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    ImmortalJedi got a reaction from toxic newb in Now this is Podracing!   
    I always think of the end of Beetlejuice whenever I look at this card...
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    ImmortalJedi reacted to C3POFETT in Anyone use generic acrylic paints?   
    I use Citadel washes on my miniatures but all my base colors are acrylics from Michael's and Hobby Lobby.
    I know this is probably blasphemous to those dedicated to the hobby but I have been painting miniatures before Citadel and Valejo were the hobby standard and if you wanted a unique color you made it yourself. Which I did back when West End Games was the only source for Star Wars miniatures gaming. I know that dates me but who cares!
    There are hundreds of colors and shades to choose from at a fraction of the cost and since you generally coat them anyway no one can tell the difference.
    I don't have anything posted here yet but feel free to check out my postings in the Imperial Assault Forums under Painting and Modification under C3POFETT's Miniatures.
    I still have all my West End Games miniatures and they have become my pawns for Star Wars Monopoly. So instead of 8 figures I have about 100. Wanna be Jabba? go ahead. Wanna be an Ewok? no problem. Wanna be a R5-D4 or a Gonk Droid? knock yourself out.
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    ImmortalJedi got a reaction from Wiredin in Painting Stormtrooper questions...   
    As I've stated before, I'm a total beginner when it comes to painting miniatures, and I've decided to go with one type of unit at a time, starting with stormtroopers. I've watched a bunch of videos and have started my shopping list for paints and brushes, but there's one question that is really bugging me... which color to use for a primer? Some videos say white, other say grey, and a couple have said black. I was going to go with a white primer, then use black paint to accent the minis, but would like all of your professional advice.
    One other question is should I glue the trooper's arms on first or at the end? I'm already planning to wait until I'm done painting before I attach it to the base. Is it easier to paint and get all the nooks and crannies by keeping the arms separate?
    Thanks in advance!
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    ImmortalJedi reacted to kac in Paints, brushes, and supplies list   
    Here's the list my daughter the painter asked for when I asked her to prepare my troops:
    nuln oil ceramite white abaddon black caledor sky leadbelcher wild rider red bugman’s glow the fang nurgling green mechanicus standard grey steel legion drab stormvermin fur jokaero orange reikland fleshshade druchii violet cadian fleshtone gorthor brown tau light ochre ogryn cami stormhost silver fire dragon bright typhus corrosion biel-tan green
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    ImmortalJedi reacted to Vineheart01 in Paints, brushes, and supplies list   
    Depends on the level of detail you wanna go with.
    Basic tabletop worthy paintjobs you can spend like 30 bucks on paints/paintbrushes and paint over a hundred things with it and be fine. They will lack any minor details like weathering, cracks, reflections, etc but they will look fine on the table.
    However if you want the insanely well detailed level of work like Sorastro's vids show off, be prepared to chuck out a lot of cash. The trash brushes you use on general tabletop worthy paintjobs are pennies, you go through them rather quick but theyre like 5 bucks for a pack of 10 or something silly like that. The brushes you'd use for high quality stuff are like 15-20 for 1 brush and trust me they make a difference lol
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    ImmortalJedi reacted to Kieransi in Paints, brushes, and supplies list   
    I'm still a beginner, but I was told and my experience verifies that the absolute essentials are a large bottle of Nuln Oil, a big spraycan of Purity Seal, and then a little bottle of gloss varnish, which is also super useful for closing up gaps in the models.
    Then I just added paints one-by-one as I needed them. Also, if you're looking to save money, there's colors you can skip. For example, if you have a dark grey (such as Eshin Grey) and a white (such as Ceramite White), you can get a whole bunch of light greys by mixing. Similarly, a red and a yellow mean you don't neccesarily need an orange unless there's a specific orange hue you really love. So aim for primary colors to save money by mixing the paints you already have. 
    Also, something small that I've discovered is that I vastly prefer Eshin Grey to black, because then I can simply use my Nuln Oil to darken it up and add shadows and natural shading. Maybe that's just me though. 
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    ImmortalJedi reacted to Hidatom in Paints, brushes, and supplies list   
    Batttlefront makes GREAT sets that will work for rebel troops, plus they have the BEST bottle design in the business. 


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    ImmortalJedi reacted to Stasy in Paints, brushes, and supplies list   
    I'd say at the minimum...
    Spray Primer. You can use Krylon/Rust-Oleum matte grey or white. Any hardware store or Walmart will do.
    Paint Brushes, again anything for acrylic paint can be found at Michaels or any other local craft store. I'd recommend at least a #0 and #2, and probably something slightly larger to mix/drybrush.
    Paints. Acrylics, and I'd recommend going with a name brand here. Citadel, Vallajo, Ect. You're going to need 4 colors to do rebel troops. This part is up to you. Make sure you thin your paints!!!
    Brush Cleaner. Don't skip this unless you like to spend money on brushes. It's at the local hobby stores. 
    I'd also recommend a matte varnish/clear coat. Spray cans work well, I would recommend Testors Dull Coat or Krylon. Rust-Oleum is too shiny IMO.
    Everything else is really just extras or help improve the finished product. Enjoy!
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    ImmortalJedi reacted to flightmaster101 in Paints, brushes, and supplies list   
    Watch Sorastro videos he'll get you everything you need.
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    ImmortalJedi reacted to Attackmack in Paints, brushes, and supplies list   
    People will have their own favourites and will give you different suggestions, here is mine:
    Check out beginner painting tutorials on youtube, but be aware that many of these guides may be aimed at beginners but made by professionals! They make everything look easy (it isnt!) and every model turn out amazing (they wont!). But these guides will give you an understanding of the basics and give you an idea of what you need to get started! You can find plenty specific to starwars models but dont avoid others for that matter. GW and 40k is the big daddy of the hobby and with that comes an endless source of guides and tutorials of all levels and qualities!Its invaluable, i cant suggest this enough! Watch tutorials and guides!
    There are some essential tools most people will suggest but at the very least you need a hobby knife! It is used to scrape moldlines of models and to cut uneven bits into shape when they ocasionally wont fit together properly.
    The you need some paints and brushes. If your starting out, what brand of these you go with wont matter a lot as you will try to get a feel for techniques. Most stores will have some form of brushset  available for beginners, usually three different sized brushes, this is s great start.
    For paints I would suggest Vallejo paints as its the brand I mainoy use myself, but just as with brushes this wont matter to you at this point. So my suggestion to you is to buy the colors and brands used in whatever tutorial/guide you choose to follow for the model(s) you are to paint. If they use citadel, you buy citadel, if they use vallejo, so do you etc.
    My last bit of advice is to not go in over your head. Find a good tutorial and omit all high details from it for now, get a good base paintscheme down and work on that! You can always go back later and add details but if you go in hard, buying dozens of paints for every little detail and highlight some professional painter is showing off, you are likely to find yourself disspoointed and dishearted and it can birn you out on the hobby before youve even begun. Ive done this, it sucks!
    Keep it simple and fun!
    sorry for the wall of text But hopefully i got my point through between all the words
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    ImmortalJedi reacted to Squark in Paints, brushes, and supplies list   
    Like everyone has said, it ultimately depends on you. For the real basic stuff, I'd recommend;
    -Spray primer. White for Imperials, Gray/black/brown for Rebels. If you prime Vader white, though, make sure you don't fully assemble him as painting the inside of his cape will be a nightmare.
    -Acryllic Paints. White, black, blue, red, yellow, green, brown, and a dark metal will probably be enough to get you started, although you will probably see other colors you want once you get started. Rebels definately want at least one flesh tone as well, and a second is nice to break up the homogeny. Brand-wise, I don't know enough to make a strong reccomendation, although Vallejo' s bottle design is very nice once you start mixing paints or if you want to conserve paint. Make sure to thin most paints by mixing in some water, though (this will involve pouring/dropping some paint into a small cup or onto a palette.
    -Paintbrushes. A brush for details and amother for larger surfaces are a good start. You don't have to go expensive if you don't want to, but a wider variety opens up more options. Just take care of them, although frayed and sticky brushes can have some secondary uses after they've been retired from their original use.
    -A brown wash. Nuln Oil from Citadel is probably the most iconic among wargames, but other companies will have their own version. Use this to darken the recesses of your miniature. If you apy it very liberally you may want to do some touch up to make the mini look less dirty, but it's up to you.
    -A matte and/or ceramic varnish to protect the finished product. Rebels will be fine with a spray on matte varnish, but imperials may want more varied stuff including a glossy varnish for Stormtroopers and Vader.
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    ImmortalJedi reacted to NeonWolf in Paints, brushes, and supplies list   
    Two things:
    1. Assuming you are going for tabletop (gaming) quality and not trying to win a national or larger painting competition, hold whatever mini you are painting out at arms-length to see what it looks like.  When you are playing a game, you and your opponent will never be closer than 2 feet to any of the miniatures on the tabletop, so see what it looks like from that distance.  You'll be amazed at how much different (and generally better) a mini looks at 2 feet than it does at 6 inches.
    2. Don't waste time painting eyes on humans.  Helmet eyepieces, aliens, animals, sure, but humans aren't worth the effort.  They will look wonky and frustrate you to no end.  Just paint the face with some flesh colored paint and hit it with a wash. Trust me.
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    ImmortalJedi reacted to Dash Two in Paints, brushes, and supplies list   
    From one new guy to another ...
    If you can spend up on one thing, as was hinted at, do so with brushes and brush cleaner.  
    I have my original Windsor & Newton brushes.  Take really good care of them.  They still behave like a new brush.  
    If you are in the U.S, Hobby Lobby has a basic selection of Vallejo paints.  Primarily, military colors.  You can get everything you would need to paint Rebels or Imperials, while using their 40% off coupon.
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    ImmortalJedi reacted to Derrault in Paints, brushes, and supplies list   
    I’d suggest you watch a few videos on painting minis, but there are a couple important terms to understand depending on what you want to do, and most painting videos don’t bother to explain what they mean.
    Basics: you want a couple brushes of varying sizes. If you plan on brushing on your primer, a separate brush for that, then some smaller shorter brushes for small detail work.
    Acrylics; you can mix your own colors, or you can buy real specific ones, but that’s much more expensive. Ditto for washes/shades, you are paying for the convenience of not experimenting with your own mixing.
    washes: Used to color the low lying areas on a model. This is watered down acrylic paint. You can literally make your own by adding a few drops of whatever color paint to water and a single drop of dishwashing soap. Yeah, it’s super disappointing to realize how much these go for when you’re practically buying water.
    drybrushing: use a flat wide brush, put paint on it and wipe it on a paper towel until there’s almost nothing left, then brush whatever you’re painting to basically highlight the highest points on a model.
    Depending on how little effort you want to expend getting to a particular shade, you might buy a lot of specific ones or not. 
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    ImmortalJedi reacted to Skyguard in Paints, brushes, and supplies list   
    Army Painter's Mega set 2017  can be found for under $80 in the US, and basically would set you up for all the colors, and basic washes you need and more for Legion. For some one starting out the that doesn't have anything the price point of $1.60 a color for 50 is hard to beat. Plus you get a good starting brush in the set.
    I'd add a good quality smaller brush something in the #0 size ($8) , some brush soap($6), plus add a can of Testors matte dullcoat or other matte sealant ($6), and what ever you want as a primer color, and for just about $100 you would be setup to paint a ton of stuff.
    Cheaper option, if you're looking to just dip a toe in the water
    Reaper's Learn to Paint set 08906 at $31 (Amazon) gets you 11 basic colors and 2 starter brushes, and 3 minis with an instruction guide to practice on.  Add a pot of dark wash for about $3-4 dollars and again a dullcoat ($6) and what ever you want as a primer color. For around $40 you can see if you like painting.
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    ImmortalJedi got a reaction from Stasy in Paints, brushes, and supplies list   
    Wow! These responses are awesome and giving me a lot to think about. Please keep any and all advice coming! I really appreciate it
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    ImmortalJedi got a reaction from oddeye in Paints, brushes, and supplies list   
    After being on the fence, I'm planning on picking up the Core Set and then adding to my collection over time. I am also going to try painting the miniatures, and am wondering if there is a list of recommended paints, brushes, and supplies needed? I've never tried painting miniatures before and am trying to plan and budget this out. Thanks!
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    ImmortalJedi got a reaction from Parksy77 in What do you do with your extra cards?   
    Thanks, everyone. I've talked to my LFGS and will be donating my extras there.
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    ImmortalJedi got a reaction from Strom in The Big Destiny trade Thread   
    Great trade completed with ZachsDestiny. Finally completed my Awakenings set! Now to go for the second copy of a few cards...
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    ImmortalJedi got a reaction from Jut in The Big Destiny trade Thread   
    Great trade completed with ZachsDestiny. Finally completed my Awakenings set! Now to go for the second copy of a few cards...
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    ImmortalJedi got a reaction from ZachsDestiny in The Big Destiny trade Thread   
    Great trade completed with ZachsDestiny. Finally completed my Awakenings set! Now to go for the second copy of a few cards...
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    ImmortalJedi got a reaction from Blanks in The Big Destiny trade Thread   
    Great trade with Blanks! Recommended!
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    ImmortalJedi got a reaction from Darksbane in What if Destiny Expanded to other IPs?   
    I know they don't have the license, but I think Transformers, modeled after G1 artwork and not the live action stills, would be fun to play in Destiny.
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    ImmortalJedi got a reaction from Budgernaut in Looking forward to...   
    ...seeing the rules of the game
    ...finding out what the rarity levels are and how each pack is broken down by rarity
    ...seeing a checklist and knowing how many cards/dice are in the set
    I really wish I was going to GenCon now! Can't wait to hear reports and impressions of the game.
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    ImmortalJedi got a reaction from brakiss in What theme to come next from FFG in the LCG format?   
    I think Highlander would be a good choice. Put it in the hands of a capable company and it would work. The Core set could have 4 immortal personas, and each pack could be an "immortal" pack introducing a new playable immortal to the game. The problem is that the SwordMaster system is still held by someone who doesn't know how to handle a company or how to play nice with his customers…
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