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  1. Book Hand Sleep Rain Wall Quick http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118929/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast
  2. And only one that can stop them is Erasimus Harlock.
  3. LeMat - good enough for Johnny Ringo, good enough for players/NPCs. Re sourcebook - nope, but as stats go it is easy to describe - combine stub-revolver, just change it to 9 shots (as described by Abnett) + single shot shotgun with half range.
  4. Lammark Combination Thousander (from Dan Abnett's Pariah): Revolver (Pistol), 30m, d10+3 I, 9 shots, Reliable, reload 3 full Alternate mode 15m, d10+4 I, 1 shot, Reliable, reload 1 full, Scatter Something like this (compared with airsoft 1911 clone, which is not a small pistol!):
  5. Compact sniper rifle you say? Impossible you say? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VSS_Vintorez
  6. On more serious note actually much less, anyone with half of brain and given basic training can disassemble and reasamble AKs in about 30 sec, and Lasguns are supposed to be "ultimate idiot proof weapons"...
  7. I did it reverse, my gang moved to Rogue Trader at about rank 7, and some even switched careers (Noble Born Scum became Rogue Trader naturally ). It worked well, but required a bit of thinkering and spot rules. I would not advise it if you play Rules as Written, or have players who insist on rules lawyering.
  8. See a problem? You don't have balanced group. DH is not ever supposed to be combat heavy game, it is supposed to be investigative game with occasional horor and action moments. If even 50% of your game time is spent in combats or preparing for combats you are doing it wrong. Instead of trying to fit square peg (your group) in round hole (lore skills), try actually talking with them about, you know, maybe someone playing something where Int is not dump stat? Realistically speaking "gun monkey" groups should do very poorly in majority of situations missing vital clues, screwing interaction and so on. So maybe next time instead maxing BS, WS and getting best guns they could they will sacrifice some exp for some lore skill. Or maybe they just built reflex to your particular stile of play? Make some investigative games, they will take much more balanced skill set.
  9. Try to cut down on combat and run more roleplay, mystery and research and players will have much less ideas about making "ultimate" weapon. Even if you prefer more combat heavy games try some undercover missions and explain to them that thunderhammer, even IF he knew how to make it would not be good weapon to take to such mission. My players tend to stockpile cheap and disposable guns for undercover missions. Have to shot citizen for consorting with heretics when you are not able to arrest him as you don't trust local local enforcers? Shot him, get rid of gun. Much less fuss to get rid of stub-automatic if needed then bolt pistol you just got.
  10. Actually, most modern guns don't have problems with that (there are videos of AKs firing underwater, main problem is horribly short effective range of them due the bullet not being optimized for water ballistics so they start tumbling and loosing speed rapidly (few meters). Dedicated underwater guns are specific due their "bullets" being long darts - here is an ammo for Soviet APS underwater rifle: http://world.guns.ru/assault/rus/aps-underwater-e.html So in game terms, limit ALL guns to 5m range max, underwater ammo and dedicated underwater guns extend that to 15-20.
  11. I prefer to have various versions. Voss S/3/5 d10+3 pen 4, range 90 Lucius S/2/- d10+3 pen 7, range 90 Kantrael S/3/- d10+4 pen 6, range 60 Dlaku S/3/5 d10+4, pen 4, range 50 Not exactly those stats, but you get a point - trade some range for more damage, or trade damage for penetration etc. Makes them more variable which adds flavor to them.
  12. If your players missed part of adventure due the poor lore skills they are choosing bad skills or adventure is better for higher acolyte rank. Now, if your players are not taking lore skills first everything else secondary in general, your RPG is too much hack and slash and too little real problem solving. Cut down combat, add research and mystery. Show them that they are not playing tabletop version of Modern Warfare, they are playing Role Playing Game. My games, EVERYONE tries to get at least some lore skills, last game by carefully choosing alternate career ranks and taking some elite advances I had Guardsmen (Officer path) with decent amount of Forbidden and Scholastic Lore skills. For that effort, I allowed him to became Seneschal when we moved to Rogue Trader. That is a good character development, someone who was just brawn at first bt he found that he has a brain for problem solving and focused on that field of research. He did not mind spending more exp then he would with adept to acquire those skills as he considered idea of someone who sees bad things, realizes that only by learning you can effectively combat them and then learns as much as possible about them was much more interesting character concept then "I am an Adept. I exist to learn". Now, common lore, I will give anyone opportunity to earn them at 100 exp per single one in downtime between adventures, provided their characters study a subjects, and possibility of bulk buy at discount - usually 350 exp for 5 chosen to fit player. .
  13. Hellgun from RT S/2/-, d10+3, pen 7, range 60 (IIRC), no clips, only backpack pack with IIRC 100shots. Mimics current tabletop version S3 AP3 18" range, Rapid Fire
  14. Lol, projectile firearms DO NOT REQUIRE AIR TO FUNCTION. Oxidizer is already in their propellant. Google underwater firing.
  15. Acolytes that have even days to spare are not working their primary purpose, rooting out threats to Imperium. Period.
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