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  1. You know that you are not forced to do the specific city encounter and have the option to do a generic one? But I can't tell you for sure what you might face there. Considering the not enough encounter cards issue: In AH you are forced to shuffle the encounter deck every time. Even with expansions and 20-30 cards in the deck, I had games where I got the same encounter two or three times while digging for a good one. (Hello Newspaper ) Nevertheless I understand the main point and I can see the potential problem that the game might loose some replay value. But that should be fixed with expansions I guess.
  2. Gaining possessions and conditions Just to mention it: If you gain a random spell or condition you draw them from the bottom. (Didn't really saw that in the first game)
  3. TheRedArmy said: Yensid said: 3. Femme Fatale is extremely expensive, is not a particularly good sentry breaker, and is only really effective against one ICE for the entire game. Unless that ICE happens to be Janus, Heimdall, or something along those lines, it's not overwhelmingly a good deal for you. Unless you also use her to handle low sentries (particularly rototurret, which is a valid use of her), I don't think she's worth the space in the deck. A possible strategy is to use Femme for low strength sentries and ninja for high strength sentries. This is best done in Criminal, however. That said, many of the better players I know like Femme and continue to use her. She doesn't fit what I like to do, and so I keep her out. If better players than me like her and keep her in their decks, they must see something I don't. At the moment the best ice in the game is Tollbooth. And Femme is the cheapest way to get around that, you bypass it for ONE and don't even need to pay the fee. When I started Netrunner I didn't like the Femme at all, but the longer you play the more you might like it. Femme gets you around Data Raven, Toolboth for very low cost. (no need to remove Tag or pay money) Even against Ice like Archer Femme is very good, bypassing Archer for only 4. (10 with Ninja) If you want to run a specific server very often and it is blocked by some annoying ice Femme is the way to go.
  4. I don't think FFG rushes thing too much. Look at the date Descent 2.0 was announced, that was nearly one year ago. If production takes 6-12 month you can suppose this expansion is already done and they already started working on the next one. I know it might not be that great to skip community feedback at all, but it's just the way business works. If they would start development of the new expansion now, we would have to wait way longer until we get new stuff.
  5. The damage of large and small monsters (dice) always seems to be the same. In that case taking a larger group of smaller monsters will give you an edge in pure damage. Are the big monsters slower in general? That might be a downside of them, too. Overall the big monsters might seem to be a good choice, but I doubt they really are.
  6. Do it yourself? He could scan the stuff and make a Vassal module. It's not that hard to do that stuff.
  7. Use Google Translator? Or just write MilanSpiele an Email: michael@milan-spiele.com You want Tobin der Scharfschütze (Promofigur für Descent und Runebound), you are from the USA and so on…
  8. Find someone to buy it and send it to you. Would be around 25 dollar. (private) Or look at those shops http://www.hds-fantasy.de/home/shopfinder/shopfinder/ and ask for delivery, most often they don't list non eu states. Name is: Tobin der Scharfschütze or maybe just look for Tobin Scharfschütze. I would recommend http://www.milan-spiele.de/ to ask for the shipping cost. They are one of the biggest online sellers here and small shops will probably refuse to send oversea. I could offer to send it, too, but I don't want to be responsible if it doesn't get to you.
  9. Where are you from? Tobin sells for 3 Euro in Germany and it is still available in many shops.
  10. Did you consider using all his 4 stamina to move each turn and use rest instead of a movement action? As with all heroes that have higher stamina then movement, they should use fatigue to move each turn I guess. If you only use movement actions he really might be very slow. Also using fatigue to move negates traps totally, because they only stop your movement action, not your movement using stamina.
  11. Rico said: However, the quest does not scale well simply because the only decent chance of getting to the cardinal in time with two heros is if you find the key on your first search. 2 heroes, 5 zombies, cardinal is dead when the heroes arrive at the altar… Okay they fought the Shadow Dragon first, maybe their fault ?
  12. fishgeekted said: Does that mean that all heroes within 3 spaces of Avric are healing 1 life per turn regardless? If a hero within those 3 spaces attacks and gets a surge he may spend it to get 1 extra damage
  13. Just to add and easy to overlook, you may spend only one surge for every surge ability. So if you have surge +1 damage you may only spend 1 surge to use this ability, with any other surges you have to use other abilities if available. That's the reason the axe from the berserker deck shows two times the same surge ability.
  14. Was the overlord when this quest was played with 2 heroes. I think one problem is having only the two and not a full party and secondly I assume if you attack the monsters in the first room when playing encounter one and not ignoring everything while rushing to the caravan you can not stop the zombies. To raise a zombie you have to make a skill check on four. The chance to miss this check is 1 miss in 6 rolls. Also when playing the second encounter you are in a serious disadvantage when healing the cardinal with only 2 heroes, because you may successfully heal him once per turn, which is less of a burden when having 8 actions and not only 4. Same problem with the relic and search tokens, less heroes mean less actions which results more turn till you can finish. Overall I think the quest is balanced for experienced players or it just does not scale very well. Maybe the check to raise zombies should scale with heroes or maybe the armor of the cardinal.
  15. Well you could just take a look at the rules pdf. The rules says 84 cards and 36 small cards. Cards = green sleeves Small cards = yellow sleeves Also page 30 says 1 yellow, 2 green sleeve packs.
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