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  1. Atlanta, GA area, though more specifically in the North Atlanta area. I have gamed at The Tower Game Center in Suwanee GA and look to possibly go there every other Saturday. There are others there and I'm looking for them to add more details as time moves forward. http://www.thetowergamecenter.com/ I also game occasionally on Saturday nights in Norcross GA at The Bouelvard Diner for Saturday Boardgames at The Boulevard Diner: http://www.meetup.com/Boardgames-at-The-Boulevard-Diner/ I'm also originally from Jacksonville, Florida, and if I'm ever in town there, I game at Borderlands Comics and Games. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Borderlands-Comics-and-Games/419997731369572 Lastly, I am sure there may be something more formally organized, but I am heading to MegaCon 2013 in Orlando FL on March 15 - 17. Hopefully, FFG will be hosting there. http://www.megaconvention.com/
  2. Played my first games of Star Wars LCG over at Tower Games this past Saturday, January 5. I plan to mak eit up there usually every other Saturday, between noon to six in the afternoons. There are a few others looking to organize play, so I am waiting to hear from them for more details. As for any playing at The Gaming Pit, is there a usual day or time there are SWLCG players? Let us know! Thanks! Jason B
  3. I would be interested. I've never been there before as I've only been in the ATL area since Summer 2011 and live near Dunwoody, but my company home office is in Johns Creek which I visit every so often (I am an IT contractor often working on site at client locations).
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