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  1. I'll have to miss this one. I.T. testing didn't go so well, I'll be working late this week and won't get out of work until about 8 every night. My hours are usually 9-6 M-F. Have fun!
  2. I haven't played at Game Cafe, my regular shop is Tabletop, I used to do D&D Encounters at the old location. I've been in Game Cafe a few times. It's a pretty cool place too.
  3. It's a pretty cool place, except a little noisy, I need to start going more often.
  4. My group usually goes and plays down at Pawn & Pint. I'm not to keen on playing at a public venue only due to the noise level and my GM's voice doesn't carry well.
  5. I just found this on Youtube just a little bit ago, I'm going to have to give it a listen and see how it is. I just hope that Genesys gives us as much as it possibly can. I love the lore that D&D (particularly 2nd Ed) has given us, but, I like skill based systems like Genesys and others.
  6. I'm curious as well. Sadly, despite what it says, it probably doesn't have anything to do with Star Wars RPG. If it does, it probably would have to do with the 30th Anniversary. Don't get me wrong, I love the old version, but I'd like to hear something about this game. What are some future goals for the system? Any hints as to what's to come? Anything we should watch out for? Anything at all? With Starfinder and D&D Beyond being released, something new here would be cool. Oh wait, yet another Star Wars miniature game that doesn't have anything to do with this game. That's news. :-/
  7. I get an error when trying to deselect "Unofficial Species Menagerie".
  8. I presume that someone just tagged it incorrectly. Or did I miss something? If you do New Release, and RPG, it shows up as a New Release.
  9. what do you mean switches. my current version is 1.6.3 I open the program the version number is at 1.6.3, a little while later, say even 10 minutes, and the version number is 1.6.2 and even 10 minutes later, the version is back at 1.6.3.
  10. I don't know if this has been brought up or not, after 2 or 3 pages I haven't found anything, but, using the web install, my version information switches between 1.6.2 and 1.6.3. I know you said you had stuff that you kept adding, but not sure if this is the cause or something else. http://imgur.com/PVvGdFT http://imgur.com/ZxigTjG
  11. True. My thinking was, with a Life Debt being such a hefty thing, there should be some sort of penalty for the player. Perfect opportunity to get a desire vs going to rescue friend who's about to be executed. Now mind you, I'm not trying to screw over the player, he is the one who chose to have his character owe a Life Debt. I'm just trying to put it mechanically, in the right category. "Here's your Life Debt Motivation, but it's not that serious. If you find something better to go do, you can go do that instead" versus "Hey, if you buddy is in jail and about to be executed, if you fail to go and try and rescue him, you will be reviled in Wookiee society, which we know you play the character who believes in the Wookiee laws to a fault." Me personally, I would have let the Life Debt occur through RP versus right off the bat, but that's me. I like leaving my characters open to let the GM flesh out more. "For the next couple of years, Talley and his squad struck against the Empire." Doing what specifically? I can let the GM expand on that if they want, or create an adventure around, or whatever. Anyways, one of the players told another player that he's wanting to play again. So, I figured a nice one shot or two shot adventure would be to expand on the Life Debt story. The Wookiee player doesn't have to be there for since not playing all night because the character is being held captive, would get boring. Plus, I'd be able to bring in one of the 3 recurring NPC (Rival) villains. Like I said, this is a large campaign spread. I originally got the idea from Old World of Darkness I played back in the day, with 5+ games being played in the same system and setting and wanted to create a game that I could incorporate a combined game but also branch out with one game to tell one specific story I wanted to tell. The EoE crew may only want to do smuggling runs for example, but Talley, being a soldier in the Alliance, unless it's Alliance related, he wouldn't really care about. One story idea I had is EoE smuggles blaster rifles to the Rebels (adventure 1), then the Rebels go and use those rifles to do something that help Force and Destiny (adventure 2), with that help from the Rebels, it helps the FaD characters go and do their thing (adventure 3). Or any combination like that. Give each group their moment in the spotlight in the big picture.
  12. Haha You bring up some really great points Maelora. I generally feel that Obligation is supposed to be towards an NPC as well. I can definitely see the case for Motivation, and agree completely. And I do believe the character does have that as a Motivation. After mulling over your response, I think that would work well for the PCs as possible NPCs. As for your self Obligation question, that's a great question to ask.
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