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  1. Also, in the player resources tab for Edge and Age product lines on the FFG site, there are extra characters and adventures to download. I would like to link, but I am on my phone. Cynabar
  2. Sounds like another reason to use Oggdudes generator. Maybe.
  3. General Melchett would disagree most strongly, and order the doors locked, and large pieces of irregular sized wood put over the windows if word got out of the battle plan.
  4. During EPII, Anakin and Padme get on some boats while hanging on Naboo, and go for a picnic somewhere. Pretty sure they were sailboats.
  5. While I agree that there is little communication about the current situation of the star Wars RPG line, I would like to submit the following evidence about the GW situation with FFG. FFG did communication to us that they were separating from GW using the news pages in September 2016. The separation happened in Feb 2017. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/9/9/a-new-path-forward/ I would like to think that if FFG was to separate from Lucasfilm/Disney we would get a similar news article.
  6. Hi Mefyrx, There is a lot of time and effort that you have put into this. Well done.
  7. @Ni Fang They are in the specializations tab, when you go into the Character gen tab. That is when they are selected for the character. However if you want to edit or create talents that is in the Data editer. Cheers
  8. No one has mentioned that Force Awakens Beginner set is more of a combination of the three core rules. It is not a core set in its own right. But should still be good value for money. There is an adventure, set of dice, Map of the Galaxy and tokens. Regardless of how you feel about the adventures, getting a couple of beginner sets for dice, maps and tokens is good value for money. If you like the physical items.
  9. Be careful warchild1x, I think that calls to the Lords and Ladies. If you're unlucky, the Nac Mac Feegles will hear too.
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