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  1. About 5 hours ago Miniature Market had 20+ On The Doorsteps in stock. As of 5 minutes ago they are sold out.
  2. I was just curious, but thanks for the link to your blog. It looks fantastic.
  3. Thanks for the answer! That confirms our suspicious.
  4. Does every attack get dealt a shadow card (unless specified otherwise)? Specifically, attacks that take place outside the normal framework. Thanks in advance!
  5. So how does this work? Will FFG announce participating stores? If I'm interested in my local store participating, should I reach out to them to get it set up? I'm new to the tournament scene in LotR so any info is appreciated!
  6. Hey OggDude, I absolutely love your program -- especially the GM Tools. I have a suggestion though: When printing the encounter sheets, can we choose to toggle on/off the icon key at the bottom of the page as well? Thanks!
  7. Can anyone confirm the second print date of the Core? I know the first printing's code/date is 1595MAR13 (in the lower right of the UPC on the back of the book. Anyone have anything different?
  8. Thanks for the clarification. I understand now. And with a HT of 20, it does seem to me that one below that threshold would be 19, correct? Is this a point of contention?
  9. Am I reading the section on temporary hull repairs (page 243, 2nd paragraph) correctly? No matter how much hull trauma you've taken, a successful Mechanics check will immediately (and for free) restore all but 1 hull trauma? True, it cripples your ship, but that still seems odd. And it mentions then needing to be dry-docked and repaired. But since the ship is only down 1 hull, this can't just cost 500cr, right?
  10. I have a question regarding how you're handling minion groups. For a Stormtrooper group of 3, your sheet says to mark off one minion every 5 wounds (and the check boxes indicate this as well). But a minion in a group isn't defeated until the wounds exceed the minion's wounds, not equal them. Should your sheet (and the handy square/circle check boxes you included) reflect this? Am I looking at it wrong?
  11. Good lord, when is that ridiculous, outdated word going to stop being used? It's a ******* book, not a "splat."
  12. I don't necessarily agree. I think that it is entirely feasible that planets like Tatooine and especially Hoth would only have one safe arrival/departure jump point.
  13. I've always thought it was because there were few safe, mapped hyperspace lanes and arrival points, and unless one wants to fly right through a star or bounce too close to a supernova, your only bet is to stick to the designated hyperspace lanes.
  14. I'm happy to see the Arcona. I think they're a cool-looking alien species, and appearance-wise one would make a great nemesis.
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