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  1. Just snagged a copy on eBay for $45. Woo!
  2. Hi folks, I've been wanting to grow my collection for a while now. I began collecting the game when it was brand new, stuck with it through the Mirkwood and Dwarrowdelf cycles, and had the Kazad-Dum expansion as well. I got bored and traded away my collection. Several years later I tried the Hobbit Saga expansion, the first couple missions. Wow, that was such a great gaming experience! To me the game at that point felt like what I had always wished it would be, both in terms of mechanics, interesting game play, and of course the story narrative. So about a year ago I picked up the core set and a deluxe expansion. I was hoping to get a Saga expansion but no local stores had one. I picked up Voice of Isengard...and wow, I never even played all the missions. I felt like it was as bad as OHUH was good. Who seriously enjoys a mission that involves saving Grima? Getting to the point: I've been wanting to get Black Riders and start collecting the saga expansions that follow the narrative of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I've been watching eBay for months hoping someone will put up a collection that isn't out of my price range. Within the last couple weeks, Black Riders expansions seems to be disappearing. Right now there is only one copy available with a Buy It Now price of $157.50. On boardgamegeek marketplace there is only one English copy for sale, and that user will only ship to Europe (I'm in the US). There's nothing on Amazon. Nothing on B&N. I've checked local gaming groups on Facebook, etc. and there's just nothing. Did FFG recently announce that this would never be reprinted or something? Why is this so scarce? Thanks!
  3. Hello, Maybe I missed it, but where I can find a full explanation of the Grace of the Valar variant invented by Seastan? Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm wondering what the general feeling is so far from people who did not play the old L5R. I'm curious because I'm not a veteran of the game, and the gameplay previews we've seen so far don't seem like anything special to me. It seems like longtime L5R fans are pretty enthusiastic though, and I wonder how much of that is because of familiarity with theme and the original game. I'm interested in jumping in to L5R and investing into the LCG longterm, but I guess I'm hesitant because of what happened with the Star Wars LCG. People who are fans of Star Wars were very enthusiastic about the game for obvious reasons. I know I was. But the actual gameplay was really not very good. Sure, some people really love that game, and that's great. But there's no question that it underachieved. I guess my point is: if the theme of that game was unpopular and obscure, instead of Star Wars, it would likely have been a total flop. The theme is the only thing saving it, in my opinion. Is there a similar situation happening for L5R?
  5. Thanks for the blog post and the discussion. I came across this thread while looking for some healthy objective discussion about the similarities and differences between the two games. I recently decided to buy into one of these two games and wasn't sure which one was for me. Ultimately I decided to get back into X-Wing (I traded away all my stuff two years ago). I decided that I prefer the quicker more reactive style of X-Wing, as well as the X-wing models. The Epic/Cinematic play is also something that I just can't say no to. Ultimately, I think the thing that helped me make up my mind was this question posed by Lyraeus on a different thread: "The overriding question is 'Do I want to be a pilot or a commander of a vessel?'" Thinking about it that way, there is no doubt I was craving starfighters and dog fights. That's what really ignites the boyish excitement in me....the same way it's been since first seeing Star Wars
  6. For us newcomers to L5R, can someone please explain what this is?
  7. To be honest, I'm not planning on purchasing/playing the L5R product FFG is creating. I think I'd rather play a "dead" CCG, with variable boosters and old school collectible Common/Uncommon/Rare cards, then play any of the current LCGs. For me, there's just something missing from these new LCG games. Even though the games themselves are good (for the most part), I was missing out on the entire aspect of collecting cards, which for me was always half the fun. And even if I do decide to play the new LCG, I want to have understood and played the old game somewhat so that I can better appreciate the game and story arc overall.
  8. Thanks. You may have noticed how I toned down the question a bit here. Point in case, my ability to offend people and the suckiness of my tact.
  9. What I look for in a clan.... Well first, I think I would like a clan that matches my style of game play: I don't do good with drama, tricks, or complex sophisticated plans that take a long time to pull off (I like tricks and complex plans, I just suck at making them work) With any game I play, I tend to favor brute strength and power over evasiveness and slipperiness. I often bide my time without being overly aggressive, then strike when I see a weakness in my opponent's game. Rather than making plays that create uncertainty and complexity in the game, I often play to simplify a game. I guess you could say I like to take away my opponent's options and force him/her to play the game my way. Next, I think I would like a clan that fits my own personality a bit. I'm a pretty simple guy. I'm quiet and reserved, mostly because I'm prone to offend people when I talk because I'm always very blunt and I suck at saying things in a way that is tactful. I value loyalty and integrity. My personal life philosophy is much more on the side of "A good traveler has no fixed plan and is not intent on arriving" than "I am the master of my fate and the captain of my destiny" (the latter seeming quite Mantis-y if I'm not mistaken). And finally I'm interested in really liking the story arc behind the clan. I don't want a clan history full of pride and seeking contention. I don't like bad guys. I like good guys that keep the peace honorably and follow the credo "death before dishonor." I like characters who don't wear their hearts on the sleeves, but quietly go about their business doing what they know is right, even if they are woefully misunderstood and shunned. Cheers (it took me some time to write all this out and articulate it well....so yeah, I have to admit I'm a perfectionist, even if I'm not proud of it....is there a perfectionist clan?)
  10. As a newcomer to the game, I'm looking for a clan to "join" that I can really learn about and love. I'm wondering about the story arc of the Mantis clan because it's a clan I want to like...but the story arc on l5r.com is a bit of a turn of for me. The story arc there makes Mantis sound like childish whiners. They feel disrespected, their champion is nicknamed "sour disposition" because people don't openly acknowledge his clan as the best, and he won't ever rest until all Rokugan acknowledge Mantis as equals, which to him means that Mantis "stands above" the rest. So is Mantis championed by a self-centered ego maniac? According to l5r.com, Mantis profess not to care what others think about them, but they are in fact deeply bothered by other clans possibly looking own on them. Sounds like vain childish behavior to me. I'm trying to put a cool spin on these story elements because I want to like Mantis, but I'm struggling a bit. How do you Mantis players interpret the story? Thanks. (and sorry if I've offended anyone's honor, I'm just simply trying to understand what I may be missing here)
  11. Let us know immediately if anything is said about L5R...
  12. Yeah ok, but I don't understand what is compatible against what. For example, can any two starter decks play against one another? Are the factions divided up into "good guys" and "bad guys" or something like that? Also, I see that there have been like 8 different editions of the game. What if the local shop has two faction decks I'm interested in but one is from Ivory edition and the other is from Emperor edition, would that be an okay thing to buy?
  13. I've known about this game for years, but just decided today to look into collecting and learning it. What do I discover? It's in hiatus while FFG revamps it. Exciting news, but it means I'm not sure what to do for now. I do want to get the LCG and collect it regularly once FFG has it ready. But in the meantime, I want to start appreciating the AEG version of the game. Obviously I'm not going to buy a huge collection at this point, but what would you L5R vets recommend as a small or reasonable purchase that will help me to learn a bit about the game and have something to enjoy for the next year or so?
  14. If this is true, the passionate players of the community will have an opportunity to band together and give the game the support it deserves. I'm still waiting to see though.
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