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  1. I received my vital assests, Iden and Cassian today. Wasn‘t event expecting them.
  2. Question is will there be another expansion? I wouldn‘t bet any money on that.
  3. I totally have to apologize to @All Shields Forward. I read $40 and not $40 under MSRP. I feel silly now.
  4. I don‘t know what ship you saw but I think it was not the Super Star Destroyer. That is sold for $169.99, but with customs and shipping it would be too much. No local store has it, and my german online store has it on backorder since before I ordered it on christmas.
  5. Is it also out of print or will there be a reprint?
  6. Back to topic.. I like the quality of the bunker. It is a premium terrain piece and that is not for everyone. And that is ok. There is something for almost everyone on the market.
  7. We want to see midriff Padme.
  8. And head canon is not canon.
  9. Let‘s say, he was trying to get back on his feet.
  10. He was alive during the clone wars.
  11. @Mad Maximus I‘d love to see Gamorreans for S&V. Maybe as special forces like Wookies.
  12. From a rules standpoint, this should have been posted in the rules forum. Assemble the posture however you like. If you do not modify the model you are perfectly within the rules.
  13. You can add a bit of „I have a bad feeling about this.“ to the mix.
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