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  1. R5Don4

    K Wing Bomber 101

    Truth. Big thanks to both you guys. Yesterday I climbed my way to top 4 at the Toronto Regional with Sable Gryphon 's Galaxy Note 7 list. A couple of the games were brodcast on the live stream. My biggest problem of the day were slippery Dash lists that were hard to set up a run on. Not complaining, but when those Wardens run out of bombs the list really runs out of gas. Still I did catch a few opponents unaware at the mighty power of bomb. Again big thanks, I've been waiting since Wave 2 to play a decent bomb based list.
  2. And what happened with Snap Shot A's? I had thought they would be the next big thing this meta. I wonder if it was the cost of entry or the actual effectiveness of the list? They have a very hard time with high Agility ships particularly X7 Defenders
  3. I guess it averages about 5 a week, including casual play and tournaments. Some weeks I only get in one game. I have tracked all my X-Wing plays on Board Game Geek, 725 games and counting. I do practice against myself about 2.5 times for every game I have logged against other people though. https://boardgamegeek.com/plays/thing/103885?userid=432421
  4. Thanks Chico. You're a godsend. Now I can fearlessly walk into any strange new venue and completely take over a shoddily run tournament. Not that I've ever experienced that in the last 4 years mind you... too often
  5. I don't see the problem with a small group of players creating 13+ concurrent threads in the general X-Wing forum for their custom cards. It's not like they are billionaires and can just bundle all that enthusiasm up and start their own forum way off in the deep Web where no one will ever see these threads again. So quit your belly aching and just read around them, there's still plenty of room for all the other super interesting topics around here like the mystery of SWX58 and costing snafus. As you were.
  6. BBYZZ just won the Boise Idaho Regional. There is hope after all.
  7. Dash was Kinney's. His third one hasn't come out yet.
  8. What is the total field playing today after drop outs?
  9. Sounds like you had a nice trick tucked away in the Smuggling Compartment after all.
  10. This sounds like a job for a White Hat if there ever was one. 1111111111 or 0000000000 and bam your Christian Petersen for the day.
  11. Nothing legal comes to mind. But you guys are Scum and Villainy, don't you have an Illicit upgrade you can use?
  12. Dengar + Adaptability + Bossk + R5-P8 + Punishing One Boba Fett + Veteran Instincts + Glitterstim + Proton Bombs + Slave 1 + 4-Lom + Extra Munitions
  13. Alan Goddard is playing VI Boba w/Proton Bomb and Dengar Adaptability
  14. Duncan Howard is playing Jammer Palp, Vesper X7 Juke, OL
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