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  1. thank you, alekzanter! that is helpful! And hbmc: if i read alek's post rightly, he seems to be saying that the mutliple choice style of play was fine; it was the other junk he didn't appreciate….
  2. Zappiel


    remember also that the leader of the kill team is not in charge - he's merely there to break ties……the kill team is run by the team members, not by the team leader. the team leader can call the shots, but he can't throw his authoritah around……
  3. indeed…..the weaknesses of the system are becoming glaring……….
  4. ooh, alekzanter: your words are intriguing…….care to share what was good about Outer Reach? and bad about Ark? (we seem to share sensibilities regarding necessary books….) Thanx in advance! And as fer this new book - yeah, from the pathetic, non-informative scraps of info they've 'released' thus far, i'd say PASS. Vague talk about historical personages? Oooh, i can't contain my excitement…..
  5. just be prepared for the players to go off your flow chart…..(one of) a gm's most valuable skills is being able to wing it…..
  6. i've not read the tale, but your conclusions seem perfectly cromulent to me…very nice!
  7. ok cryhavoc, here comes the toothy end…. you seem to be of the falacious marine mentality that suzy rottencrotch can't keep herself clean, because (apparently) she's a woman…..i've read yer posts quite thoroughly and, beyond your devil's advocacy (which is perfectly cromulent and good), this is the theme that keeps recurring. (Though, to be sure, if the meaning of yer last post - which is unclear - was to retract this belief, then i cheerfully withdraw my current invective.) This, and the theme that they shouldn't 'really' be on the line, but some dumb politico thought he'd score points by making a nice new law…..you lament that segregation is 'taboo' because, heck, that'd just solve all our problems….. I'd love to remain "quite" (i assume yer autospeller meant 'quiet' - you should turn that sucker off) so you can continue spewing yer oh-so-carefully-worded female-hate (women *are* scary, aren't they?); but, sadly, my battlesisters have quite literally saved my life, so I know for absolute fact that they are capable and deserving of being there. They are not wilting violets, embarrassed and perturbed by naughty language during a fire fight (really?! come on!); and they are just as politically incorrect as a sailor on shore leave… Sorry that women stepping up to be counted offends you.
  8. I'm curious: where is it established that the Deathwatch is subservient to the Ordo Xenos? From all I've encountered, there is no basis for this assumption…..indeed, it seems the supposed 'ffg stance' is the accurate one, given what is widely known about the Ordo Malleus and the Grey Knights (i.e. the greys are not beholden to the Malleus; rather, they work together); and presuming the relationship of Deathwatch to Ordo Xenos is of a similar nature…..more to the point, the original incarnation of the rpg 'Inquisitor' details a Deathwatch veteran (one brother Artemis) who, to all appearances, is considered to be a genuine equal to all the inquisitors presented in the book……
  9. yeah , use this as a roleplaying opportunity for your marine group - have them hash it out amongst themselves just exactly what to do and when. There is no set-in-stone answer: each chapter could handle this differently, depending on their chapter 'culture' and the needs of the mission at hand. Generally, there is no problem whatsoever in using every tool at yer disposal for the benefit of the glorious Emperor…..just be sure to kill it when yer done and leave no witnesses……
  10. cryhavoc nailed it. And i agree with the digitalredneck (is there such a thing? ) - carrying things and opening things, when powered down, ought not to be a problem (so long as a freakishly huge huge gauntlet doesn't introduce it's own inherent problems….)
  11. i have served alongside women on the front lines…your 'opinion' is incorrect, cryhavok, grossly incorrect….sorry…….i'd be happy to introduce you to one of 'em, but they'd eat you and your family for lunch……
  12. well, that was obtusely non-helpful….. nice work, sir! you've done a fine work of compilation and deduction; i like what you've come up with! Your numbers seem quite cromulent to me, and i thank you for your efforts!! This will prove helpful for those of us who appreciate the Big Picture….. Good on you, sir!
  13. come on! use yer heads, people! this isn't about min/maxing yer way to the uberestest of uberest goon weapons!! If you want to powerfist yer way thru everything, play as a dreadnought….ooh, or better yet, be a Titan! that oughta get ya off! Cause yer right, power fist be dumb unless i can make it even more powerful….sheesh! As for table top gaming, the models would have a power fist (alone) in one hand….the only exception is a pair of master-crafted powerfists with bolters built into them; it's unique and belongs to te emaster of macragge…..and that's it…..so sorry…. now, having said all that, if you wanna do what you wanna do in your game, go for it! have fun with it! but it ain't in the spirit of the 40k setting, so canon-monkeys like me won't approve of it 'officially'….
  14. Hey, original poster: don't listen to the naysayers - go for it! Let's be honest: the original game, the game behind 40k and all things grimdark, was intended from the outset to be a game involving a wide range of characters brought together to fight other groups of wide-ranging characters……the game was Rogue Trader, and it's premise was that the player controlled a group of explorers plumbing the depths of unknown space and fighting the beings encountered there…..some of these explorers were marines, some were other things…..the point? The game, in it's original inception, was meant to involve multiple types of character working together on adventures. So, if you want a good 40k experience, seems to me that's the way to go……just understand that the ffg rules systems are not inter-compatible and will force the gm to do a helluva lotta work…..
  15. cryhavoc, HBMC, somvone, bigjul, and decessor seem to have it right - when the power field is activated, the powerfist is a fist of doom to whatever it touches…….non-activated, sure you can hold and wield objects in it, like a nice normal gauntlet. But not in combination. No no.
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