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  1. that okay you still are using some of that free time, Gods what is that, to keep at it
  2. thanks for keep plugging away at these
  3. So if I'm reading this correctly, in your thought this was a big Mount Weather for the High Lords of Terra and the Senatorum Imperialis. That well went "Rogue". In the USA after Sept 11, for the 1st time officially the Continuity of Operations plan was put in play involved a rotating staff of 75 to 150 senior officials and other government workers from every federal executive department and other parts of the executive branch in two secure bunkers. Prior to that and post that a # of exercises to test continuity plans have been done. Now given the "oddities" of Warp and Commuication, I can see how the someone could have hit the switch that said, nope not a drill, you are the functional command, and well by time someone figured out that it was a "Mistake" how shall I say Power Corrupts, we aren't giving this up without a fight. Mission Ideas, bringing neutral planets under their protection. deal with a group of "pirates" (In truth, part of the Imperial Fleet who refused to answer the call of either Terra or Nova Terra, a more DH style game idea (deal with "Heretics" who try to overthrow the Nova Terra system
  4. Well we had a long and interesting posting on the Bow and I posted this 2 new talents. They might be of help to you.
  5. I would be interesting in see it hereth37
  6. Right but I thought So what I am interested is anything on Moritat
  7. Thank you for the massive list of questions, now we await the answers Me I'm interested in the ones that apply to the Moritat
  8. Well I have to give him credit for an interesting plan
  9. Okay so the Lord Purgator Robarte Morgayne Haarlock assets Luxillian Pleasure Guild (Cult) = How to win friends and influence people... by the oldest profession Regiments Of Flamboyant Grenadiers (Host) = Real Troops Vast Hordes Of Colourful Fanatics (Host) = Party Troops Thanks for filling that in for us
  10. Okay I have to ask for more info on the following 3 groups, please could you explain them a bit.
  11. I will start by saying our groups never played Black Crusade but I will be here to off my $0.02, seeing how you included me in this of sages I'm not sure if it just the artwork you have Lord Ravager, but I can see the fall of her based on the layout of her Player. Sadly, it is the step I fear for my Moritat. Lord Deceiver, like others I'm interested in his whole Ritual Work, Warp Wizard methods Lord Corruptor, I'm not seeing this PC or getting a feel for it, maybe I need more info Lord Purgator, this is a Rogue Trader taken to the level, I take everything not nailed and locked down. Then I come back with the tools for those too...
  12. I just wanted you to know that you still have a lurker following this
  13. Well we have in a DH group, Arbie who when 1st loaned to us apart of an Arbite squad managed to pull of a couple of amazing shots. During his 2nd deployment we put him in an overwatch position with a long rifle, and once more the God Emperor smiled on him and his aim was true. So it is nice to see rules "special" NPCs
  14. Well if you are still looking for a Pistol might I humble offer this one Kavan Munitions “Thunderrose” Heavy Pistol
  15. Oh I know still sad to see them going away
  16. Sorry I know this is old somehow I never saw this... ? if @Pearldrum1 had not reacted to this page I might have never seen it, On the Kavan Munitions “Thunderrose” Heavy Pistol, the Flechettes load from the 25mm GL/shotgun is bigger then the standard 12 gauge shotgun shell (18.5mm) which is why they hit slightly harder, but coming out of the short barrel, we decided that they don't gain the range bonus.
  17. Nah.... the role model is Jar Jar ??
  18. Okay, which is it.. that they assassin team will be hunting on Scintilla, or off world?? Which was a point I raised before. Off Scintilla and out of the system you have to deal Warp Traveling time to investigate their deaths. And only because well loosing 2 or more heirs in a short time might have got people attention, even if off planet. Of the 3 I posted below and before only the last will require a Ashen Tear Assassin the other 2 should be able to be done by agents. I was going with the few being "High Ranking Targets" and might have been off planet as I said before, yet be respected enough that they could make a legit claim to the title Lord Calixis: #16 Lt. Commander Wynnie Hax whose died when her section was opened to the space because of "accident" #24 Administrator Thomas Wooten-Hax died when "brain aneurysm" occured on Iocanthos #30 Prince Serian Hax had "a hunting accident and died" on a hunting trip to Fedrid
  19. Wow, my 1st question for you besides the my little pony game system, what other games systems do you currently enjoy playing. I've played 40k wargame since there were Squats before they all got eaten? and I have played the 40k system since it came out with a local group of players who are liberal as can be. Yes 40k universe is a fascist system that is crumbling as you state that is trying to bind all humanity together in 1 big block to survive against the all threats. As is the Empire in Star Wars. But you miss that while yes the Space Marines are "powerful troops and stars of the Game" what really holding back the hordes (be they Orks, Tau, Necrons, Craftworld or Dark Eldar, Mutants, Chaos forces (Human or Space Marine) or even Human Rebel forces) are the PDF and Imperial Guard units which are made up normal humans. But most people are more concerned with happening on lets say Planet Kadrek, because of the Feudalism nature of the planetary systems then to worry about rest of the Imperium, the planetary ruling class and/or Imperium Assets will care about the sector and above. Even the Imperial Creed changes for "local" conditions. You could and should be able to find just about any government style on the local level from clan/family bands most likely with imported planetary ruler sitting in orbit station to 1980 era [not sure you get much more modern as the setting not that advanced with gear] modern world style governments with the local leadership of any Political Ideologies, because the as long as they meet the Imperial Tithe, the Imperium doesn't care how the planets are run. Fail to make that Tithe and soon or later the Imperium will come calling to find out why.
  20. So how do you "plan" where to place the hijack team? And when to release the Ashen Tear assassin(s) to take the HRT who are outside the Lucid Palace or elsewhere on Scintilla who could able to grab the mantle of the title Lord Calixis. And for most of my problems with the Hijacking, @Cobramax76, filled in the words I wasn't able to find for some of my objection @Cobramax76
  21. Okay, I missed that, I was going with the few being "High Ranking Targets" and might have been off planet as I said before, yet be respected enough that they could make a legit claim to the title Lord Calixis: #16 Lt. Commander Wynnie Hax whose died when her section was opened to the space because of "accident" #24 Administrator Thomas Wooten-Hax died when "brain aneurysm" occured on Iocanthos #30 Prince Serian Hax had "a hunting accident and died" on a hunting trip to Fedrid because if the bulk of these "HRT" are in the Lucid Palace or elsewhere on Scintilla, then there is no reason for them to be target for assassination, as if this plan works they should be dead anyways. So how are they arranging accident that forces the ship by causing enough damage to the prow of the ship to force it into the yard? And to force the evac of the majority of the crew from area? And lastly are you having this done in orbit of Scintilla? Now if they done this they may also have "hurt" the Inquisitorial agents, in the accident. Now not being an expert on how 40k WMD are handle @Cobramax76, and the "launch" rules I assume that at least 2 of the Inquisitorial agents of the Ordo Excorium must "agree" to launch/release the weapon to firing. So the hostile force would need to keep them alive but captured, and Ordo Excorium would be fighting to death to keep from being captured?
  22. To me still this whole operation, has problems: #1, Unless the extended Hax clan is all kept close (in which case the attack on Scintilla solves this problem), those Deaths the PC are looking at could be spread across the sector. Which can mean weeks/months in the Warp. Once I started to off the "legit" heirs who could seize command the title, the clock is already ticking on Scintilla. You shouldn't have that much time to investigate # of deaths and stop part 2. #2, Stealing the Weapons from a Naval Ship. Even if docked in drydock, should be nearly impossible without the help of the both the Admiral of the ship and the Lord Inquisitor who commands the team in charge of the weapon. Now move the weapons to a storage locker while maintance is being done. And given the bureaucratic nightmare that 40k can be, the security could be limited to "just" the Lord Inquisitor team and "limited dockside security" unless the PC team gets there in time. Then you still have to transport the weapon from the naval yard to Scintilla, but we could have a Rogue Trader for that, one who family might have ties to Malfi, or even better ties to Severan Dominate space for the false flag while Malfi, assumes command of the sector. As our group doesn't play Rogue Trader, what weapons are available to a Rogue Trader that could be used to "wipeout/put a serious hurt on" a planet or hive?
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