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  1. I seriously reccomend the LCG. Easily one of the finest card games ever made. A collectible product may appear to be cheaper, but it will ultimately be extremely expensive in the long run. You can get into the LCG, X Wing, and Armada relatively cheaply if you buy from ebay or other secondary markets.
  2. I seriously thought this company was better than this. I never thought I'd see the day when Fantasy Flight would start releasing intentionally exploitative collectible games. FFG has always been a consumer first company, using superior quality to sell their products: it's absolutely shameful that they've decided to sell gambling to children. I'm personally heartbroken over this choice. What happened to the company that wrote this simple, elegant take down of blind buy packs? For shame, Fantasy Flight. You've seriously gone down in my estimation.
  3. The NY/NJ Meta is proud to announce, in collaboration with Team Sandcrawla and the New England Meta, the very first in the North East Casual Special Tournament Series: Spaceballs, The Tournament! On Saturday, July 9th, at Aether Game Cafe in Hoboken, NJ, we will host a casual tournament using Team Sandrawla's outrageously fabulous Spaceballs: the Card Game fan made expansion. Free with Participation is a full set of the custom created cards. The only special rules are these: your deck must include at least 4 pods from the deluxe box! There will be special prizes, not just for winning, but also for most creative deck, funniest interaction, and cleverest combo. Whats more, the promise of the NECST series is that every season we will create a new and exciting casual tournament event, to be hosted at a different game store in the North East Region every season. Whats more, we encourage other regions to join us, and anyone who requests the digital materials required for that tournament will be sent them. The intention is to create a regional, then perhaps national and global, tournament series that promotes the fun casual side of our favorite card game. Look forward to Civil War Draft, Secret Santa, Custom Challenge decks, and more, in the coming months and years. If you would like to organize an event in your region, please contact me, it would be great to collaborate. If you'd like to see a spoiled pod, check out this post on cardgamedb.com! http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/31453-announcing-necst-season-1-spaceballs-the-tournament/
  4. I've received permission to open up registration! Please preregister if possible, but feel free to walk in day of!
  5. So to be clear: two imperial disciplines. 3 troopers leave play. I activate Imperial discipline off as many triggers as possible. Does my opponent distribute 3 damage or 6?
  6. STAR WARS: THE UNCOMMONS STRIKES BACK It was a dark time for the LCG Alliance. They had not been able to recruit new allies or incorporate new objectives for several galactic cycles. But not all hope is lost! A small rebel strike force, on the ice planet of NEW YORK, bravely competes every month for fabulous prizes. Obsessed with acquiring exclusive force tokens, players should dispatch thousands of remote probes to 230 thompson street, New York, New York, At 10 Am on Saturday December 6th. (Hope to see you there! Message me if you have any questions!)
  7. Can't do the Roseville run in less than 12 parsecs? Unable to book passage to the Minnesota system while avoiding... imperial entanglements? Did you think of attending worlds, but that bounty hunter on Ord Mantell changed your mind? Then come to the Uncommons and play in the GALAXY CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT*. The finest players IN THE GALAXY** will be competing for fabulous prizes, including custom exclusive force tokens and prize kit items! 10 am, 230 Thompson St, New York New York, 10012 * This tournament is unnafilliated with the official world championship tournament. It is Galactic scale. **That are not at worlds.
  8. We have wonderful monthly tournaments in NYC with some unique prizes. Come by sometime!
  9. Where are you located? We'd definitely be happy to have you at our events in New York.
  10. Is it really the beginning of the month again? It sure is! That means there is another fabulous tournament at The Uncommons in New York City. This month there are some very special prizes, 2 sets of Force Tokens commisioned special from Dracula's tokens, and a special Jabba statuette for last place! October 4th, 10 am, the uncommons, 230 thompson st, New York, NY , 10012. See you there
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