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  1. I don't want to see any faction other than Imperial and Rebels. I don't want to see all official tournaments requiring painted minis. I don't want anything from the prequel era. Honestly, I don't want to see anything that is "wildlife", meaning no rancors or things like that unless they are mounts.
  2. Has FFG said yet if official tournaments will require minis being painted?
  3. I was in a tournament awhile back in which I stated I was going to do perform a primary attack but then changed my mind and stated that I was going to perform a secondary attack. This was before I had rolled any dice. My opponent stated he was going to hold me to what I said originally and so I performed the primary attack, thinking it was in the tournament rules. Yet I cant find the specific rule. Is it actually a rule?
  4. Does an enemy with "immune to player cards" mean that Merry's stats are all zeros when attacking or defending against such enemy?
  5. Oh well I must have totally missed that rule. That makes complete sense. Thanks!
  6. That makes sense but technically it is not in the rules nor on his card. It is the One Ring that says if it is removed from play, players lose. What I am confused about is that per the campaign rules if any hero dies, they become a fallen hero. So Frodo dies, he becomes a Fallen hero and can't be used. There are no other Ring Bearers so it is impossible to win.
  7. If Frodo's life or hit points is reduced to zero, does he die in campaign mode, become a fallen hero meaning I have to start the entire campaign over?
  8. So I just recently bought IA and I would like to play it more but I am thinking the only times I can really play it are at tournaments. How competitive will I be with just the base set?
  9. Before I ask my questions, I want to say this will contain MASSIVE spoilers for the end of the campaign in the base game. 1)If Umordhoth is engaged with me, if I take the action on his card to throw Lita at it, does it take an attack of opportunity on me? 2)Is sacrificing Lita considered a win. It doesn't say either you win or lose. 3)Do the traumas you take at the end of the game for sacrificing Lita actually matter since the next expansion is meant to be played with fresh characters?
  10. Just to clarify, are you not allowed to check range before picking a target to shoot at?
  11. Thanks for the clarification. Basically when someone argues the point, I just say an evade token now is like adding a blank die then modifies it to an evade result, which you can't do. I know it is not technically correct but it usually gets the point across.
  12. I know and I agree. The problem is is that not everyone thinks that spending an evade token is actually adding a die. They think that it is just adding a result. Yes it is illogical and I didn't think that it needed to be cleared up but considering the number of people I have come across that question me on it, even when I point out the rules, is enough that it would be nice to spell it out specifically for evade tokens.
  13. Forgive me if this is in the wrong forum. I just wanted to post a suggestion for two rules clarifications in the FAQ. First, please include a clarification to x7 about what you mean by "overlapping". The second thing is please include a clarification that a target locked by Omega Leader does in fact prevent you from spending an evade token. I have had so many arguments about these two things...
  14. Yeah true but here is my confusion. Per the FAQ, you can still add and subtract dice and isn't that what an evade token does? Add a die with an evade result? I guess I am confused because an evade is a token and not a die.
  15. Another Omega Leader question. I assumed that being target locked by Omega Leader prevents you from spending an evade token but after re-reading the rules it is a little ambiguous in my opinion so I thought I would ask. The reason I am confused is in the bullet points in the rules, spending an evade token does not seem to fit any of the bullet points unless I am missing something.
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