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  1. I'm a LotR LCG guy that has never played AH, but now I wish I did. You are so lucky! If my game ever got the parody treatment I'd be uber-excited. It speaks volumes to the dedication the FFG team has for this community. Basically, congrats, and I'm SO jelly!
  2. I was thinking Keyforge, actually, but I can see a Marvel influence as well. Definitely looks out of place with most of the other cards in the game.
  3. I was part of the group that bemoaned FFG's decision to make the LCG competitive instead of coop. I understood the reasoning, and still do, but I really thought there was enough talent at FFG to figure-out the LS/DS dichotomy problem. That's water under the bridge now, and I suspect all we will get in the SW universe going forward will be board games in the vein of Rebellion and Outer Rim. It's a shame.
  4. I'm in the "Just leave it be" camp on this issue. I have played with TM plenty of times and I never felt that the card's effects adversely affected my enjoyment of the game, or the challenge offered by the Encounter deck. It provided some welcome theme with an ability that makes sense only if it is recursive. (It's a map; you don't throw it away after using it once!) That being said, this is a cooperative game, not a competitive one. If I met someone at Gencon and she/he were playing pre-FAQ Boromir, I might say something to them afterwards, but I would absolutely let them play with the ability as it is printed. The game state where one has to ask "Which version of [Card X] are you playing?" is not the result of player dissatisfaction, but, rather, a struggling design process. One could argue that players benefit from the changes with the additional design space that they offer, but I would consider that a paltry return for the maintenance of keeping up with the latest card text. If my play group wants to adopt this interpretation, I will follow suit. However, I'm happy playing it as it was designed. This is only an opinion, just like anyone else's in this thread, so take it with a grain of salt.
  5. I wonder if this was done to accommodate color-blindness. If so, that is thoughtful design.
  6. FFG did something different this year with the product they offered for sale at Gencon. Instead of creating a mini "store" in the center of their area, with shelves and peghooks of product, they distributed catalogs of product to those in line and took orders at the register. An associate would then go behind the curtain and come back with the required product. There are pros and cons with this system, but I mention it here because there was no product offered for the LotR LCG. I was disappointed, as I was hoping to pick up a couple blister packs that I have not been able to find through an online retailer. I assume the reason has to do with limited space and the necessity to prioritize the new hotness. It still sends a message that FFG doesn't consider LotR as important a part of their overall games portfolio as they once did. Does anyone know when the FFG license to make boardgames for LotR expires? I doubt they would have created Journies of it was close to expiring, but it could indicate just how close to sunset the LCG might be.
  7. Congrats! It would be a nice feeling to know that you can go to Rings DB and build just about every deck registered.
  8. We're thinkers, not talkers. 😉
  9. My friends and I played it for a bit. We were big into the SW:CCG, and interested in the Tolkien theme, so it seemed like a natural fit. It didn't hold our interest long, however, mostly for the reasons you pointed out. I wanted to quote your comment above because our affinity to the SW:CCG actually tainted our opinion of the art for the SW LCG and LotR LCG. As "purists", we thought the cards should only use movie stills, and not original art. I'm glad we came around, however, as the artist's interpretations of the books are one of my favorite parts of the game now.
  10. Now I'm going to be disappointed if this isn't their Gencon swag this year...
  11. I just listened to your interview on Cardboard of the Rings, Durins_Father. Thank you for sharing! I found the discussion very interesting. I am not quite the completionist that others might be, as I just pick-up a pack every once in a while, but I think I still have enough to support at least 4 solid, competitive decks. Your ideas have motivated me to see what I can do with my collection. Thanks, again!
  12. Oh, man. I remember in the Decipher CCG days when kids would bring their Lukes and Vaders to tournaments in bricks, then show me the marked-up Rebel Trooper and say, "This is my Luke proxy." LOL Good times.
  13. Nice find! That garrison card could be incredibly crippling. Yikes!
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