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  1. Anybody who throws words like these around over a game is either a troll, or not rational enough to even talk to in the first place.
  2. Oh man, we had so much fun with that game... until the dogfight. At that point it was like, "yeah, whatever, we won!"
  3. Rebels for me. I wanna feel the fear. (plus, I KNOW my son will choose Imperial)
  4. You see the word 'cookie' and, for a second, think that it's missing an 'e'. An interesting fact pointed out by WEG: If Han had not failed the stealth check, the chase would not have ensued. If the chase had not ensued, Leia would not have met the Ewoks. If Leia (and the others) had not met the Ewoks, they would not have become "part of the tribe" If they had not become "part of the tribe", they would have been utterly decimated by the Imperial forces on Endor. So if Han had not failed his stealth check, the rebellion would have been crushed once and for all. Crazy, huh?
  5. Great idea for a thread! I've found that the more sensory detail I give to my players, the more they reciprocate and become personally involved in the scene. Of course that sounds obvious, but I'm talking about the really nitty-gritty stuff: maybe a blowing wind kicks up some tiny grit that you can feel smacking lightly against your face. Maybe you can hear the slight basso thumping of the music from inside the cantina you're standing outside of. Maybe the citizen who walked past you is having 'lunch on the run', and whatever they're having smells delicious. Stuff like that. I've found that including these pointless(?) details helps to get them out of 'IDENTIFY AND ACHIEVE GOAL' mode, and into 'I am here, what shall I do?' mode...
  6. I had a brief scene there in a PbP I was in. I'd imagined it as an agricultural world, but very mountainous with not a lot of usable land, so the settlements didn't tend to get very large. Here's the scene.
  7. Apologies if this has been brought up in this thread (which I haven't read) previously: I missed the Mass Combat rules in OaAI because I'm not big into the adventures. So, how do these compare to those? Is one version clearly superior?
  8. Same exact situation here. My unpainted Imperial Assault minis are sitting on a shelf next to the painted ones making the hate flow through me. Here I am fantasizing about painting yet another SW boardgame. I'm thinking I might just compromise and give the pieces a light wash or two to make them pop (Grey/black for imps. Sepia/brown for rebels.) and call it a day. Please share some photos here if you do. If I were to paint Rebellion, that's as far as I'd go as well. I don't play IA, but I've got scores of Talisman minis still waiting for proper paint jobs...
  9. But... but... it produces one moisture triangle! But seriously, in the cutscenes, Luke says "I doubt the Empire would even fight to keep this system." I guess we'll find out if that's true...
  10. I think I'm of the same mind as you. The simplicity of these minis, combined with the fact that they (aside from the Death Stars) don't represent a single unit, makes me feel that they'd be better left unpainted. Still, I'll be looking forward to seeing what people do with them...
  11. I think they wanted to stick with worlds that were shown or spoken of in the films themselves.
  12. I can get behind that. Plus, if Lucas/Marquand's original intention had been that Mon Monthma had been at the battle of Endor, I bet they would have worked her into the celebration scene somewhere. I mean, Ackbar was there...
  13. That's it, simple question. Do we have confirmation of the actual size of the combined board? Wondering if I need to sell some furniture.
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