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  1. Untouchable + Delusion = great Inq Concept. She might not be able to utilise Fate Points for faith powers but she can bne perfectly sure that the emperor protects her from the vile threats of the warp and refuse to acknowlege her soulless state.
  2. Best idea ever! Try to get your hands on an =][= rosetta and wreck havoc in the imperium! If it works out, infitrate the =][= and start accusing Thron Agents/Inquisitors of Heresy, Radicalism, they way the =][= works (or rather not works at all) they'll start gutting each other and praise you for your watchful vigil ;-) Just be sure you have some VERY FAST route out of the Imperuim's reach, because I think the Interrogators will reinvent torture if they ever get you, but I have the feeling that 'Inquisitor Hunter' would be worth all that XD
  3. Yeah.. the link to nerdbound, but I meant to the new BC game
  4. so... rpol or nerdbound or one newly made? what to do? I would prefer an extra forum... but I don't insists or course.
  5. zenon101: that makes us at least two. maybe we find a few more. cis013: that's why I post here.
  6. Rules aside, I would give a player a Terminator Armour if there is a really good reason to have it - besides 'I can kill everything with it'. But I would give one that is partially destroyed/unfunctional, hindering the CSM wearing it more than giving benefits like -20 to all movement, reducing speed/movement drastically, make it screaming loud and spewing fumes and crap all over. But if the player wants it have the PC work for it and it's reconstruction, make it an achiveable goal. The termi-armour could be a unholy relic from the HH or just the fixture of the CSMs devotion/obsession, then one thing he treasures above all else and the ONE thing he wants like nothing else. And while the other players/PCs are moving towards whatever they want, give the termi-guy repairs or hints how to restore the thing.
  7. I do really. I adore Black Crusade (even if I haven't managed to get the book, but I want it at least till xmas), but I have no chance RL to play it. Ever. So I ask around here. I would advise to use a freeforum and I would also volunteer to maintanance it, for GM I don't know I couldn't do much more than Broken Chains An I really would prefer to run a PC than the whole game.
  8. Can I join too? A RT PbP would really save my day(s)! ;-)
  9. @Twilight_Artificer Congratulations, you picked up one of the best game-system that are out in the open these dark times ;-) To read one book and only one I recommend the RAVENOR Omnibus, that's raounabout 1400 pages of epic epicness and gives a wide range of looks and things and places. Advices for a DH GM: * be carefull with you PCs, they can be dead in no time, and it might depend on luck ONLY. * be carefull with your enemies/cannon fodder, better sent them more often but fewer, because you can never now what happens. * be prepared for ... forget it, just don't wonder anymore, the system has hilarious 'this-will-happen' tables on which you roll d100. *show your players tons of artwork from the books and feed them as much info from www.lexicanum.com as you can, before the game starts. * 40k has very diverse cities and planets and societies and people, you probably wont do that much wrong at all ;-) just keep in mind that ignorance, hatred and prejudice are virtues in 40k land that humanity goes first, every alien race has to die, and that the Emperor protects, add cyberpunk with baroque cloths and a touch of Dune and you're ready
  10. venkelos: Oh... that sounds like a pain to survive. Maybe a bit too much on the egde of the razorblade ;-) but it seems I was wrong with all the fun. GMs that want to make it hard, Hard, HARD are complicated, some seem just to want to kill your character, other want to keep them low-level and third kind thinks this is the only way to make it good. Not with Space Marine Characters but in similar ways I live throughthe same RPG problems. About the 9feet heroes. HEIGHT ans WEIGHT: whilst wearing their power, an unarmed Space Marine typically stands slightly over 2.1metres tall asn weighs between 500-1000kg. When you visualize your Space Marines character, you should decide if he's taller or shorter, lighter or heavier. Generally speaking Spcae Marines don't vary to a large degree in height or weight - your character, however. may have been one of thiose unusual few who is the exeption. DW core rulebook, p. 28 2.1metres is veery much 7feet or very, very close to it. And they hopefully don't wear plateau shoes, but look at the pictures, their boots are giant and even the soles are thick. So peel the armour of, how tall will they be? something a little above 2metres, closing in on 7feet. That is still 'don't-hurt-yourself-with-the-door' tall but it is hideable among other humans. But... I didn't want to discuss height/weight here and am still looking for ideas or examples for what to do with the mighty GK...
  11. I just started to think about a Cleric character/protagonist and the diversity of imperial creed and then I came to this. Who and why has to be celibate? Sororitas because they are nuns and 'married' to the Emperor? AdMech because flesh is weak and they remove the proper parts first? Astartes because the are so rebuid and conditioned that they lack any sex-drive? All clerics? Some clerics? Does it depend on the rank they aim for, the certain one of the sub-cult they are part of? Is it a vow they can take on by choice?
  12. venkelos: Please tell me more. This sounds like an awesome group and a ton of gaming fun. I was and am still always a fan of =][= versus Astartes, =][= vs. =][=, Ordo vs. Ordo and so on. I also never imagined a Space Marine to be 9feet tall witout armour, and the DW core book discribes them a 2.10m tall WITH armour, which is around 7feet, compared to DH feral worlders which can roll a height of 2.10m and a weight od 120kg... so it seems to be possible NOW to have Space Marines go undercover, at least in an location with tons of foreigners. Lysander also has to act the babarian slave/bodyguard for Inquisitor Draco... if anyone except of me remembers this book. --> So I guess one can TRY to hide them in plain sight as long as they don't wear armour. And armour taken off I'm not so sure if you can tell the diferent chapters appart (minus the obvious ones like Space Wolves etc.), so I guess one could even hide a GK in plain sight. I own 'The Emperor Protects' and those 3 adventuers sound pretty good to me, action and battle yes of copurse, but several other stuff involved too. But back to the GKs... I guess one would have to settle the adventures around the places, people and things that are already where the GKs are. Heretical Inquisitors, or some of them struggeling and fighting more over power and influence, than for the sake of mankind, or some madman from the Ordo Hereticus trying to prove that Space Marines are against the Imperial Creed, or heathens or evil or that they are all traitors like Horus, or whatever some deranged genius can brew up between his/her ears. So have 2 Inquisitors, one young and green from the Ordo Malleus who gets his first interactuions/missions with a handfull (or less) of GKs, maybe just one or a two-man army (or whatever the plot/group requires) and a powerful, influential, old evil bastard of the Ordo Hereticus who tries to chase down the former and his silver clad warriors. Sounds pretty simple and lame till now, but noone in this conflict is fleshed-out yet. Give them reasons and beliefs and hatred and a few virtues and let's throw all the black-ops and secrets and backstabbing at the group, to represent the older Inquisitor's influence, because he can't do anytrhing openly antil he can finally prove oh how very corrupt the GKs are. blah! Could this work?
  13. the Shaman: That's exactly what I meant. Aside from those very obvious duties/missions, what else to do with those guys? Are there any Grey Knight Adventures out yet, or planned at least? I try not to think that Grey Knights are just a fighting simulator rather than an RPG, but I really have difficulties coming up with something else.
  14. Aside from celebrating epic battles against daemons? I manage to come up with one idea, for one Grey Knight character and some pieces of plot. But what to do with a grourp of them? (Aside from the epic battles) How to investigate with Grey Knights? Do they investigate at all or is it just go there excorce this? I'm getting my copy of daemon hunter tomorrow but I'm curious about your ideas, and everything that isn't in the book ;-)
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