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  1. Ok, I have a small gripe with starship energy weapon ranges. This drove me nuts when i saw a friend playing STO, and I felt the need to throw my two cents in. As far as I know an energy weapon, with a few exceptions, fires it's beam at the speed of light correct? So why is the range on these weapons limited, in near vacuum mind you, to 10 km for SW/ST and 180 km for 40k? If the weapon in question discharges it's beam for 1 second, then the beam travels for 180 THOUSAND miles(don't remember the km #). Granted you would need some really good computers to make those shots, and it might be a little difficult for the imperium to pull off, but SW and ST? Might be possible.... hell it is probable.
  2. As far as ideas for the game go, Creatures Anathema has lots of ideas listed with each critter. Now if they'd put out some stats on genestealer cultists, I'll be really happy.
  3. This is an awesome undertaking, thanx for the effort you put into it.
  4. Just a thought, what about Hatred: Tyranids. The bugs did invade Macragge after all. Every man, woman and child would be dead set against the 'nids.
  5. On a side note, AdMech doesn't replace the psyker's eyes because, from what I understand, the astropath's focus on their telepathy would be distracted by being able to see, kind of like the ancient "seers" would bind or blind their own eyes to let their "mind's eye" see more clearly.
  6. Been doing a little research, and the only psykers that I could find that are soul bound to the Emperor are the astropaths. Which has the side effect of sensory overload, burning out the psyker's sight and possibly other senses. All the rest are "merely" sanctioned, a process that, I imagine, involves years of programming, conditioning, and torture. This does not include the specific removal of a psyker's sight. IMO, an Inquisitor would find a newly released sanctioned psyker who had no sight of little use, particularly those of the battle variety, i.e. telekinetics and pyrokinetics. On the other hand, there is, in one of the rpg books (can't remember which right now), mention of vat psykers, so I guess it's a decision up to how the GM wants to run his Inquisitor.
  7. Thank you, and he wanted to know if it was an actual brand, and where it would be. The process of sanctioning is what causes the side effects, the brand is the physical mark... so I decided with my player that he has a small brand on his back (left clavicle area) and an electoo on his fore arm.
  8. In the starting gear of a rank 1 psyker, the book lists as one of the character's starting possessions a "sanctioning brand". I have several ideas as to what this brand is, and where it's located (we are talking some ruthless individuals doing the testing after all) but the only item I find in the core book describing such an item is on an npc in the included adventure, Illumination, and it is an electoo on his face. Any thoughts, ideas, or pointers, will be appreciated. Thanks for the time. Wrayth
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