the total to 11. Now, I face in combat a Misty Mountain Goblins, after the combat, I remove 1 progress token from the quest, I assume I bring the total to 10 not 7?
  14. Started playing this game a month 1/2 ago. I only owned 1 core set till this week when my store received my order for The Hunt for Gollum, Conflick at the Carrock & The Hills of Emyn Muil. Will get A Journey to Rhosgobel tomorrow. I only played solo so far and you can say I'm a bad deck builder. I had already beaten Passage Through Mirkwood. I tried the game on easy mode and had no difficulties beating Passage again. Couldn't beat Journey along the Anduin with my leadership/spirit deck so switched to tactics/spirit and got it in my first try. Then tried Escape from Dol Guldur………! is it possible to defeat that stage in solo??? the 3 objectives had a total of 6 menace before my first turn… So far I like easy mode and quest that I managed to defeat in easy mode I will try later in normal mode.
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