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  1. I have all the SW RPGs. When WOTC made OCR, everyone complained something was missing and it wasn't WEG's D6. If there is anything missing, the community will create custom rules or classes until an official one comes about. WOTC RCR came out with more stuff and fixed things and then later SAGA. FFG's version will have its issues, but the community will fill the gaps until the next book. I have all the old books as reference now, or I can go play them. I don't regret buying any of them. I did the same with The Lord of the Rings. I have a ton of MERP books of both versions and I use them as reference in all my other LOTR gaming from miniatures or the new The One Ring RPG. After reading the original post, I guess I shouldn't buy the book, but I love the SW Universe. I will support the FFG,my LGS, and whoever else to make this a successful product and a license. I'd rather have 10 years of products than have none at all. I already bought the book.
  2. I played it as literally read. I was just making sure it didn't have the reverse effect like Legolas when an active location exists, the tokens go to it rather than the quest. We still lost the quest either way. Thanks.
  3. Hello All, When the Lorien Guide is commited to the quest and there are no active locations, can the progress token be placed on the quest? Thanks.
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