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  1. Part of the problem with that is that the Rebels SUCK on the ground. Seriously, it's so unbalanced. Have you ever read of a battle where they actually won? Even Hoth was a complete rout, and just a delaying action to get the evac ships away. Anything above skirmish level and there's really no competition.
  2. I like the idea of other factions, but I have to wonder how feasable they would be. Black Sun or Pirates would be neat, but would there be enough interest to make people buy 100 pts worth? The problem with a lot of the cool EU ships is that they are pretty unique, faction-wise. You'd never see a battle group containing the Ebon Hawk, Moldy Crow and Outrider together! Prequels add another issue for me (aside from the fact that they just aren't as cool as the originals). Trade Federation ships are tiny, if I remember correctly. I would have a hard time paying $10 - $15 for a tiny little vulture droid. A vulture droid is 3.6 meters long, less than a third as long as an X-Wing (at 1.4 centimeters). I think the trifighters are even smaller, but I can't find a number for them.
  3. Hellfury said: I am in the market for just about anything. But would love a lamda class shuttle used by either side (more expensive for the alliance of course). I would also love a plethora of TIE class fighters, especially a TIE Oppresor or TIE Predator. Why would shuttles be more expensive for the rebs? If anything they should be cheaper as they stole everything! Seriously though, so far the ships have all cost the same, with the difference being who piloted it. I could see some better and worse pilots for both sides.
  4. rogue_lead said: The main problem with having prequel-era ships would be that their stats would be poorer than those of the OT. Or at least that's how it would feel more correct to me and be more representative of technology having improved over time. Looking at the way FFG marketed and sold Wings of War, I believe they may simply reissue existing ships with different markings and give us new character cards for what are essentially the same sculpts. Just based on the Battle of Yavin alone, there's at least a pile of Rebel Pilots that have not yet been given their own cards: Red Leader - Garven Dreis *done* Red Two - Wedge Antilles *done* Red Three - Biggs Darklighter *done* Red Four - Jon D. Branon (who replaced Cisi "Doc" Eiriss shortly before Yavin - another character option) Red Five - Luke Skywalker *done* Red Six - Jek Tono Porkins Red Seven - Elyhek Rue Red Eight - Bren Quersley Red Nine - Nozzo Naytaan Red Ten - Theron Nett Red Eleven - Wenton Chan Red Twelve - Puck Naeco Gold Leader - Jon "Dutch" Vander *done* Gold Two - Tiree Gold Three - Ryle Torsyn Gold Four - Lt Lepira Gold Five - Davish "Pops" Krail Gold Six - Hol Okand Gold Seven - Keyan Farlander Then there's the Battle of Endor, with the A-Wing and B-Wing Squadrons too. I can see myself getting at least another 10 X-Wings to properly field Red group/Rogue Squadron and another 11 Y-Wings to complete Gold Squadron. Thanks to Stackpole's books and the X-Wing/TIE Fighter game series, I'd say that there's still some distance left to cover before you could say they'd run out of stuff to release. There may be a lot of pilots left, but is there really any difference other than perhaps a special ability? Most of these guys died REAL fast, so would probably not be any different than a red squadron pilot (or gold). I can't see buying a repaint if there's no strategic value (especially if I already have plenty from wave 1. There ma
  5. Have you run into a situation where the rebels had run out of torpedoes? I read in another trench run setup that the rebels did not expend their torp if they missed. That might be helpful, since a "real" X-Wing carries 6 and would thus be able to make a second run.
  6. bsmith13 said: I wonder if the maneuver templates will be updated to be specific to a type of ship. I have always thought that a TIE could turn tighter than an X-Wing, and that an X-Wing could turn tighter than a Y-Wing… The Tie CAN turn tighter than an X-Wing. If you compare the two dials, you'll see that the Tie can do a sharp "1" turn, where the X-Wing cannot. Also, many of the tighter turns are green for the Tie, but not for the X-Wing.
  7. Let us know how the Corvette works out. I was going to pick one up myself. My only concern is that you should be able to hit something that big from anywhere on the table (if it's a standard 3x3). Maybe give it LOTS of hull points and shields to compensate?
  8. drkjedi35 said: I think it was in Home Organization or something like that. Roy Yup, the hardware section.
  9. tommusco

    Expansions Idea

    herozeromes said: DagobahDave said: herozeromes said: With this, they could release a Rebel and Imperial version with different missions to carry out. I think they'd just release one version of the model and include cards that let players swap ownership. They might not release this one as a plastic model at all, and instead use a placeholder card like the senator's shuttle. But it seems to me that the Imperials really need a diplomatic vessel to protect, so I hope this one goes into production. I half expect them to make two versions of the shuttle: Wings Up and Wings Down. Though, a card WOULD make sense. Why would they do that? Do you think they have plans to make an X-Wing with closed S-Foils?
  10. Why is farther better when using target lock? If you're using your primarys, the target gets an extra evade. If you're using torps it shouldn't make a difference (unless you're considering return fire). What am I missing?
  11. drkjedi35 said: No problem. Roy I grabbed the last one at the Kmart in Herndon today. Thanks for asking though! (My online stuff is supposed to get here Wednesday)
  12. I'm in Fairfax! We played with Roy and Kris Saturday.
  13. drkjedi35 said: tiepilot1138 said: drkjedi35 said: Picked up a Plano 5231 at K-Mart today for $6.50. And its is perfect! Roy Which one? The one in Chantilly? Yes, right after we left you, we drove over to K-mart and found two. Sadly, we bought the only two they had. Hopefully they will get some more. I can see wanting to have another at some point. If you want me to, I'll check the K-mart near my house and pick one up for you if they have it. Roy There's one near my office in Chantilly I'll check tomorrow. If they don't have it I may have you check. Thanks for offering!
  14. drkjedi35 said: Picked up a Plano 5231 at K-Mart today for $6.50. And its is perfect! Roy Which one? The one in Chantilly?
  15. While I agree that FFG communication has been lackluster, I don't think we need to go crying to LFL just yet. They do have what seems to be a spectacular thing going here, and it would be a terrible shame to jeopardize that because we're impatient about getting it (me just as much as any of us).
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