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  1. But Thrawn is in the box. That‘s why he‘s on the box He will be the main villain in the campaign. He is in the game and that‘s why he should be in the box. I get why you want a miniature in addition to his rules, his card and his campaign to replace the token, but thats not how it works. And just because you want it to be different does‘t make putting Thrawn on the bo cover wrong. If they‘d put his miniature and the skirmish scenario also in the box, then the price would go up respectively. And in this case you would take away the choice of campaign players who don‘t want to spent the extra money for stuff they don‘t need, wether to add the miniature or not. I am totally fine with this.
  2. For a „you must be new here“ you have to double post? If this place is so toxic even better when people try to make it less toxic.
  3. I play a lot of tanletop games, some use movement tools, most use tape measures. And there are almost always two of those one the table, one for each player. Btw. Same with dice. Everyone uses their own, unless it‘s a board game.
  4. Only if you have enough options for both. Otherwise it would look pretty stupid if someone who doesn‘t like Duros play a few headless troopers instead. For the record: I like onions.
  5. That must be it. Most people who have played a tabletop before will know to appreciate the luxury of a second movement tool.
  6. Why do people double post so much in this forum? It‘s super annoying. I‘ve decided for myself that a second core box is totally worth it, for the units and the accessories.
  7. Tabletop Art just has released spaceship bases. Edit: Link Tabletop Art Spaceship Bases
  8. Please no Ewoks. That would be totally imbalanced. They obliterate Stormtroopers with their sticks and stones.
  9. From FFG Twitter. Haven‘t seen it here. Hope it hasn‘t been posted yet. https://mobile.twitter.com/FFGames/status/951911607055060994/photo/1
  10. Have a board cut into 3x6‘ or two into 3x3‘. Put them on your table. Problem solved.
  11. I mostly play alone so I most likely won‘t using the steam version. But I think it‘s great someone put the effort in it. Still an easy button wouldn‘t be so hard to implement.
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