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  1. Underpowered Moritat?

    Of course 1 of our natural Hatred is Psykers so this is an interesting thought
  2. Volkite Weapon Help

    I'm trying to download your Volkite Weaponry pdf and it says unavailable
  3. Influence as money?

    It is 1 of the things I liked about DH1 was there was a cost scale for the PC to buy/sell hardware we encounter in the field. When you are deep undercover, those Thrones counting sometimes becomes important.
  4. You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…

    Forbidden Lore {Fashion}????????
  5. The Siege of Huan's port.

    Interesting will there be more?
  6. Wrath & Glory

    Well interesting but d6???
  7. 2 Sisters of Battle Looking for a play by post Game

    Well I will say Bravo Well done, because I was expecting for a moment there.. Shootout at the Admin Corral, given the young sisters well lack of ability to suffer the foolish gladly, nor the noble merchant and his bodyguard ability to follow the rules.
  8. Semi-Test...These Boards Still Alive?

    We are here just on life support
  9. I have to agree on #4, I play a Moritat who carries a Kavan Munitions “Deathstalker” Pistol (so he can blend with others who carry guns), and well he doesn't even carry ammo in it. Instead I have 3 small meat sticks (if I get hungry) and 2 pencil for writing Kaven Munitions
  10. Unnatural Characteristics Stack

    I beleive that is the correct answer, given that if you take the death Cultisst Accession package, gives access up Unnatural Agility x4 and each adds on to next
  11. You know you're playing Dark Heresy when....

    Okay so besides Bombing of the Supply Shuttle looks the the team, is setting up shop and just going to just another minor bad guy group in the hive. I hope the gang war opens up some contacts with the gangs to provide muscle to the team if they need it. But I have to ask about the Supply Shuttle Bombing?
  12. Lets keep this FORUM Going

    Well I was away for about a month because of crazy work schedule, and I unfortantly just can't get discord to make sense to me
  13. Lets keep this FORUM Going

    I'm here as well
  14. 2 Sisters of Battle Looking for a play by post Game

    Roll the car at 65 mph and still here to post The Emperor truly did smile on you that day
  15. Revenge and Retribution - A Rogue Trader Campaign

    Congrads on Surviving I was sad when it looked like badly hurt. Always 1 of my favorite of the campaign