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  1. I was trying to get a couple of gauntlets for my tao (the ones described in page 30 of dominus exxet), i was told that for the ones that do +10 damage i should pay 3 Gold Coins (price based on the cestus) and for the ones that do +20 damage i should pay 60 (like a cestus +5). I thought that the last one (coincidentally the one i wanted hahaha) is really expensive as it doesn´t say in the book that it should be a weapon of exceptional quality, just that no quality bonus the item gives should add to the tao´s attack and defense by any means. Do you think i´m overreacting and the price is right or that it should cost as an expensive, but fairly normal weapon?
  2. Actually the advantage you buy with CP says that you cannot increase any physical attribute beyond 11 with that advantage, but it does not say you cannot do it with the mental attributes, it´s right there on the description. Usually the GM will set a limit, i don´t remember where it says so, but the general rule is that at level 1 the limit is 13
  3. but if you go before your target, he will have -30 or -90 if he tries to hit you when his turn comes right???
  4. My question is: Can you use acrobatics to gain flank as part of a counterattack? And another question now that i have your attention… Once you flank someone, for how long are you considered to be in that position?
  5. With the game-master we believed that because of the wording you would first go up a level with added maintenance and then you would apply introvert and go up another level because it states that you can maintain a power with one more level than you could NORMALLY do… as for the +40 we believed that it would help you cast it, but it wouldn´t apply for maintaining it…
  6. Thanks! but now i have another question haha. Does the plus 40 bonus to your potential counts for purpose of maintaining the power or just to cast it?
  7. Hi, first of all i have an Spanish version of core exxet so there are some advantages and powers i wil not know in english hahaha. I have two questions: 1) Does the advantage of added sustenance ( that one where you maintain innate psi powers with one more level than that of your potential) stacks with that introvert psichic matrix where you get the +40 bonus to your potential to cast powers on yourself and the same effect that the advantage? or to they exclude each other. 2) I read somewhere that those free CV you use to increase your potential for maintaining an innate power does not stack with the previous advantage (i assume it is the same with the introvert matrix), is this true? I could not find any such rule or clarification in the core exxet so if you could tell me where to findit, that would be sweet!!! For refference i´m trying to use a warrior mentalist who combines al this ( except the advantage and the matrix, my guts tells me that there is no way those two stacks haha) to use the total increment in inhuman all day long, but i wanna clarify this because i don´t wanna be a power-cheater hahaha…
  8. Want to buy a box and start playing... Should i aim for the first edition or the second? Which edition do yo think is best rules-wise... and which do youy think gives me more for my money??? (miniatures, tiles, etc).
  9. Hey i just bought the game and after the first match there was question about strafe (eva kramer´s whip), when it says "or range 2", does it means that it still is a meele attack and you don´t need line of sight? (around corners, or if you are attacking a character behind a door at range 2 for example), and what about smoke, can you make range 2 with strafe there???
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