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  1. I have completely deleted all cookies for Fantasy Flight in my browser and still do not get the page to load. I also try in Firefox and Safari, and get the same error.
  2. This link has been broken since the it was added to the home page 3 days ago. Just keep getting a 404 error. I have tried it on two different computers. What's going on?
  3. Mon Cala was called Dac in Fly Casual, which I believe is the more commonly used name in the expanded universe FFG should try to be consistent.
  4. Hey, a minor quibble. Can you please make the Character Generator Splash Screen to be modeless, so that it doesn't stay up in front of all other application while loading?
  5. Follow up question to my post a while back. Trying to get this tool to work in Wine (via CrossOver). What are the exact fonts that the tool is calling out to use? Trying to make sure they are installed in the system.
  6. I am having a problem with the GM Tools. When trying to create a new adversary and it keeps hanging on me. I have tried to create a new creature three times. Twice I had the problem when I go to the Attributes or the Characteristics page, I find that the +/- buttons are so sensitive to multi-click that if I hold the mouse down very long, it starts applying the change multiple times. Then it eventually just hangs. I forgot what happened the third time. Anyone else facing these problems?
  7. My biggest problem with Reflect is that in order for the Jedi to send it back as an attack, the defender has to get 3 Threat or a Despair. This makes it more of a passive talent. I feel that there should be some way that the Jedi should perform some action to actively try to reflect the blast towards another target.
  8. This is an awesome tool, but sometime I need to use it on my Mac. I can get it to run in CrossOver (a commercialized version of Wine from CodeWeavers), but it has a few issues that I was wondering if anyone else has resolved: 1. Cannot get talents text to show up in interface correctly. I get a big blank box, which appears to resize based on the amount of text (I have descriptions of all talents in the db). 2. Probably related to above, but the sidebar in the DB editor that shows all of the strings used to generate die symbols displays all of the values huge. 3. Can not get a print dialog to open. Crashes entire application (Would like to print to PDF). Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Something like that? Along with this it would be great if there was a free text "Note", and this info could be kept in a Adventure Log area of the Character (an optional sheet to print).
  10. Can't get the Web Install to download. Get the following: Error (509)This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled! Perhaps you need to web install to the new App group page.
  11. You're work is amazing, Hard to believe this is all done by just one person. You must not have any free time. Thanks for all the hard work. Just saw this site. It might be useful for some of the vehicle silhouettes, and perhaps images. http://www.colonialchrome.co.uk
  12. This looks great, but I hate these type of previews. Just show me the Cover and TOC and no content. Make me just want to see the insides. Such a tease
  13. I am interested myself. Want to run a game myself but I haven't played in a PbP games so I am looking for the experience.
  14. These look really awesome. Just curious as why using abbreviations instead of actual icons? With all of the cool graphics that went into these, I would think that getting these icons and adding them wouldn't be a major effort, and make them much easier to use.
  15. Wow! Thank you, this basically takes away the biggest hurdle in doing the conversion! I was looking at doing this conversion myself. I started using the tool for most of the command staff, but found some parts weren't fully implemented and it also created characters who need huge XP. I was in the process of making some changes as was going to resubmit to the author, but I have been recently sidetracked. I will dig up my changes again and see if I can get them posted to the original thread. Also, I will look at posting some of the conversions.
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