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  1. At least in that case they are within range of the weapon…
  2. Hmm… ok, we'll play with the rules as written but, as you all say, it's a bit odd. Thank you!
  3. Ok, here's another one: First, according to the rules if an attacking miniature hasn't range to at least one enemy miniature it doesn't contribute to the attack. When assigning damage the player must remove the miniatures in plain sight (not obscured), then the obscured ones… and then what? If none of the attackers has range to a given miniature (obscured or not) can it be assigned damage? Apparently, in the rules nothing forbids it, but it's quite strange that no attacker has range to THAT miniature but it can be damaged anyway. Is that correct?
  4. Great. Thank you mariettabrit! The additional radioman is really interesting then. We used it as if it were an additional (and expendable) miniature in the unit and a replacement for the other radioman. Being able to give orders to two out-of-range units in the command phase, instead of one, is really great. And cheap!
  5. Last saturday we played our first game of DW and it was a blast. We didn't do everything right, of course, but we are learning from our mistakes. Next time will be glorious! Anyway, I have several doubts that I hope you can help me with: 1) An Axis' Command Section can "upgrade" with an additional Radioman. Does it mean that the Command Section can give an order to two out-of-range units in the Command Phase? 2) When a hero joins a unit and is deployed with an Air Drop "upgrade", both units are deployed at the same time? I think so because a hero can't join to a unit after deployment. 3) If two units have several of their miniatures in base contact at opposing sides of a low wall, can they fight ignoring cover? Not only in close combat but in range combat too. That's all for now. Thank you beforehand!
  6. Get this game even if you DON'T like AGoT. I don't and I still have a blast each time I play, it's that good.
  7. Wardens of the North and Wardens of the West are both great acquisitions. The other expansions are fine but are less important.
  8. Thank you! It's printing time, baby! Thank you and great job.
  9. Thank you very much, this looks awesome! I can't download the tile 18A, however, looks like it doesn't exist anymore. Can you upload it again, please?
  10. Tarus


    Alright, I'm convinced. I ordered the book. Thank you for your answers. As for having a lot of terrain and obstacles: I'm used to that to play Infinity (another great game I recommend), so it won't be an issue.
  11. Tarus


    Warboss Krag said: More than a few typos, actually - there are several threads here about changes that they need to make. What kind of changes? Rules that are not clear or that are wrong? If it's the former it's not really a problem with this great and active community, but if it's the latter it'd be more serious.
  12. Tarus


    Hi. Now that the book has been available for a while I'd like to know if someone has found any serious errata in the book, or some rule that looks like it's going to be changed very soon. I'd like to buy it but it's the first edition of the game and I don't know if it's solid or not. Thanks.
  13. The banners included are enough for the new units of the expansion. If you want to replace the old banners of the core box set you have to buy the pack.
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