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  1. We use Psychonauts rules for Mind Scanning in our games. The GM kinda has to stay on their toes in regards to describing the mental worlds, but we find it's a crapload more fun. Especially the time my Psyker player went into his inquisitors mind and ended up in his Happy Place, which was ALL PUDDING.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up! And while the rest of my Psykers team are obligated to immolate him in holy fire on the spot upon discovery of his sorcerous leanings, he can already effortlessly crush people into bloody basketballs at psy rating 5. Also, the sorcery powers Molten Man and Endure flames both reduce damage from lasers, meltas, and plasma sources by half, if you maintain both does that make you invulnerable to those weapons? Player 1 says two halves make a whole, the book doesn't clarify.
  3. Zakalwe said: If you go down this path you will be in danger of having two psykers who have an ability for every situation, that outshine the other PCs because they only ever need the WP stat, and they will have that maxed. Try suggesting the psykers get creative with their power descriptions instead. What you have suggested is too powerful, and not fair to the other players in my mind. Exactly. Example: My psyker player was sent out on a spacewalk to reactivate a generator to power up a derelict space station while everyone else covers him by holding off some marauding cultists. Unfortunately, there are cultists already out on the hull wearing battery powered electromagnetic boots to keep them from floating away. These guys notice the psyker and start shooting at him, he gets a suit puncture, and doesn't have void rounds for his gun, things seem pretty bleak. He's sitting there feeling screwed, when he suddenly says "Okay, I use weapon jinx on their boots." By the description of weapon, it will disable ANY mechanical or electronic object. Short story shorter, the cultists float away into the void screaming.
  4. Ok, me and two fo my players have been arguing over sorcery/psy rating rules for awhile now, as we can't agree on the definition of the rules. So on the one hand, one of my players says that according to the rules, taking a sorcery rating will boost his next buyable psy ratings by one (i.e. if he bought sorcery at rank 4 and whatever his rank 5 would be, if it offered a psy rating of, say 4, that psy rating would be bumped to a 5 to compensate for the sorcery rating basically giving him a psy rating of 4 already) Through this he says he can achieve a psy rating over the normal 6 you can get. My other friend says that sorcery doesn't boost all the other psy ratings and basically just renders the next psy rating moot by taking sorcery. The rules in the book seem like it could go both ways, it isn't really clear. I'm hoping you guys have a better understanding of the rules, and can help me out here.
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