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  1. Thanks I have to get that and look it up... Even if there isn't that much I'm sure it will give me clues on how to create the rest myself... I was mainly concerned about some of the special rules/traits necrons must have...
  2. Of course this is just my personal preference but two-weapon wielder(ballistic) would be bad ass since two bolt-pistols would totally ruin the day of any close combat enemy and look cool while doing it... later you could get two plasma pistol for total carnage...
  3. I'm going to implement necrons to my DW campain, necron technology just seems to fit the radical inquisitors wish list so well, so does any of you know whether FFG has published any necron profiles in any DE/RT/DW supplement? Of course I could just wing it and create them myself, flayed ones = genestealers with better armor etc., but if FFG has already published them it would be easier. Thanks for answers...
  4. In the first DW game that I ran the kill-team made a crash landing to a surrounded imperial cathedral. Well after assessing the situation a while they choose to storm out of the place guns blazing and surprise the enemies. So the teams assault marine, and the elected leader, tries to make a grand exit by flying through the big windows... he throws a nice 99 for piloting and slams face first to the wall next to the window. Because this great slam alerts the enemy to their presence they almost get gunned down when they emerge from the cathedral and have to make a hasty retreat back into it...
  5. I'm having some difficulty at understanding the combat rules for hitting a helpless target and how it may proc righteous fury, in the rules it says: 1) hitting a helpless target always succeeds 2) when hitting a helpless target you roll damage twice: If one damage roll is 10 Righteous fury might happen as normal and if you get a second 10 it then makes the righteous fury automatic. (Of course against filthy xenos marines don't need to roll anyways because of the training they get) My problem is as follows: Because hitting a helpless target always succeeds anyway wouldn't the righteous fury happen automatically even if you didn't roll the second 10, since the righteous fury confirmation roll to hit always happens with the same bonuses that applied to the initial roll? So what is the point of the text concerning the second 10 "confirming" the already automatic righteous fury? Of course this isn't that important gamewise since if my marines meet and decide to hit a helpless target I'm more than happy to just give a very gruesome description about what happens to the poor fellow/heretic/filthy xenos , but this rule has still given rise to some interesting banter in our group and so I decided to post it here.
  6. I'm now a "veteran" GM of one Deathwatch game, we managed to play about a good third of the Final Sanction adventure today, and i just got to say that the marines ability to shake off ridiculous amounts of damage was insane...(although my crappy dicerolls didn't help one bit) Okay the rebel hordes in the adventure are not really meant as a serious threat but still my kill-team (Devastator marine, Assault marine, Librarian and an Apothecary) managed to rout size 50 hordes in one round of combat easily... (Hmmm... I might need to put some orc hordes into the mix) Psychic powers seem to be really devastating to hordes, at least the Avenger power which turns the Librarian into a walking heavy flamer which gives 1d5 + range/3 magnitude damage plus the extra 1d10 since it's an area effect psychic power. (If I'm interpreting the rules correctly) So the question to all you veteran DW GMs, and the reason for this post, is how have you managed to kill a marine or marines in your games? Of course players can also tell their great stories of valour and death... (I got really close with the help of six genestealers and a few lucky dicerolls...)
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