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  1. You just can't compare the minis, brah. IA's were good - Legion's are tiny masterpieces.
  2. There's not enough there to make it a practical tactical game. EXPANSE has always been about the characters - not armies or fleets. NOW... change that up to a Roleplaying Game, and we could be talkin'.
  3. Since I don't visit here much, mebbe this is an old topic, but... I have always been surprised FFG didn't pony up a GoT minis game. Really, it BEGGED for one. Seems like FFG has a license, too. With all the factions and frequent vast numbers, multiple hero characters, coupled with the show's huge popularity, it coulda totally been a cash cow. Now, the show's over, I guess fans are disappointed (I'm waiting for the rental), and eight years of opportunity wasted. Bummer.
  4. HUH! First I'd heard about the sprues. Myself, I welcome them; IF this means they're going to polystyrene, a lot easier and more familiar for me to work - as a modeler & miniaturist since, oh, about 1965 or so. Less detail? Tell that to a Tamiya or Hasegawa builder and they'll slap the game dice right out yo' mouth. Sprues DO also provide greater protection to the parts. The harder plastic is also a lot easier to clean up, like with mold seams. There are different grades of styrene, though; some are terribly brittle. I expect FFG will use good-quality, but only Release will tell. As to tools and such, lots of folks use cutters (and I have some), but I use an X-Acto pretty much exclusively; thinner blade means less chance of snapping a tiny part. Cutters are crude, to me. Paint on sprue or off? I usually do off, but it's preference. Many Masters do subassemblies. That, and positioning of the connections... I mean, if the sprue connects to the middle of an arm, it'll leave an unpainted spot when you separate it - get what I'm saying? So take that into account. FINAL note: polystyrene glue does NOT stick to paint. Or pebbles, twigs, whatever. So plastic joins have to be bare, and base dressing will still have to use superglue/white glue.
  5. One COULD just remember it's a science-fiction game played with toy soldiers and simply... move along. Mebbe buy a big safety pin to wear.
  6. Although the topic is now obviously on all kind'sa other threads, I feel a certain sense of vindication here. EVEN a pair of generic, non-hero tauntauns. "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen." FFG should hire me.
  7. PLEASE don't ever get a puppy, TauntaunScout. Please.
  8. A couple thoughts: ROGUE ONE. Well, it's a balanced batch. Just a start, I'm sure. Shoretroopers might have been more practical, but Deathtroopers are cooler. So.... EWOKS. Well, mebbe you're a Hater, but they're absolutely required for an Endor battle recreation. PLUS, you could paint three packs of seven and they'd all be different. To ME, second only to the lack of rebel snowtroops as a 'WTF?!" I would consider generic tauntaun riders as probably a third. Two pieces, same price point as the E-web or P-Tower.
  9. Core sets ARE a great value... but you do still get a different AT-RT and speeder biker sculpt (albeit marginally).
  10. IG-58

    Base rim color?

    Interesting topic. I actually tweaked quite a bit about this before getting started. I decided early on the factions would have different colored base rims. When I saw the rebel fleet troopers, I knew there was going to be a "shipboard" aspect - so I didn't want to use an earth-colored rim. I decided to use black rims for Imperial and dark gray for Rebel. When I did the vaporators and whatnot, they did get a rust rim. NOW, droids have appeared. Though they're in factions, I nonetheless regard them as inherently neutral, and so they got Panzer Gray rims - right in between Reb & Imp.
  11. OKAY. I have not even looked at FFG boards, much less posted, in at least a year. So work with me here, if I'm not up to date on every thread. WHERE are the rebel snowtroopers? FFG has done a very diligent job of making sure every minis set has a counterbalance. Here we have a whole combat zone: imperial Snowtroopers, AT-ST, E-Web, Vader, Veers... and to oppose, T-47, Atgar P-tower, annnnd… that's it. WHERE is the most basic building block of the Rebels, the squad? Its not even on the radar, as far as I can see. Have there been announcements? Explanations? To me, this is the just plain weirdest move (or lack thereof) in the entire product line.
  12. IG-58

    OLD custom card site

    That IS true enough; it doesn't even have a Scum faction option. I have the day off today; I'll check the SE site out.
  13. IG-58

    OLD custom card site

    That MAY indeed be it, Strawhat! Thank you. No 'oddball factions,' but it'll work.
  14. Ages ago, when the game was just getting rolling, there was some fellow who had developed at least custom base cards. I can't find that anywhere - thought I had it saved. I'm wanting it 'cos I finally did my KotOR Sith interceptor & Aurek I got offa Shapeways, and want appropriate base art. Anyone know of such a linkie? Ring a bell? Thanks.
  15. Okay - welp, here's to another two years! And for the same reason. Y'all be well!
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