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  1. IG-58

    Whither the Rebel snowmen?

    Core sets ARE a great value... but you do still get a different AT-RT and speeder biker sculpt (albeit marginally).
  2. IG-58

    Base rim color?

    Interesting topic. I actually tweaked quite a bit about this before getting started. I decided early on the factions would have different colored base rims. When I saw the rebel fleet troopers, I knew there was going to be a "shipboard" aspect - so I didn't want to use an earth-colored rim. I decided to use black rims for Imperial and dark gray for Rebel. When I did the vaporators and whatnot, they did get a rust rim. NOW, droids have appeared. Though they're in factions, I nonetheless regard them as inherently neutral, and so they got Panzer Gray rims - right in between Reb & Imp.
  3. OKAY. I have not even looked at FFG boards, much less posted, in at least a year. So work with me here, if I'm not up to date on every thread. WHERE are the rebel snowtroopers? FFG has done a very diligent job of making sure every minis set has a counterbalance. Here we have a whole combat zone: imperial Snowtroopers, AT-ST, E-Web, Vader, Veers... and to oppose, T-47, Atgar P-tower, annnnd… that's it. WHERE is the most basic building block of the Rebels, the squad? Its not even on the radar, as far as I can see. Have there been announcements? Explanations? To me, this is the just plain weirdest move (or lack thereof) in the entire product line.
  4. IG-58

    OLD custom card site

    That IS true enough; it doesn't even have a Scum faction option. I have the day off today; I'll check the SE site out.
  5. IG-58

    OLD custom card site

    That MAY indeed be it, Strawhat! Thank you. No 'oddball factions,' but it'll work.
  6. IG-58

    OLD custom card site

    Ages ago, when the game was just getting rolling, there was some fellow who had developed at least custom base cards. I can't find that anywhere - thought I had it saved. I'm wanting it 'cos I finally did my KotOR Sith interceptor & Aurek I got offa Shapeways, and want appropriate base art. Anyone know of such a linkie? Ring a bell? Thanks.
  7. Okay - welp, here's to another two years! And for the same reason. Y'all be well!
  8. It's been literally a couple YEARS since I even looked at these boards, so this topic, eh, MAY possibly have been covered - but I'm not hunting for it. I adore collecting & painting the gorgeous IA minis, so of course I was interested in the Legion sets. Wasn't going to get a whole bunch, though, 'cos... done already. Well, I needn't have worried - I guess FFG changed the mini size, but actually scaled UP. I really have to wonder at what possible logic was involved. They don't "go with" ANYthing, but don't actually add anything new either, and thus so much for use with existing RPG miniatures - there went that particular market. The name LEGION would suggest bigger battles and so one would THINK smaller - say, 15mm - minis to support that with mobs of troops & tanks & stuff, but nooo. We'll make them BIGGER instead. I'm sorta dumfounded at the decision, and I'm personally tweaked because I think FFG was on the cusp of Epic Battle Greatness and went completely south with it; I'da really been there for 15mm AT-STs, Kas tanks & Stormtrooper 10-pak boosters. Well - there won't be a single one of these going into MY well-funded collection. I realize there are - uh - legions of fans who will say "don't let the door hit ya," but that is NOT a good answer for the hobby. Have there been thoughts or official commentary on this?
  9. IG-58

    YES! Rebel ARC-170, AND new model for the TIE/SF!

    Yes, VERY happy they're bringing in a Republic ship, finally. Odd choice, mebbe (I'd have bet on the V-Wing), but great nonetheless. The SF TIE was pretty much a shoo-in; next oughta be Ren's shuttle! I also like the Mando ship; the only one I'll pass on is the huge Star Trekkie-lookin' thing.
  10. IG-58

    Confounded AT-STs

    Confounded AT-STs
  11. Anyone ELSE either a) break the chin guns or b) stab themselves with a tool (screwdriver, knife etc) because the dang thing is so flippin' hard to assemble? >
  12. IG-58

    Armada or Imperial Assault

    This is a little like "should I get a Hummer or Mustang Cobra?" Depends on what most motivates you. Either way, you get a good product.
  13. IG-58

    Critique my painting!

    They're actually very, very good. And I've painted minis for over forty years. My only critique is not on technique, but expression. Why are they identical? Your guys could be blue-skinned and someone else's green, but they're BOTH "official" Rebel Saboteurs. The best thing about painting your own is really MAKING them your own; no reason those two fellows can't be totally unique. By way of comparison, I'm painting two Trandoshans. I made one mustard-yellow with a red suit, and the other will be green in a yellow suit. More interesting that way.
  14. IG-58


    So - not that I'm COMPLAINING, I'm delighted - but why HKs? Is there some justification? They DO look like the KotOR droids, after all. FFG could feel free to print out some rakghouls, selkath and kinrath, if so inclined.
  15. IG-58

    villain packs and pricing

    The miniatures are also friggin' GORGEOUS.